Project X 6.5 Vs KBS Tour X Shaft Comparison

Project X 6.5 Vs KBS Tour X Shaft

If heavyweight steel shafts are your preference, read on to find out what you need to know about the Project X 6.5 and KBS Tour X shafts.

Project X 6.5 Review – Specs, Flex, Weight


“The Project X 6.5 is a 125g extra stiff shaft.”

The Project X 6.5 has a stout profile and a kick point that is incredibly subtle.

But when you can feel the kick, you feel it close to the club head. The Project X 6.5 launches really low and keeps spin under average.

But compared to the KBS Tour, I felt more activity through transition.

KBS Tour X Shaft Overview

“The KBS Tour X is a 130g shaft in extra stiff flex.”

Again, the kick point is low but is only activated by the most aggressive tempos. The KBS Tour X feels amazingly smooth through transition even at 130 grams.

There is no variance, no shifting and no nonsense. It’s stouter than I like my iron shafts but that shouldn’t be a problem for 95+ MPH swingers.

“The Project X 6.5 gives a more responsive feel while the KBS Tour X offers incredible stability for power swingers.”

Project X 6.5 First Impressions


At first, the Project X 6.5 certainly felt a bit on the heavy side.

It definitely has a stout profile and responds very well to full swings.

Key Features & Performance 

The most important feature of this shaft is the stiff tip and butt.

It allows for very efficient energy transfer and control over your long irons. Side spin is dramatically reduced which makes for much more accurate shots. Trajectory was low, piercing and straight as an arrow.

Project X 6.5 Wedges Review

The low spin of the Project X 6.5 shaft can be offset a bit if you have aggressively-grooved wedges.

If you do, you will really like the response and feel you get from the stiff tip of this shaft. Otherwise, you might have trouble landing the ball dead on pitched or fast greens.

Project X 6.5 Irons Review

Distance is not the issue here. The Project X 6.5 will likely add distance to your long iron shots if you’re in the 90+ MPH swing speed range. The issue is attacking greens from distance. We had a bit of trouble getting enough air under the ball or imparting enough spin to hold greens on long approaches. Apart from that though, the Project X 6.5 adds considerable stability to your iron shots.

KBS Tour First Impressions

“The KBS Tour shaft gave me the confidence to fire at will.”

Even on my most aggressive swings, I got the feeling that this was essentially a point-and-shoot shaft.

Project X 6.5 Pros & Cons


  • Straight trajectory
  • Good distance gains
  • Excellent iron control
  • Efficient energy transfer
  • Smooth kick


  • Lack of stopping power
  • A bit heavy

KBS Tour Pros & Cons


  • Extremely stable
  • Very tight dispersion
  • Takes strong loads very well
  • Low launch
  • Low spin


  • Stepped design

Who Should Buy it?

The Project X 6.5 would be a great choice for mid handicappers who want a smooth-feeling shaft that will add distance to their iron game.

It would also be an excellent choice for any player struggling to stay out of the cabbage.

Overall Score:  95/100

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Who Should Buy the KBS Tour?

“Players who demand ultimate stability on powerful loads.”

This is the shaft that can keep up with your most powerful swings and should fit heavy hitters like a glove.

Overall Score: 98/100

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