Nippon NS Pro 950 Vs Dynamic Gold S200 Shaft Comparison

Nippon NS Pro 950 Vs Dynamic Gold S200 Shaft

Today, we test a tour-weighted classic, the Dynamic Gold S200 vs a steel shaft intended to perform like a graphite shaft, the NS Pro 950.

Nippon NS Pro 950GH Shaft Overview

“I tested the NS Pro 950 in stiff flex at 95 grams.”

I was amazed at the feel of this shaft. The flex moves seamlessly from the butt to the club head.

I was even more stunned when I found out this was a 1.8 torque shaft. It feels a lot more fluid and the kick is very gradual.

The launch is mid high and it can’t be worked low. But it wasn’t intended for penetrating trajectory anyway.

The NS Pro 950 will help you get the ball in the air and get your club head speed up. This is a great lightweight steel alternative for anyone making the jump from graphite shafts.

Dynamic Gold S200 Shaft Overview

So right off the bat, the S200 is a significantly heavier shaft.

It also has a much stouter profile compared to the NS Pro 950. It was like night and day between these shafts. The S200 launches effortlessly low and keeps spin number in check even on mis-hits.

The S200 also instilled more workability in my shots as well. The kick point is right under the grip area and is only discernible when you are swinging out of your shoes.

The stability is amazing which allows skilled players to hit fades and draws at will.

“If you need to get the ball up in the air, the NS Pro 950 is probably the better shaft for you.

But if you want to be able to hit a variety of shots with consistency, the Dynamic Gold S200 will be more up your alley.”

Dynamic Gold S200 First Impressions

The first thing our testers noticed about the Dynamic Gold S200 shaft was the high kick point.

It’s hard not to notice it because these shafts produce a naturally low launch. They also have a surprisingly soft feel.

Key Features & Performance

One of the key features of the Dynamic Gold S200 is the tapered tip frequency which will allow your fitter to pair the shaft with your club head for increased control. The stiff tip design is great for all your clubs; but most especially your wedges and scoring irons.

Dynamic Gold S200 Wedges Review

The stiff tip gives you more control over the club head. In the wedges, this meant better spin consistency and feel.

Dynamic Gold S200 Irons Review

The Dynamic Gold S200 shaft feels most at home with irons. You get great distance from your long irons and excellent control from your short irons. Launch will naturally be a bit low in your short irons so try to pair the Dynamic Gold S200 with a good spinning head.

Dynamic Gold S200 Driver Review

Better players seeking more distance will be able to use the Dynamic Gold S200 on their driver. If you consistently reach driver club head speeds exceeding 100 MPH, the Dynamic Gold S200 is definitely an option.

Dynamic Gold S200 Pros & Cons


  • Stiff tip
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively soft feel
  • Low launch
  • Great control


  • Not for slow swing speeds
  • Distance can be hard to temper in the short irons

Who Should Buy it?

The Dynamic Gold S200 shafts are excellent for your irons and even your woods – if you have a swing speed in the 90’s.

They would also work well for low handicappers seeking max distance between shots.

Overall Score:  95/100

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