UST Recoil 460 F3 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

We can imagine that it’s difficult to get a shaft to stand out among the crowd.

A lot of players overlook their shafts so we can see why companies tend to err on the side of gimmicks when it comes to shaft marketing. But where do the gimmicks end and where does the performance begin?

Take the UST Recoil 460 F3 shaft for example. UST Mamiya states that their UST Recoil 460 F3 shaft undergoes an ion plating process which allows for a raw look but also adds to the price. We wanted to see for ourselves if this ion plating process actually contributes to the performance of these iron shafts or if it was just a way to charge more.

So we tested the UST Recoil 460 F3 shaft to see if it was really worth the price. Take a look at what we found.

UST Recoil 460 F3 Shaft Overview

We will say that the UST Recoil 460 F3 does look impressive.

The attention to detail in the lettering definitely gives it a premium vibe. This is a graphite iron shaft and it feels light and airy in the hands. So much so that most of our testers remarked that they felt they could swing faster than usual with it.

So we were off to a good start. The UST Recoil 460 F3 in particular is a regular flex shaft but you can get the Recoil in varying weights and flexes ranging from ladies light to stiff. The fact that there is no extra stiff version of this shaft should tell you that the emphasis was on light weight.

The UST Recoil 460 F3 is a great shaft if you are a moderate to slow swing speed player looking to make your irons more manageable. If you are looking to replace your steel iron shafts with graphite shafts, the UST Recoil 460 F3’s may be a bit of a jarring transition because they are so light and flex to a fairly high degree.

However, if you can get past this initial shock, you will be rewarded with improved smash factor and carry distance.

Why is the UST Recoil 460 F3 So Popular?

The UST Recoil 460 F3 is a popular choice because it flattens the learning curve for irons a bit.

This shaft will help you tame your long irons and build your confidence with your scoring irons.

How Does the UST Recoil 460 F3 Perform?

The key to the performance of the UST Recoil 460 F3 is its weight.

Even if you have large, game improvement irons, the UST Recoil 460 F3 shaft will make them feel more manageable throughout your swing. We do like the look that the “ion plating” process gives these shafts but we’re not sure how much it contributes to the actual performance.

That being said, the UST Recoil 460 F3 delivers high launch and good spin rates in the short irons. You get an active feel near the tip area and the release is nice and smooth. It feels like most of your swing energy is actually making it to the ball. Most of our testers saw an increase in carry distance and club head speed with the UST Recoil 460 F3.

Surprisingly, the mid and butt section of this shaft feel pretty stout. You can hardly feel the bend but you can tell that it is mostly coming from the tip section while the mid and butt sections remain relatively stable. We were getting above average spin rates from our long irons;  but the club head speed increases were compensating for that.

UST Recoil 460 F3 Shaft Specs

Specs UST Recoil 460 F3
Available flexes Regular
Weight 64 grams
Butt 0.600
Tip 0.370
Length 41”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The UST Recoil 460 F3 in particular is only available in regular flex.

But it’s a good jumping off point for a variety of swing speeds. Really, the only players who couldn’t work with the UST Recoil 460 F3 are those that swing their irons faster than 90 MPH.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The UST Recoil 460 F3 is available as a 64 gram shaft.

It feels very light on the downswing and would be a good match if you’re swinging your irons in the 75 – 85 MPH range.

Why is it So Good?

What we liked about the UST Recoil 460 F3 was that it added distance to our swings through increased club head speed and smash factor.

It’s not unstable by any means but provides an active response in the lower third of the shaft.

UST Recoil 460 F3 First Impressions

Of course, the first thing we noticed about the UST Recoil 460 F3 was how light it was.

At 64 grams, this isn’t the lightest  graphite iron shaft on the market; yet somehow it manages to feel like the most manageable.

Key Features & Performance

UST Mamiya calls it “Recoil Technology” but it’s really variable wall technology.

More importantly, it’s what gives the UST Recoil 460 F3 its active feel. You really get the feel that the UST Recoil 460 F3 is pulling its own weight and then some.

UST Recoil 460 F3 Iron Review

Most of our testers noted that the UST Recoil 460 F3 shaft made their long irons easier to hit with and more consistent. You get good stopping power from your scoring irons as well.

UST Recoil 460 F3 Wedges Review

We liked the feel of the UST Recoil 460 F3 shafts from tight lies and from the bunker. You are still able to get good spin from less-than-perfect lies with this shaft.

UST Recoil 460 F3 Pros & Cons


  • Looks great
  • Lightweight
  • Stable butt
  • Active tip
  • Increased distance


  • Wide dispersion
  • Bad for fast swing speeds

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The UST Recoil 460 F3 would be a good choice if you want lighter iron shafts.

If you’re struggling to get up to swing speed with your long irons, the UST Recoil 460 F3 will certainly help.

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