Takomo 101T Irons Review – Are They Good for High Handicappers?

Takomo 101T Irons

Takomo as a company has been quietly releasing high-quality, low-price golf clubs that rival the flagship models of bigger brands.

The Takomo 101T irons in particular are a good mix of playability and forgiveness…with some premium features thrown in for good measure.

Takomo 101T Irons Overview

“The Takomo 101T irons are muscle back hollow-body irons that should appease the needs of a wide variety of players.”

Basically, if your handicap is anywhere in the 14-22 range, you will get good use from these irons.

To start with the top line and soles are just a bit on the thin side. They aren’t razor thin; but there they are scant enough to give the look of control at address.

The offset is also limited to complete the sleek look and give better players more control over flight and trajectory.

The Takomo 101T’s are built from 431 grade stainless steel and feature a hollow-body design.

In addition, the face has been precision milled to maximize ball compression and increase speed.

I really liked the hollow-body design in conjunction with the milled face. The combination helped me exceed my usual ball speed with my 5-iron.

With the hollow-body design and thin face architecture, I was surprised at the sound of these irons.

I was expecting a pretty thin “clink.” Instead, what I hear on off-center and flush shots was a beefier “whack.” The sound was satisfying but I do have one complaint.

Based on sound alone, I couldn’t tell when I was mis-hitting or hitting face-center. This isn’t a deal-breaker for me and I imagine it won’t be for most players.

But don’t expect the sound to inform you of how well you’re hitting on any given day.

Overall though, I really liked the looks of these irons. The sleek muscle back is reminiscent of recent Titleist models.

They also straddle a comfortable line between compact and game-improvement profile.

Are the Takomo 101T Irons Forgiving?

“The Takomo 101T’s are about as forgiving as irons of this size can be.”

I mentioned that the offset is minimal; but more accurately, it is relatively minimal. The Takomo 101T’s aren’t tiny.

The blade length is 75mm in the 7-iron which is shorter than your average game improvement irons.

So with respect to their size, the offset is minimal. But it’s progressive which is something I really love.

You get 3.3mm of offset in the 4-iron which shrinks down to 1.9mm in the 9-iron.

So the long irons offer a lot of help if you struggle to hit the ball straight. The short irons – not so much.

But the hollow-body design and consistent architecture of the face will do a lot for you if you struggle with distance.

If nothing else, my shots played long. My ball speed stayed high whether I missed the sweet spot or not.

Are the Takomo 101T Irons Good for Beginners and High Handicappers?

“I would not recommend these irons to beginners.”

But as a 22 handicapper? No problem.

The best thing these irons have to offer high handicappers is consistent distance and ball speed that doesn’t drop off much when you miss face-center.

The lofts are fairly weak too so I found it very easy to get the ball up in the air with very little effort.

I was also getting steep descent angles so stopping the ball on or near the target was very easy.

Should you Buy the Takomo 101T or the Takomo 101’s?

“The Takomo 101 irons are definitely better for high handicappers.”

The Takomo 101’s feature a longer blade length, thicker top line, thicker soles and more offset.

Of course, you lose some workability so the Takomo 101’s aren’t for mid or low handicappers.

But if you’re looking for more forgiveness, the Takomo 101’s are the way to go.

Takomo 101T Irons

Takomo 101T Irons1

Category: Player’s Distance

Takomo 101T – First Impressions

Takomo 101T Irons2

“I loved the sleek looks and how the Takomo 101T’s occupy a nice middle-ground between players performance and game improvement.”

I’ve talked a lot about forgiveness so far but one of the first things I noticed about these irons was how workable they are.

I was able to affect different shot shapes so long as the lie was favorable. That brings me to another, less fun point.

The turf interaction wasn’t great with these irons. The leading edge is a bit blunted so you really have to keep yourself from digging.

But that’s really the only weakness that stuck out to me during my testing session.

Overall, the Takomo 101T irons look great and they perform consistently.

I could tell right away that these irons would be great for anyone who wants to increase the distance on the fairway or from the tee.

Takomo 101T Irons – Selling Points

  • Hollow-body design
  • Precision-milled face
  • 431 stainless steel construction
  • Multiple shaft options
  • Workable
  • Forgiving
  • Good ball speed

Who Are the Takomo 101T Irons for?

Takomo 101T Irons3

“The Takomo 101T irons would be good for 15-22 handicappers who are chiefly concerned with distance.”

That’s because all but the most severe mis-hits go virtually unpunished.

There wasn’t significant drop-off in ball speed between my perfect strikes and those struck closer to the heel.

The hollow-body design and milled face go a long way towards making sure the ball gets launched far.

And yet, there is a good amount of workability in these irons for mid handicappers.

The blade is small enough and square enough behind the ball to allow for accurate shot manipulation.

Plus, the Takomo 101T irons cost less than $600 for the entire set so they would be good for players on a budget as well.

The Takomo Family of Irons

If you have a bit more experience under your belt you may want to look at the Takomo 201 irons.

They are forged, have shorter blades and less offset than the Takomo 101T’s.

Distance: 97/100

Accuracy: 96/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel and Control: 96/100

Takomo 101T Irons1

Overall Score: 96/100

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