Mitsubishi Tensei Vs Project X Cypher Shaft Comparison

Mitsubishi Tensei Vs Project X Cypher Shaft

The Mitsubishi Tensei comes in orange, black, blue and white iterations.

Today we are testing the Mitsubishi Tensei Blue against the Project X Cypher.

Mitsubishi Tensei Overview

“The Mitsubishi Tensei Blue comes in regular, stiff and extra stiff flex at 55g, 65g, and 75g weight points.”

The Tensei felt very fast but was very controlled through transition. I never felt that my swing path was altered due to the weight of the shaft.

Instead, I got very consistent, very predictable mid launch and mid spin rates (around 2400 RPMs throughout testing).

The kickpoint is in the midsection and amazingly, the Tensei is a higher torque shaft than the Project X Cypher.

Project X Cypher Overview

“The Project X Cypher comes in lite, regular, stiff and extra stiff flex. Weights range from 47g-56g.”

The Project X Cypher is even lighter than the Tensei and it launches considerably higher and produces higher spin rates (around 2800 RPMs throughout testing).

I wish the tip was a bit stiffer for better club head control; but the Project X Cypher was allowing me to keep my smash factor in the 1.5-1.6 range.

“While both shafts are consistent, I would recommend the Project X Cypher more to beginners who struggle to get adequate ball speed off the tee.

The Mitsubishi Tensei is better for players who are more concerned with staying on the short grass.”

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 First Impressions

We actually loved the look of the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 at first sight. It has a sleek, graphite design with a carbon fiber butt area.

Key Features & Performance

The key feature here is the aluminum vapor coating which adds stability without adding weight.

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 Driver Review

The Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 is a tremendous graphite shaft for drivers – especially if you are trying to counteract the high launch of your driver head and achieve a lower, more penetrating ball flight off the tee.

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 Fairway Wood Review

The Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 is actually a great choice for your longer fairway woods if you have trouble getting them up in the air. The adjustment will help you launch your woods higher and gain more carry distance (up to the 3-wood we would say).

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 Irons Review

The spin would be too low for most of your irons. These shafts are really meant more for your woods.

Project X Cypher First Impressions

The first thing that any player will notice is how light this shaft is.

It feels fast and manageable throughout your swing.

Key Features & Performance

The Project X Cypher features a graphite weave which helps keep the midsection stable and contributes to the consistent performance of this shaft.

Project X Cypher Driver Review

The Project X Cypher performs well with low CG driver heads. The low spin rates will also likely help you increase your carry distance.

Project X Cypher Fairway Wood Review

With fairway woods, the Project X Cypher works as a distance enhancer. Long approaches are made easier and you can bet on staying on the fairway.

Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 Pros & Cons


  • Low trajectory
  • Moderate spin
  • Great loading/unloading
  • Easy to square up with
  • Explosive feel


  • Not a great fit for low-launching players
  • Poor rollout

Project X Cypher Pros & Cons


  • Straight flight
  • Low spin
  • Mid-low launch
  • Consistent
  • Good for slow swing speeds


  • Limited roll-out help
  • Not good for fast swing speeds

Who Should Buy it? 

The Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 is definitely a great shaft for anyone that can benefit from a mid to low launching drive.

If you have an aggressive transition and fast tempo, this is not the shaft for you. However, if your transition is smoother and tempo more deliberate, you will likely love the feel and distance gains from this shaft has to offer.

Overall Score:  97/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Project X Cypher would be a great fit for senior players or high handicappers who want to improve their accuracy.

It’s very easy to stay on the fairway with this shaft and it’s light enough to work for moderate to slow swing speed players.

Overall Score: 94/100

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