True Temper XP95 Review – Specs, Flex, Weight


Today, we are reviewing XP95 shafts, available from True Temper.

These shafts are not new; they’ve been around for over 10 years now, but are they worth your consideration?

Let’s jump straight in and see just what the XP95 shaft is all about.

True Temper XP95 Overview

Featuring a unique dual-step design where the steps near the tip are shorter than those nearer the butt, this steel iron shaft is incredibly lightweight, clocking in at just 93 and 95g, depending on the flex chosen.

It’s quite a looker too, thanks to the overall design as well as the gunmetal colour that True Temper has chosen for the finish.

This shaft can help improve your game in many different ways.

Why Is True Temper XP95 So Popular?



This is a shaft that delivers consistent results when it comes to overall feel, distance control, as well as ball trajectory.

And that’s what every golfer is looking for, right?

How Does True Temper XP95 Perform?


There are two shaft options available for the XP95: the R300 and the S300.

It depends on your swing speed as to which should be chosen.

The R300 is for swing speeds of 77-92 mph, and the S300 is for 93-107 mph.

We had both options available to try out, with the shafts fitted for each golfer.

For the scratch golfers in the group, getting used to the XP95s wasn’t a problem at all and only took a few swings.

Those who tried them out immediately commented on their consistency when it comes to not only distance struck but ball trajectory too.

Most testers quickly noted the high penetration trajectory that the XP95s provide, all without losing length, no matter what iron they tried.

With that higher ball flight, you’d expect that these clubs would play up shorter than heavier shafts, but that’s simply not the case at all.

Those with slower swing speeds also greatly benefited from the higher launch characteristics of the XP95s..

Spin control is also very consistent.

For the more casual golfers in the group, the results were excellent.

While it took a little more practice to get used to these shafts, once they got the overall feel for them, they were hitting the ball extremely consistently.

In terms of performance, it’s easy to quickly get into a groove using these shafts.

Steelfiber Shaft Specs


  • Butt: .605″
  • Tip: .355″
  • Weight: 93g
  • Length: 36.5″-40″
  • Bend Point: Low
  • Rating: 3B3H


  • Butt: .605″
  • Tip: .355″
  • Weight: 95g
  • Length: 36.5″-40″
  • Bend Point: Low
  • Rating: 4B3H

What Flexes Are Available? What Swing Speeds Do They Suit?

Two flexes are available: regular and stiff.

For those golfers with slower swing speeds (77-92 mph), the regular flex would be the perfect choice, while the stiff flex is for any swing speed above that (93 -107 mph).

So no matter what your swing speed is, True Temper X95s have you covered.

What Weights Are Available? 

Two weights are available: 93g and 95g.

Why Is It So Good?

We’ve touched on this a few times already, but what makes the XP95s an excellent choice when it comes to shafts is that they are super consistent.

They can also add some extra distance to your iron shots, particularly once you get used to them.

That’s fantastic for such lightweight shafts, and certainly something many golfers are trying to achieve.

True Temper XP95 First Impressions


Marketing promises made by manufacturers don’t always come to fruition out on the course.

But that’s not the case here.

From the moment I hit my first iron shot with the True Temper XP95s, I knew that they were the real deal.

With added distance despite higher ball trajectories from launch, consistency in shot dispersion, excellent spin control, and affordability, the XP95s have impressed me no end.

Key Features & Performance

Perhaps the biggest feature that the XP95s have is their unique dual-step design, which helps ensure that the butt area of the shaft remains extremely stable.

There is no loss in flex to the tip section of the shaft, and because of this, in terms of performance, the club head speed improves, which ultimately adds that extra distance one can achieve.

Another key feature of these shafts is their lightweight construction.

True Temper XP95 Irons Review

For those of us with slower swings, adding XP95s to your irons can be a real game changer.

Not only will they improve club head speed and add distance, but they will also improve consistency without a doubt.

True Temper XP95 Pitch Review

When it comes to wedges, you can consider adding XP95 shafts to them too.

With shorter approaches, their high launch trajectory greatly increases spin control and provides you with excellent ball-stopping capabilities.

True Temper XP95 Pros & Cons


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Provides excellent shot consistency
  • Can add length to our game
  • Doesn’t skimp on stopping power
  • Affordable


  • Too much spin from longer irons on occasion

True Temper’s X95s are shafts that could change your game thanks to all the advantages they provide.

If you’ve never used custom shafts before, they are certainly well worth your consideration when shopping around for the right choice.

They just bring so much to the table in terms of what they offer, all of which we’ve covered extensively in this review.

No matter if you are a casual golfer who is looking for a performance boost or a regular who is buying their next custom shafts, X95s could be just what you are looking for.


Overall Score: 99/100

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