Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft

The Tour AD DI Hybrid shaft boasts some of the same technologies as shafts produced by more well-known brands.

It has a lot to offer…for the right kind of player. Are you a good fit for this hybrid graphite/carbon fiber shaft?

Find out as I tell you about my experience testing the Tour AD DI.

Tour AD DI Shaft Overview

I have tested one or two Tour AD shafts in the past and the Tour AD DI Hybrid has the same visual effect as the others.

To put it frankly, the Tour AD DI Hybrid looks very busy. It has a metallic white/orange color scheme but it’s the labeling that really stands out.

The brand name, model name, flex and weight indications are all in different fonts which gives the shaft a rather hectic look.

But I loved the feel of this shaft so much that I was easily able to overlook its rather noisy look.

The Tour AD DI has a progressively stiff bend profile: it’s stiff in the tip, a bit lighter in the midsection and soft in the butt.

This creates a very smooth transition even when you really load up on it. I particularly loved the stiff tip section because it allowed for accuracy that you don’t often get in such an active shaft.

The Tour AD DI Hybrid comes in four weight classes: 75g, 85g, 95g and 105g.

The range of weights makes this shaft a good option for players of all skill levels. After all, who couldn’t benefit from superb smoothness and accuracy akin to much stiffer shafts?

Why is the Tour AD DI So Popular?

Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft2

 The Tour AD DI feels fast even if you don’t swing fast.

It feels fluid through transition and through the ball so you don’t waste a drop of swing speed energy.

And my numbers were the proof. During testing, my smash factor stayed between the 1.3 and 1.4 range.

So I would reckon that part of what makes this shaft so popular is its uncanny ability to transfer swing energy into the ball

How Does the Tour AD DI Hybrid Perform?

Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft1

I tested the Tour AD DI Hybrid 85g in stiff flex.

The first thing I do when testing any shaft is bend it between both hands. Surprisingly, this gives me a good idea of how it’s going to perform.

The Tour AD DI Hybrid didn’t bend so easily under the force of my hands so I thought, at first, that it would play a bit stiff and boardy.

Well, it might be time to re-think my hand bend practice because it did not indicate the performance of this shaft.

The Tour AD DI Hybrid, even in stiff flex felt remarkably smooth but gave the accuracy of a stiff shaft.

I plugged the Tour AD DI into my 4-hybrid and my spin rates stayed in the 3500 and 400 RPM spin range. This allowed me to thread the needle on narrow fairways and deftly avoid hazards.

The torque was perfect for me but you can get less or more torque just by choosing a higher or lower weight class.

So we know that the Tour AD DI offers great club head speed (smash factor), keeps spin low and allows for straight flight.

Now let’s talk about distance. My average carry with the Tour AD DI was 164.5 yards. The rollout was pronounced due to the low spin so my average total distance was 180.9 yards.

Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft Specs

Specs Tour AD DI Hybrid
Available flexes Regular, stiff, extra stiff
Weight 75g, 85g, 95g, 105g
Butt .602”, .604”, .603”, .608”, .610”
Tip .370”
Length 42”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Regular is a good flex for 70-80 MPH swingers.

Stiff is good for about 81-95 MPH swingers and extra stiff for 96-105 MPH swingers.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

The 75g and 85g weights should cover players in the 70-90 MPH swing speed range while the 95g and 105g weights would work for players in the 91-105 MPH swing speed range.

Why is it So Good?

The Tour AD DI Hybrid is a good shaft because it combines distance with accuracy.

It feels fluid and pliable which also helps when you need to finagle the shaft in order to dig the ball out of the rough.

Tour AD DI Hybrid First Impressions

Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft3

At first, I thought the Tour AD DI would be too boardy in stiff flex.

But that was not the case at all. The Tour AD DI ended up being exceptionally fast without sending the ball spinning off-line.

Key Features & Performance

The Tour AD DI features a carbon/graphite design that allows for incredible stability in a lightweight package.

The tip has been stiffened to offer better club head control at impact as well.

Tour AD DI Hybrid Review

I tested this shaft with my 4H but I actually think it would work better in a 3H when you need that extra distance. It offers a nice, mid launch that can easily be worked a bit higher.

Tour AD DI Hybrid Pros & Cons


  • Great smash factor
  • Smooth transition
  • Offers straight flight
  • Great distance
  • Workable in the rough


  • Stopping power isn’t great
  • Busy graphics and lettering

Tour AD DI Hybrid Shaft

Overall Score: 97/100

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Who Should Buy it?

To be honest, I might have given this shaft a perfect score if not for the lack of stopping power.

This isn’t the shaft you want to plug into your hybrids if you’re attacking a lot of greens with them.

But for the rest of us mortals, the Tour AD DI Hybrid is fantastic for garnering extra distance.

This is more-or-less a point-and-shoot shaft as well so it will help anyone who is struggling with accuracy.

Plus, it comes in a wide variety of weights and flexes so it is viable for many different swing speeds.

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