Project X Cypher Vs HZRDUS Smoke Shaft Comparison

Project X Cypher Vs HZRDUS Smoke

Today, I tell you about my experience testing the Project X Cypher graphite shaft against the HZRDUS Smoke graphite wood shaft.

Project X Cypher Overview

“The Project X Cypher comes in lite, regular, stiff and extra stiff flex. Weights range from 47g-56g.”

This is a very lightweight shaft with a clear kickpoint just under the grip.

The Project X Cypher launched high during my testing and couldn’t really be worked down even at 55g stiff flex.

Spin rates were high which made it easy for me to shape the ball; but I can imagine the elevated spin rates would be a problem for higher handicap players.

HZRDUS Smoke Shaft Overview

“For this comparison I used the HZRDUS Smoke Black which comes in regular, stiff and extra stiff flex with weights that range from 59g-70g.”

This is another lightweight shaft but the performance was a world away from the Project X Cypher.

The HZRDUS Smoke is a lower torque shaft with a bend point closer to the tip so the launch is much lower.

“The HZRDUS Smoke produced significantly lower spin so it would be better for players who gain yards by keeping the ball low.

The Project X Cypher is better for slower swingers who struggle to get the ball up in the air.”

Project X Cypher First Impressions

The first thing that any player will notice is how light this shaft is.

It feels fast and manageable throughout your swing.

Key Features & Performance

The Project X Cypher features a graphite weave which helps keep the midsection stable and contributes to the consistent performance of this shaft.

Project X Cypher Driver Review

The Project X Cypher performs well with low CG driver heads. The low spin rates will also likely help you increase your carry distance.

Project X Cypher Fairway Wood Review

With fairway woods, the Project X Cypher works as a distance enhancer. Long approaches are made easier and you can bet on staying on the fairway.

Hzrdus Smoke Black First Impressions

The first thing we noticed about the Hzrdus Smoke Black is that there was no detectable kick.

Key Features & Performance

The updated material placement actually makes the Hzrdus Smoke Black stiffer and more stable than the Hzrdus Black.

In terms of performance, this allowed for greater accuracy on our fastest swings. The performance of the Hzrdus Smoke Black can also be marked by almost impossibly low spin rates and a nice, flat trajectory.

Hzrdus Smoke Black Driver Overview

The Hzrdus Smoke Black will pair really well with moderate to compact driver heads – lightweight ones too.

The Hzrdus Smoke Black will likely add 8-10 yards to your drive distance if you are swinging over 90 MPH.

Hzrdus Smoke Black Fairway Wood Overview

You get the same low launch and slightly higher spin rates when you pair the Hzrdus Smoke Black with your fairway wood.

Project X Cypher Pros & Cons


  • Straight flight
  • Low spin
  • Mid-low launch
  • Consistent
  • Good for slow swing speeds


  • Limited roll-out help
  • Not good for fast swing speeds

Hzrdus Smoke Black Pros & Cons


  • Clean look
  • Stiff profile
  • Great for fast swingers
  • Excellent for aggressive tempos
  • Low spin


  • Muted feel
  • Not optimal for low spin players

Who Should Buy it?

The Project X Cypher would be a great fit for senior players or high handicappers who want to improve their accuracy.

It’s very easy to stay on the fairway with this shaft and it’s light enough to work for moderate to slow swing speed players.

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Hzrdus Smoke Black should be reserved for fast swingers and aggressive tempos.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you are already producing high spin, the Hzrdus Smoke Black will really help  you get into an optimal spin and launch range for improved distance.

Overall Score: 97/100

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