KBS Tour Vs Project X – How Do They Compare?

KBS Tour Vs Project X

True Temper and KBS have been duking it out in the steel iron shaft space for many years now.

There is a staunch following on either side. In my personal experience, I find that KBS shafts usually play better for me.

But I have come across golfers who vow that they will never play a non-Project X shaft.

You should always go in for a fitting when changing shafts but in the following comparison overview, I will be breaking down the basic differences between the KBS Tour and Project X shafts.

KBS Tour Shaft Overview

“The KBS Tour shaft is available in regular, regular+, stiff, stiff+ and extra stiff flex. There are also 110g, 115g, 120g, 125g and 130g weights available.”

The first thing you should know about the KBS Tour shaft is that it tends to launch a bit higher than the Project X shaft.

There is also considerably more activity in the midsection than the Project X.

That’s not to say the KBS Tour is whippy. But I can feel the entire midsection flex more through transition compared to the Project X shaft.

The activity does fade a bit if you’re playing the 125g or 130g version; but it never goes away completely.

It has a classic stepped design and is mostly polished chrome save for the red band in the midsection.

Project Shaft Overview

“The Project X shaft is available in regular, regular plus, stiff, extra stiff and extra stiff+ flex. There are 110g, 115g, 120g, 125g, and 130g weights available.”

You can see that the weight and flex options are almost identical to the KBS Tour.

It’s clear that these shafts are in direct competition with one another. But the Project X shaft produces slightly less spin than the KBS Tour shaft.

As a result, the Project X tends to produce straighter ball flight.

It’s not that the KBS Tour is inaccurate; it’s just that it’s easier to get a draw or a fade out of the KBS Tour than it is with the Project X shaft.

The feel of the Project X shafts is also considerably stouter than the KBS Tour.

“If you have a fast swing speed and are looking for lower ball flight, the Project X will be the better shaft for you. If you need some help getting the ball in the air, the KBS Tour shaft would be better.”

KBS Tour First Impressions

“The KBS Tour shaft gave me the confidence to fire at will.”

Even on my most aggressive swings, I got the feeling that this was essentially a point-and-shoot shaft.

Project X 5.5 First Impressions

At first, we thought the Project X 5.5 felt a little stout. However, when we paired them with our irons, they let up a bit as we worked down the set.

Key Features & Performance

The most important feature is easily the tapered tip. The tapered area runs longer for enhanced energy transfer from your swing to the ball.

Project X 5.5 Wedges Review

A great choice for wedges because the Project X 5.5 will afford you more accuracy where you need it the most: around the green.

Project X 5.5 Irons Review

We would recommend fitting all of your irons with the Project X 5.5 shaft. The progressive kick point will appeal to better players who will feel the load shift throughout the set.

Project X 5.5 Driver Review

If you are a faster swinger, you will want a stiffer flex than the Project X 5.5 offers.

KBS Tour Pros & Cons


  • Extremely stable
  • Very tight dispersion
  • Takes strong loads very well
  • Low launch
  • Low spin


  • Stepped design

Project X 5.5 Pros & Cons


  • Taper tip
  • Stiff butt area
  • Great control
  • Low launch
  • Low spin


  • Not great for drivers
  • Not great for slow swing speeds.

Who Should Buy the KBS Tour?

“Players who demand ultimate stability on powerful loads.”

This is the shaft that can keep up with your most powerful swings and should fit heavy hitters like a glove.

Overall Score: 98/100

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Who Should Buy it?

The Project X 5.5 would be perfect for players with a swing speed in the 95 MPH range.

It’s also ideal for more aggressive swingers looking for a shaft for their iron set.

Overall Score:  94/100

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