Miura CB-302 Irons Review – Are They A Good Choice for High Handicappers?

“Miura may not be the first name you think of when you think of game improvement irons. But with the Miura CB-302’s, the company is targeting higher handicappers.”

We know Miura to be producers of fine forged irons that are suitable for Tournament play. But their game improvement irons don’t get much attention. Why is that? Is it because they don’t put as much R&D dollars into making GI irons? Or is it because people simply don’t recognize them as producers of good irons for the average player?

We wanted to figure out the answer to that question so we tested the Miura CB-302 irons. Find out what you need to know about them in the following review.

Miura CB-302 Irons Overview

“The Miura CB-302 irons are forged cavity back irons.”

Right off the bat, these are unique irons. They are forged from S20C soft carbon steel which is a material that is usually reserved for player’s muscle back irons. Now, Miura states that the Miura CB-302 irons sport the biggest soles they have ever produced. While that may be true, they are not all that wide.

If you have ever gamed the taylormade M4’s or Callaway Big Bertha irons, you will not think that the Miura CB-302’s have wide soles. But the soles are cambered which produces a nice, soft leading edge. This makes turf interaction nice and smooth. The undercut cavity positions the CG low in the head. That, coupled with the relatively strong loft profile of these irons produces a controlled launch – not low enough to detriment carry distance but not high enough to balloon out of control.

The 9-iron checks in at 40°. The Miura CB-302’s aren’t the lightest irons you will ever play; but they can still accommodate varying swing tempos.

“The feel and feedback you get from these irons is amazing. And there is enough forgiveness to make them viable for high handicappers.”

Are the Miura CB-302 Irons Forgiving?

“The blade length is relatively short compared to other game improvement irons.”

Furthermore, the face profile is relatively shallow. But there is enough offset in the long irons to help with squaring the face. The CG feels low which is good if you’re looking for forgiveness. The top line is moderate so you’re not shocked at address.

The face also feels responsive. However, mis-hits will be punished with wider than normal shot dispersion. When you pure the ball, you can expect a nice little baby draw that veers back on-line nicely.

The soles bear a V-shape that allots more mass out toward the toe. This design makes these irons more forgiving on common mis-hits: ones made in the high-toe area. However, if you miss towards the heel, there isn’t much help. Our testers noted that heel-side mis-hits lost a lot of ball speed and picked up a ton of spin.

The Miura CB-302 certainly aren’t the most forgiving GI irons on the market; but there is enough here to help 18+ handicappers.

Would the Miura CB-302 Irons Be Good for High Handicappers?

“The Miura CB-302 irons are excellent for 18+ handicappers.”

Mid handicappers would also really appreciate the workability and feedback; but it’s 18+ handicappers that stand to gain the most. One reason is that the Miura CB-302 irons play really well from the rough and semi-rough which are areas of the course you are likely to find yourself in if you’re a high handicapper.

The Miura CB-302 are also good for high handicappers because they will clearly inform you where you made contact. The forged soft carbon feel is very responsive and you can feel where on the face you made contact with the ball. This will go a long way towards helping you correct your hitch and generally make you a more consistent swinger.

Miura CB-302 Irons

Category: Game Improvement  Irons

Miura CB-302 First Impressions

“At first, we thought the Miura CB-302 irons looked really sleek and sexy.”

They have a smooth hosel transition and look really nice both in the bag and at address. The depth of the cavity is also considerable so we were expecting good forgiveness from these irons. For the most part, that’s what we got. As long as you stay in the hitting zone, you can expect straight flight and controlled launch from these irons.

“The Miura CB-302 irons will give you something to aspire to. They have a premium look and feel that belie their game improvement design.”

Miura CB-302 Pros

  • Forged design
  • Soft feel
  • Excellent control around the pin
  • Low CG
  • Good for mid and high handicappers
  • Smooth turf interaction

Who Are the Miura CB-302 Irons for?

“The Miura CB-302 irons are great for mid or high handicap players that are looking for irons with a premium feel with a splash of forgiveness.”

Again, we must say that these aren’t the most forgiving game improvement irons on the market. However, they offer enough forgiveness to make them viable for mid and high handicappers. Now let’s talk distance. The 7-iron produced an average of 148.9 yards for our testers after 3 swings apiece. So the distance was spot-on. As you can imagine, gapping was spot-on as well.

These irons are very consistent and you can set your watch to their repeatable distances. Consistency is always a good thing for high handicappers because it will make it easier to know which iron you need to pull out of your bag on any lie. Launch control was also very acute in the short irons. You get excellent control and feedback from these irons. The scoring irons in particular perform above their weight class so to speak in terms of accuracy. Spin rates were a little high but weren’t enough to detriment carry distance. These irons will give high handicappers enough room for improvement while at the same time, helping them master their fairways.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel and Control: 97/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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