Tour Edge C521 Irons Review 2023 – Are They A Good Choice for High Handicappers?

“Just one look at the Tour Edge C521 and you’ll know that you are dealing with game improvement irons.”

The Tour Edge C521 irons are marketed towards “competitive players.” And we can see that the company took steps towards making these irons look better to distinguishing players. But we wanted to see exactly what they have to offer high handicappers and better players.

So we tested the Tour Edge C521 irons. In the following review, you will find out everything you need to know about these clubs.

Tour Edge C521 Irons Overview

“The Tour Edge C521’s are cavity back irons with toe weighting.”

When you look at the Tour Edge C521 irons, you can see that they will be forgiving. That’s because the heel to toe length is pretty long. The cavity undercut is also pretty deep and juts out behind the head quite a bit. This creates a distinct profile at address: you can see the undercut sticking out and you know that you will have a lot of leeway on lateral mis-hits.

The top line is also moderately thick. The face near the top is actually beveled so that it sort of blends into the top line. This design factor gives the Tour Edge C521’s a nice, clean look at address; but keep in mind that the topline is still not exactly thin.

Overall, the Tour Edge C521 irons look beefy and forgiving at address – great for high handicappers. One thing that we noticed during testing was that toe-side mis-hits in particular were flying very straight. We suspect that this is the result of the toe weighting and expanded toe area. The launch of the Tour Edge C521 irons is also high and effortless. If you are a deliberate tempo swinger, you will likely do very well with the launch window of these irons.

“With an expansive sweet spot and large face profile, it’s very easy to improve striking accuracy with these irons. While the feedback and workability suffer, the forgiveness is outstanding.”

Are the Tour Edge C521 Irons Forgiving?

“The head profile of these irons is enough to make them very forgiving.”

And with the addition of a deep undercut cavity, the Tour Edge C521 irons are ideal if you are looking for forgiving irons. Another design aspect that needs to be brought up is the wide sole.

The sole profile reminds us a lot of the Taylormade M4 irons: it’s rounded out and extended towards the back of the head. This contributes to the high and easy launch but it also smooths out turf interaction.

In fact, our testers who are prone to chunking were finding it very easy to make clean contact. The offset is also considerable so players who struggle to close the face up will have an easier time with these irons. The Tour Edge C521’s encourage straight flight and high launch.

The CG also feels nice and low so these irons are comfortable to swing. By elongating the cavity undercut, Tour Edge also managed to manipulate the CG towards the back of the head. This increases MOI which means even more forgiveness on off-center strikes.

The low CG balances the “power loft” specs pretty well. At no point did we feel the danger of ballooning out of control. Yet, launch was high enough to increase carry distance for most of our testers.

Would the Tour Edge C521 Irons Be Good for High Handicappers?

“The Tour Edge C521 irons are excellent for high handicappers.”

In fact, these irons may only be good for high handicappers. There isn’t enough workability or feedback produced by these irons to make them viable for mid or low handicappers. But for newbies, the Tour Edge C521 irons offer the “ease of use” and confidence to start lowering your score.

Tour Edge C521 Irons

Category: Game Improvement Irons

Tour Edge C521 First Impressions

“We were struck by how much these irons resemble the Taylormade M4’s.”

They perform like the M4’s as well. With the Tour Edge C521’s you can scoop the ball out of the rough or semi-rough with ease. You also can’t help but notice the profile. The blades are long, the topline is considerable and the soles are chunky.

It’s very hard to get a draw or hook out of these irons. Only the most severe mis-hits will produce such a shot. And that’s not great if you’re looking to manipulate the ball on holes where you need to thread the needle. But that’s not what these irons were built for. They were built to play straight and launch within a reasonable window.

Through that purview, the Tour Edge C521 irons perform exactly the way they’re supposed to. We were also surprised that they were so consistent. Again, workability and feedback are almost non-existent; but you can count on straight flight and consistent launch from pretty much any lie.

“To any high handicapper, the Tour Edge C521 will be a welcome sight as they practically scream forgiveness.”

Tour Edge C521 Pros

  • Considerable offset
  • They play smooth in the rough
  • Easy launch
  • Very forgiving
  • Straight flight

Who Are the Tour Edge C521 Irons for?

“The Tour Edge C521 irons are for the player that needs help staying on the fairway.”

They are also great for high handicap players who need to improve their striking accuracy. Overall, this is a great set of irons for beginners because they’re not that expensive and they will make learning the iron game a lot easier.

Of course, these won’t be the irons you game forever. If you really stick with golf and practice consistently, you will probably outgrow these irons after 2-3 seasons. That being said, these are still excellent irons for beginners and high handicappers. They will flatten the dreaded iron learning curve and help you score more GIR’s as a high handicapper.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 96/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Feel and Control: 93/100

Overall Score: 96/100

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