UST Proforce V2 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

No matter how you swing your woods, it’s important to game a shaft that matches your tempo.

Your transition is arguably the most important part of your swing. If you have an aggressive transition, you will need a stout shaft that will keep up with it. If you have a more deliberate transition, you can get by with a higher-flexing shaft.

Today we will be taking a look at the UST Proforce V2 which is more on the stout side. The UST Proforce V2 has eye-catching appeal which anyone can see. What’s harder to see is the subtle performance aspects. So today we will be sharing with you our experience testing the UST Proforce V2. Read on to find out what you really need to know about it.

UST Proforce V2 Shaft Overview

The UST Proforce V2 is a graphite wood shaft.

We weren’t super thrilled with the color scheme of this shaft. It has red lettering with a yellow border against a white backdrop – not the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the feel of this shaft.

The UST Proforce V2 feels pretty stout overall. You can feel the stiffness of the tip section and on your downswing, you can feel that the midsection remains stable. However, this isn’t a dead-feeling shaft by any means. You get the feeling that you can load up as much as you want; but there is definitely a response.

This shaft will certainly keep up with aggressive tempos but you do get smooth feedback. That’s not to say that there is a ton of flex here; there isn’t. But the feel is commensurate with a high-quality graphite shaft. And in the end, that’s what the UST Proforce V2 is.

Why is the UST Proforce V2 So Popular?

One of the reasons that the UST Proforce V2 is so popular is because it comes in a variety of weights.

Even at the lightest weight  class, the UST Proforce V2 still feels stout and stable. So it’s easy to see why the UST Proforce V2 is popular among players with aggressive tempos.

How Does the UST Proforce V2 Perform?

One of the things that really surprised us about the performance of the UST Proforce V2 was that it produced controlled launch angles with controlled spin rates.

The spin rates were in the 2200 RPM range consistently with a mid-low launch. That’s not such a rare combination for a lot of premium shafts. What’s special though is that we were getting that launch and those spin rates when we really loaded up on the shaft.

Even our most aggressive swingers were staying within a nice launch window and were getting sub 2500 RPM spin rates. So to say that the UST Proforce V2 provides stability is an understatement. That being said, our slower swinging testers weren’t getting max benefit from this shaft. They weren’t getting optimal carry distance despite their best efforts.

The UST Proforce V2 has a stiff tip section so you can really feel your swing power go through the ball. This works really well for fairway woods and allows better players to thread the needle through narrow fairways. You get good control and workability – as long as you’re able to keep your swing speed high.

UST Proforce V2 Shaft Specs

Specs UST Proforce V2
Available flexes Amateur, regular, stiff, extra stiff
Weight 56g – 86g
Butt 0.600, 0.605
Tip 0.335
Length 46”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The UST Proforce V2 is available in amateur, regular, stiff and extra stiff flex.

In reality, the UST Proforce V2 is ideal for fast swing speeds and fast tempos in pretty much any flex. Even at amateur flex, you’ll need to be able to swing your woods 80+ MPH.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The UST Proforce V2 is available in a variety of weights ranging from 56 grams to 86 grams.

Again, the lighter range (56g to about 66g) is still for moderate swingers (80+ MPH). The heavier range is better for aggressive tempos and 90+ MPH swing speeds.

Why is it So Good?

For us, the UST Proforce V2 was great at keeping spin rates down on very aggressive swings.

This will give heavy hitters the stability they need to maximize distance. The UST Proforce V2 also kept shot dispersion nice and tight on the same hyper-aggressive swings.

UST Proforce V2 First Impressions

The first thing that stood out to us about this shaft was the stiff tip section.

You can feel your swing power move through the ball and the club head control allows for improved accuracy.

Key Features & Performance

The UST Proforce V2 features a long parallel butt design which helps improve stability.

This is a shaft that will help you produce straighter ball flight and increase your accuracy.

UST Proforce V2 Driver Review

From the box, the UST Proforce V2 will allow you to squeeze the ball between the trees on narrow holes. You also get good distance with a low launch – just make sure that you have a fast swing speed.

UST Proforce V2 Fairway Wood Review

Off the deck, the UST Proforce V2 keeps a low launch and the spin rates come up every so slightly.

UST Proforce V2 Pros & Cons


  • Great for aggressive tempos
  • Great for fast swingers
  • Low spin rates
  • Good feedback
  • Good stability


  • Doesn’t look great
  • Bad for slow swing speeds

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The UST Proforce V2 should only be gamed by players with an aggressive tempo and a swing speed above 80 MPH.

While this shaft is marketed as one that works for all tempos, our testers with deliberate tempos were struggling to get adequate distance from the deck and the box. If you are a strong swinger, expect low spin rates, straight shots, low-medium launch and a shaft that will keep up with you no matter what.