Accra 50i Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

The one thing that amazes us about Accra as a company is that they seem to pour all of their money into R&D.

Their website doesn’t even have pictures of their shafts! Accra lets the performance of their shafts do all the talking for them. And that’s quite a challenge when you’re talking about graphite iron shafts.

Graphite iron shafts are very tricky. They are supposed to offer forgiveness and increase distance for average players; but they are often unstable and hard to predict. They are supposed to benefit lower swing speed players; but can feel noodly and be less than accurate.

With the Accra 50i shafts, Accra may have pulled off a rare feat: a graphite iron shaft that is forgiving, fast and accurate. At least, that’s what the marketing tells us. But one should never make a decision based on marketing alone so if you are interested in the Accra 50i, make sure to read the following review.

Accra 50i Shaft Overview

First things first. The Accra 50i is one of the most unique shafts on the market because of the variable weighting system.

The variable weighting in the tip section allows fitters to spec this shaft to a desired flex regardless of the stock weight. In the case of the Accra 50i, you can have it spec’d to light, regular, stiff or extra stiff flex.

This makes the Accra 50i shaft accessible to any kind of player. You can spec it up if you’re a powerful swinger or spec it down if you are a beginner or high handicapper. One thing we noticed when testing these graphite shafts was that the shot dispersion was unusually tight and predictable for graphite iron shafts.

Usually, you don’t know what you’re going to get with graphite iron shafts. Much of the performance of graphite irons shafts depends on how you swing. With the Accra 50i, we were getting considerably tight dispersion – even on mis-hits. The Accra 50i is one of the lighter shafts in the “i” series. It is one step above the 40i but is lighter than the 60i, 70i and 80i.

Why is the Accra 50i So Popular?

The Accra 50i is getting a lot of attention because it is an accessible graphite iron shaft that also offers accuracy.

It’s also turning heads because it is incredibly versatile. Your fitter can tune the flex based on your swing no matter what weight class you choose.

How Does the Accra 50i Perform?

When we tested the Accra 50i, we weren’t surprised that we were getting middling spin rates.

Usually, graphite shafts spin high so we weren’t expecting low-spin performance from this shaft. What surprised us about the performance of this shaft was the stable feel.

The Accra 50i features a constant taper design so that shock absorption is better distributed through the mid and tip section. There is a definite kick point; but it isn’t jarring. The transition is silky smooth and you feel like you can swing stronger than you normally do.

The launch is mid-high which, again, was expected. The Accra 50i also has an active feel but it never feels out of control. Our testers were getting higher than average smash factor readouts along with increased ball speed. You get a little more out of the shaft than what you put in which means that even if you’re a slow swinger, you’re likely going to see an increase in club head speed. Of course, all this translates to better carry distance.

In the short irons, you definitely get enough spin to land fast greens. And the launch is really superb in the scoring irons and wedges.

Accra 50i Shaft Specs

Specs Accra 50i
Available flexes Variable
Weight 58g
Butt 0.6
Tip 0.37
Length 41”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The Accra 50i can be adjusted to just about any flex you want.

For slower swingers, teh Accra 50i will work better if you weight it to a light or regular flex. For stronger swingers, stiff and extra stiff will work better.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The “50i” in Accra 50i denotes a specific weight class.

In this weight class, there is but one 58 gram option. This is a good weight for slow to moderate swing speed players.

Why is it So Good?

The Accra 50i is a remarkable graphite iron shaft because it somehow manages to be fast without sacrificing stability.

Accra 50i First Impressions

From your first swing, you can feel how light and manageable this shaft is.

Even if you really load up on it, it maintains consistency and stability – something you don’t see often in graphite shafts.

Key Features & Performance

We suspect that it’s the constant taper of these shafts that makes them so smooth and stable.

Vibrations are kept to a minimum and the Accra 50i yields tight shot dispersion despite being so light and active.

Accra 50i Iron Review

The Accra 50i offers consistent and optimal performance throughout your iron set.

You’ll get a distance boost in your long irons thanks to increased smash factor and club head speed. You’ll also get good spin and stopping power from your scoring irons.

Accra 50i Wedges Review

Our testers were able to launch the ball high and get enough backspin out of the Accra 50i shafts to hold short greens. While tight lies were still a bit tricky, short approaches from the fairway were spot-on.

Accra 50i Pros & Cons


  • Any flex is attainable
  • Lightweight design
  • Active feel
  • Tight dispersion
  • Forgiving


  • High spin in the long irons
  • Not smooth in tight lies

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Accra 50i would be an ideal shaft for high to mid handicappers who want to see an increase in both distance and greenside accuracy.

They will make your long irons more manageable and give you a confidence boost around the pin.

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