Mizuno Pro 243 Irons Review – Are They Blades, Forgiving, What Handicap?

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons

“The Mizuno Pro 243 irons are the product of a stronger collaboration between the design and manufacturing teams over at Mizuno.”

The forging process has its limitations.

Usually, you can’t get a lot of nuance and detail when you forge clubs – especially when you’re forging clubs from a single piece of steel.

This limits head shaping details.

But Mizuno has found a way to precision-forge the Mizuno Pro 243 irons so that they perform as well as they feel.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the latest iron offerings from Mizuno.

What Handicap Are the Mizuno Pro 243 Irons for?

 “Don’t let the cavity back design fool you. The Mizuno Pro 243 irons are not for high handicappers.”

Despite the considerable cavity depth, the Mizuno Pro 243 irons have a compact head shape, thin topline and a visually thin sole. On top of all that, the blade lengths are fairly short.

There is also 0.138” offset in the 4-iron so the entire set looks pretty closed up behind the ball. The Mizuno Pro 243 irons appear to be for low handicappers who have no trouble making consistent contact.

It’s safe to say that the Mizuno Pro 243 irons would benefit players in the 5-10 handicap range.

Are the Mizuno Pro 243 Irons Blades?

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons3

“The Mizuno Pro 243 irons are  tour cavity back irons.”

The Mizuno Pro 241 irons are the blades in the new lineup and will offer more precise feel at the expense of distance.

Still, the Mizuno Pro 243 irons are tour cavity irons which means they are compact and yield about as much workability as you can get from cavity irons.

Are the Mizuno Pro 243’s Forged? 

“Yes. The Mizuno Pro 243 irons feature Mizuno’s iconic grain flow forging.”

The entire set undergoes a meticulous one-piece forging process but the materials vary.

For instance, the long to mid irons (4-7) are forged from 4120 grade chromoly while the short irons (8-GW) are forged from 1025E mild carbon steel.

Are the Mizuno Pro 243 Irons Forgiving?

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons4

“The Mizuno Pro 243 irons were not designed for forgiveness.”

The emphasis with these irons is incredible feel and control.

The cavity back design does do a lot to increase MOI and help straighten out errant shots; but these are not the irons for you if you struggle to make consistent contact.

The more forgiving irons in the new Pro lineup are the Pro 245 hollow body irons.

While the 245’s certainly offer a bit more forgiveness than the Mizuno Pro 243’s, you still shouldn’t expect them to be as lenient as true game improvement irons.

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons1

Category: Tour Cavity Back Irons

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons – First Impressions

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons2

“The Mizuno Pro 243 irons follow the tradition of the Mizuno Pro 223 irons in the sense that they are both tour cavity irons that meet the demands of better players.”

The Mizuno Pro 243 irons feel immediately satisfying whether you’re teeing off on an executive course with one of the long irons or chipping in with a short iron.

They are single-piece grain flow forged in Mizuno’s legendary Hiroshima facility and feature premium appointments.

For instance, all of the irons in the set feature a copper underlay to enhance the soft feel of the mild carbon steel and chromoly materials. This allows for immediate response at impact.

You will know exactly where you made contact with the ball based on feel alone.

To further fine-tune the precise feel of these irons, Mizuno used what they call Harmonic Impact Technology.

This feature was included to mimic the feel and response of a true muscle back blade.

The Mizuno Pro 243 irons also feature a wraparound sole grind. This makes the soles appear visually smaller while providing significant relief through the turf.

Adding to the smooth turf interaction is an increase in bounce angles. There is a 1 degree increase in long irons and a 2 degree increase in the short irons.

Visually, the Mizuno Pro 243 irons look stunning. They have undergone a full satin brush which helps reduce glare and imparts a monochromatic aesthetic.

The top lines are on the thin side and the soles are well-hidden. All of this adds up to a cavity back iron that looks incredibly sleek and workable.

“The Mizuno Pro 243 irons are certainly for players who want a premium feel and the ability to work the ball from any lie.”

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons Selling Points

  • Grain flow forged in Mizuno’s Hiroshima facility
  • 1025E mild carbon steel in the short irons
  • Forged 4120 chromoly in the long and mid irons
  • Soft copper underlay
  • Wrap around sole grind
  • Full satin brush finish
  • Harmonic IMpact Technology mimics the feel of true blades

Who Are the Mizuno Pro 243 Irons  for?

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons5

The Mizuno Pro 243 irons will be best for your single-digit handicappers and scratch players. They offer phenomenal workability and feel to match.

The cavity back design does provide some semblance of forgiveness; but you still have to be an accurate striker to get the best use out of these irons.

The Mizuno Pro Family of Irons

“Included in the latest iteration of Mizuno’s Pro series are the Pro 245 and Pro 241 models.”

The Mizuno Pro 241 irons are the true blades in the family. They are single-piece forged from 1025 carbon steel and feature a muscle back design.

They also feature progressively tapered blades – wider in the long irons and narrower in the short irons.

The Mizuno Pro 245 irons feature a hollow body design and are also grain flow forged from 1025E carbon steel.

These are most likely the most forgiving irons in the new Mizuno Pro series as they tend to play the longest of the three sets.

The Pro 245’s also feature a cap of 17-4 stainless steel behind the hitting zone to push ball speeds.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 98/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel & Control: 98/100

Mizuno Pro 243 Irons2

Overall Score: 96/100


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