Cobra Darkspeed Driver Review – Is it Good & Forgiving for High Handicappers?

Cobra Darkspeed Driver

“The onslaught of new 2024 drivers continues with the Cobra Darkspeed.”

Cobra claims that the Darkspeed driver is the fastest they’ve ever produced.

They state that they have accomplished such a feat by working with actual aerospace engineers.

But how much water do these claims hold and is the Cobra Darkspeed a viable option for high handicappers specifically? I tested the Cobra Darkspeed driver to find out.

The Cobra Darkspeed Driver Family

Cobra Darkspeed Driver5

For this review, I tested the Cobra Darkspeed Max but let’s take a minute to review the other two entries in this new series of drivers:

  • Cobra Darkspeed LS – The Cobra Darkspeed LS is the only version that has an 8 degree model. As such, it is the lowest launching and lowest spinning model in the Darkspeed series.
  • Cobra Darkspeed X – This is the only driver in the Darkspeed series to lack adjustable weighting. It provides neutral flight for accurate strikers.

Is it Good for High Handicappers?

“The Cobra Darkspeed Max features an AI-designed variable thickness face, POWER bridge front weighting and adjustable heel and rear weights.”

For high handicappers, the Cobra Darkspeed Max has a great option: place the 12g interchangeable weight in the back and the 3g weight in the heel.

This will give you a draw bias with excellent forgiveness through increased MOI.

This weight configuration gave me very straight drives which is great news for any high handicapper.

A lot of the new 2024 drivers from the big manufacturers are emphasizing straight flight and the Cobra Darkspeed is no different.

Is it Forgiving?

“The Cobra Darkspeed Max has a large footprint but amazingly, produces low spin.”

It astounds me every year how companies like Cobra can make drivers with big heads and yet the spin rates seem to go down every year.

My average spin with the Cobra Darkspeed Max was 2463 RPMs which is amazing for a driver of this size.

Of course, the size of the head imparts natural forgiveness while the lightweight appointments keep the Cobra Darkspeed Max, well, fast.

So you get speed, forgiveness and low spin: a recipe for success even if you’re not a consistent striker.

Difference Between the Cobra Darkspeed Max and Cobra Darkspeed LS

“The tech is the same; but the weight ports are different.”

In the Cobra Darkspeed Max you get ports in the back and the heel – offering a neutral or draw bias.

In the LS you get ports in the back and the toe for a neutral or fade bias. The LS is also going to produce lower height and even lower spin numbers than the Cobra Darkspeed Max.

Available Shafts

  • Project X HZRDUS Red CB
  • UST LIN-Q M40X Red 5

What Does it Look Like?

Cobra Darkspeed Driver3

The Cobra Darkspeed Max looks very cool.

The carbon fiber appointments on the crown and sole give definite Batman vibes which works very well with the triangular panel on the sole.

It has a large footprint with noticeable draw bias and looks very confidence-inspiring.

I especially liked the red “Max” lettering on the sole that plays off the otherwise completely black head very well.

Is the Cobra Darkspeed Worth it?

“The Cobra Darkspeed Max sells for about $50 cheaper than the latest drivers from Callaway and Taylormade.”

It offers the same kind of straight flight as the latest Callaway and Taylormade drivers and plays about as long as the Qi10 driver.

My average carry with the Cobra Darkspeed was 268.9 yards which is more than adequate for me.

So if you don’t mind not having possibly the longest new driver in your bag (that distinction belongs to the Paradyme Ai Smoke), the Cobra Darkspeed is definitely worth it.

Cobra Darkspeed Driver

Cobra Darkspeed Driver1

In 20 Words or Less

“The Cobra darkspeed plays into the trend of exceptionally straight 2024 drivers very well and can certainly help with accuracy.”

Cobra Darkspeed Driver – First Impressions

Cobra Darkspeed Driver4

“The Cobra Darkspeed really impressed me with how low the spin figures were.”

This garnered me good carry distance and excellent rollout. The Cobra Darkspeed felt really fast right away and I was surprised at how light it felt given the relatively large footprint.

It seems that Cobra really did gain something by working with aerospace engineers because by some modern magic, they have made a large, forgiving driver that is light and doesn’t impart insane spin on the ball.

A lot of the low spin has to do with the PWR bridge weight which is positioned low and more forward in the head than any previous Cobra driver.

The forward positioning helps to mute the spin – otherwise this driver would probably produce 2600+ RPMs.

My feeling after testing was that this would be a really good driver for high handicappers who need to produce more favorable lies and get every hole started off right.

The dispersion was very tight and if you need the extra forgiveness, you can just slap the heavy weight in the rear position. So the Cobra Darkspeed Max is versatile as well.

Cobra Darkspeed Max Driver Selling Points

  • AI-designed HOT face
  • Low and forward POWER bridge weight
  • Adjustable rear and heel weights
  • Designed with aerospace engineers
  • Larger PWRSHELL face
  • Free Arccos smart sensors

Who is the Cobra Darkspeed Driver for?

Cobra Darkspeed Driver2

“The Cobra Darkspeed Max driver would be a good choice for players in the 18-25 handicap range.”

With a face and sweet spot this large, it’s hard to miss which makes it a good choice for 20+ handicappers.

But the low spin rates will let more experienced players take advantage of their faster swing speeds and maximize their distance.

Plus, the adjustable weights make the Cobra Darkspeed Max so versatile that most  players will be able to shape their shots for added distance and accuracy.

And of course, if you’re struggling to drive the ball straight, the Cobra Darkspeed Max would be an excellent choice.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 98/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Feel & Control: 97/100

Cobra Darkspeed Driver

Overall Score: 97/100


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