Costco’s Kirkland Wedge Set Review

Kirkland Wedge

I’ve always been a proponent of Kirkland products.

From their cashews to their body wash, the brand has never done me wrong. And I’m sure I’m not the only consumer out there that feels the same way.

But if you’re anything like me you have been wary of one particular Kirkland product: their golf clubs.

My house is full of Costco products but it just seems weird to see the “Kirkland Signature” logo on golf clubs.

Not to mention bringing those clubs out to the course.

But it’s time to put biases aside and give the Kirkland Wedge set an honest try.

In the following review I will share my experience test-playing the Kirkland wedge set and comparing it to Vokey wedges.

Kirkland Wedge Set Quick Facts

  • Includes three wedges
  • They can be purchased on
  • 52° gap wedge
  • 56° sand wedge
  • 60° lob wedge

Kirkland Wedges Vs Vokey Wedges: Performance

I tested the Kirkland Wedges against Vokey Design SM9 wedges.

The SM9 wedges are available in a plethora of lofts and sole grinds. With Kirkland, you’re relegated to standard sand, gap and lob wedges.

I felt like the Kirkland Wedges had a lower CG than the Vokey wedges. With the Kirkland Wedges, my swing got under the ball easily and launched the ball high.

But there wasn’t a ton of control over launch. I couldn’t flight it down for more controlled landings.

The Vokey SM9 wedges on the other hand felt more controlled. The flight was lower and could be worked higher if needed.

But this isn’t necessarily a good thing if you’re a high handicapper who struggles to get the ball in the air.

On flop shots, I would trust the Kirkland Wedges with my life. But if I’m trying to land the ball soft from distance, I would trust the precision of the Vokey SM9 wedges.

Kirkland Wedges Vs Vokey: Distance

The difference in distance between the Kirkland Wedges and the SM9’s was shockingly similar.

With the GW of the Kirkland set, I was averaging 88.9 yards. With the GW of the SM9 set, I was averaging 86.8 yards.

Both distances are really good but the Kirkland Wedges will cost you more than 3 times less than the Vokey SM9 wedges.

Kirkland Wedges Vs Vokey: Cost

Kirkland Wedge2

This isn’t even a comparison.

The Kirkland Wedges are significantly more affordable than the Bokey Design SM9 wedges. A complete set (gap, sand and lob) of Kirkland Wedges costs only $170.

On the other hand, the Vokey SM9 wedges cost $179…each.

So if you’re looking to buy a complete set of Vokey wedges, again, you will be spending more than three times more than you would for a complete set of Kirkland Wedges.

Kirkland Wedges Vs Vokey: Durability

I only had a couple days to compare the Kirkland Wedges to the SM9’s so I can really only guess at their durability.

The Kirkland Wedges irons feel solid and didn’t show any more wear than the Vokey wedges once my testing was over.

A Vokey wedge will probably last you the rest of your life as long as you maintain it well and I got the same feeling with the Kirkland Wedges.

Kirkland Wedges Vs Vokey: Feel

One thing to note is that the SM9 wedges do have more aggressive grooves than the Kirkland Wedges.

So I felt like I had more spin control with the Vokey wedges. The Vokey wedges also had a softer feel at impact with very clear feedback.

I also got good feedback with the Kirkland Wedges; but they feel more solid than soft.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – some players prefer a harder “click” at impact. But the Kirkland Wedges certainly don’t feel luxurious.

Kirkland Wedges Vs Vokey: Accuracy

One thing I noticed is that I was duffing just as much with the Vokey wedges as I was with the Kirkland Wedges – maybe even more.

But when I hit the Vokey pure I was able to get exactly the height, spin and distance I needed for the shot.

For instance, one shot required me to get over a tree limb to land on an elevated green. So I needed to hit a precise flop shot from about 50 yards with limited visibility  of the green.

I pulled the Vokey sand wedge out, cleared the tree and landed within 4 yards of the pin.

The important takeaway from that situation is that I was able to hit the ball confidently with the SM9 because I already knew it was a very consistent wedge.

I didn’t get that kind of confidence with the Kirkland Wedges.

They are accurate wedges. They just aren’t as consistent as the Vokey wedges so I Would trust the Vokey’s more on difficult shots.

Kirkland Wedges Vs Vokey: Consistency

The Kirkland Wedges aren’t inconsistent; they’re just not as consistent as the Vokey wedges.

Neither of these wedges are great for players who use the entirety of the face but with the Vokey’s I got uniform spin rates, distances and shot shapes when I hit the ball pure.

The same figures varied just a bit more with the Kirkland Wedges.

Kirkland Wedge1

Kirkland Wedges Pros

  • Workable: Kirkland Wedges have a relatively compact frame so better players can work the ball.
  • Distance: The Kirkland Wedges actually played a bit longer than the Vokey Design SM9 wedges.
  • Milled Grooves: The milled grooves allow for good spin control.

Kirkland Wedges Cons

  • Variety: You don’t get your choice of custom grinds and lofts with the Kirkland Wedges.
  • Thin Grips: If you have big hands, you may want to add tape or maybe replace the stock grips with thicker ones.
  • Feel: The feel isn’t bad per se; but compared to the premium feel of the Vokey wedges, the Kirkland Wedges don’t hold up.

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Vokey Wedges Pros

  • Variety: You can choose from eight different sole grinds and a myriad of lofts.
  • Excellent Feel: The Vokey wedges feel soft but still allow for a solid feel at impact.
  • Aggressive Grooves: The Vokey wedges have sharp grooves that extend to the edge of the face.

Kirkland Wedges Cons

  • Price: The Vokey Design SM9 wedges are more than three times more expensive than the Kirkland Wedges.
  • Additional Charges: If you go for a custom fitting (which is strongly recommended) the Vokey wedges will cost more.
  • Distance: A minor drawback since you shouldn’t rely on your wedges for distance but the Vokeys actually played a bit shorter than the Kirkland Wedges.

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Kirkland Wedge