KBS Tour 120 Shaft Review – Specs, Flex, Weight

Your driver sets the tone for each hole you play; but it’s your irons that typically get you to the pin.

And if you’re using the wrong shaft on your irons, you’ll be left floundering on the fairway. For stronger swingers that demand both precision and smooth feel, KBS offers the KBS Tour 120.

The KBS Tour 120 sits in the middle-ground between the heaviest and lightest KBS Tour shafts. These are steel iron shafts with a mid kick point that you can actually feel. But who should be gaming the KBS Tour 120 shafts? Are they the shafts you need to  land more GIRs? Let’s talk about it?

KBS Tour 120 Shaft Overview

As far as looks goes, KBS keeps things very simple with all their shafts.

The KBS Tour 120 has modest polished chrome finish with black lettering on a black background in the middle of the shaft. The KBS Tour series is known for offering players a smooth feel without sacrificing stability – and the KBS Tour 120 is no exception.

When you load up on these shafts, you get an active release that you can feel. But you never get the feeling that the club head is out of control. Instead, you get a smooth release even when you really load up on the shaft.

A lot of people tend to compare the KBS Tour series to True Temper’s Dynamic Gold series of shafts. But from our experience, the KBS Tour 120 yields a higher launch and is more congenial for players who have a sweeping swing. So the KBS Tour 120 is better for us mortals.

Why is the KBS Tour 120 So Popular?

Probably because of exposure.

The KBS Tour series of shafts are gamed by some of the highest-profile players in golf. But beyond that, the KBS Tour 120 is a great middle-weight option if you are looking for better stability from your irons.

How Does the KBS Tour 120 Perform?

One thing that we really liked about the KBS Tour 120 was that we were never afraid to unleash a 110% swing.

The KBS Tour 120 is stout enough to let you swing above yourself but it never feels noodly in the hands. The transition is very smooth with a mid kick point.

The launch is mid-high and the spin rates are average as well. The KBS Tour 120 also works with the player very well. We got the sense that the shaft was doing more than its fair share of the work, meaning that the energy transfer felt very efficient. Our testers were getting very good club head speed with these shafts and we believe it’s because of the active release.

Distance increases were notable as well. We were averaging 160.3 yards with our 4-irons equipped with the KBS Tour 120. Part of what makes the KBS Tour 120 still feel so stable is the stiffer tip section. All the action is in the middle and the tip stays stout on the release.

KBS Tour 120 Shaft Specs

KBS Tour 120 Specs
Available flexes Stiff
Weight 120 grams
Tip .355
Butt .600
Length 37.5” – 41”

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

We tested the KBS Tour 120 specifically and the 120 gram version only comes in stiff flex.

That being said, the KBS Tour 120 was versatile and played well for almost all of our testers. If you’re swinging your 4-iron above 90 MPH, you should do well with the KBS Tour 120.

What Weights Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Again, the KBS Tour 120 specifically is only available in a 120 gram version.

If you have an average iron swing speed, you should have no problem with this shaft. Even some of our testers who swing their 4-iron under 90 MPH were still getting good distance and feel from the KBS Tour 120.

Why is it So Good?

The answer to this question is surely subjective but for us, the KBS Tour 120 performs well because it’s stable and consistent.

Whether you’re really leaning into your swing or chipping the ball in from close range, you can expect stable and straight flight with this shaft.

KBS Tour 120 First Impressions

After our first few swings with the KBS Tour 120, we were impressed with the active feel.

The more we swang, the more we realized that this shaft is not likely to ever be erratic. After just a few swings, you learn exactly what to expect from it.

Key Features & Performance

KBS doesn’t offer much insight as to what goes into the manufacturing process for the KBS Tour 120.

But to be honest, we don’t really care. What matters is that the KBS Tour 120 offers a controlled launch, straight ball flight and is excellent for players who tend to hit the ball low.

KBS Tour 120 Irons Review

The KBS Tour 120 is consistent no matter what your lie is like. It won’t make your irons ridiculously heavy; but it will likely add some stability. If you want to swap your graphite iron shafts for steel ones, the KBS Tour 120 is a good choice because the transition will be less jarring for you.

KBS Tour 120 Wedges Review

We were very impressed how the KBS Tour 120 shaft performed from the sand. It feels stable even if you chunk. You’re still able to make good contact and your ball flight will be more stable with these shafts.

KBS Tour 120 Pros & Cons


  • Good for a variety of swing speeds
  • Not too heavy
  • Stable
  • Mid kick point
  • Smooth release


  • Not great if you need higher launch
  • Relatively high spin in the long irons

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The KBS Tour 120 would be a great choice for mid to high handicappers or anyone looking to make the jump from graphite to steel iron shafts.

They are also great if you tend to hit the ball low.

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