Best 6 Thermal Jackets For Cold Weather 2023

A round of golf isn’t always about the perfect windless, sunny day with the birds chirping you on your way towards a decent round.

If you are an avid golfer, there’s no doubt that you are out on the course in the sun, wind, rain, and perhaps even in the coldest of conditions.

If that’s the case, having the right clothing is just as important as the clubs in your bag, right?

The thing is, it’s pretty difficult to swing your club freely when you have enough layers to make you look like the Michelin Man.

You need to buy the right kind of cold-weather clothing that still allows you to play at your best and make a full swing each time.

So today, we take a look at the best thermal jackets that you can consider when playing a round of golf in colder weather conditions.

1. BALEAF Men’s Thermal Golf Jacket

Selling Points

  • Lightweight design
  • Water-resistant fabric that breathes (95% Polyester, 5% Spandex)
  • The stretchable fleece interior not only keeps you warm but also allows a full golf swing

This jacket provides excellent protection in cooler weather, even though it features an extremely lightweight design.

Made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, BALEAF has ensured that there’s a full range of movement when wearing this jacket, so you won’t have to worry about only making three-quarter swings out on the course.

That’s because of the overall design, which sees spandex added to the arms, allowing the jacket to stretch adequately when needed.

The front outer layer is water-resistant, while an additional hood provides extra warmth and protection from cold wind.

Usually, jackets like this don’t come in bigger sizes, but here, sizes range from small to XX-large.

There are also six different colours to choose from, including black, glacial grey, dark grey, merlot, blue, and olive.

Overall, unless you are playing in Arctic-like conditions, the BALEAF Men’s Thermal Golf Jacket is an excellent choice to keep you warm during your round.

Not only that, but it is extremely affordable too.

Pros And Cons


  • Extremely affordable
  • A thin, lightweight design is perfect for the golf course
  • Zippered side pockets for extra storage
  • Includes a hood as well as a carry bag


  • Only the front outer layer is water-resistant
  • You’ll need something warm for extremely cold conditions

Score: 97/100

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2. Royal & Awesome Hybrid Quilted Golf Jackets For Men

Selling Points

  • Stylish, lightweight 100 polyester design
  • Perfect for temperatures as low as 7 degrees Celsius
  • Includes water-repellent quilted panels
  • Excellent freedom of movement on the sleeves, shoulders, and collar allows for full golf swings

Another lightweight offering to keep the cold out is this hybrid quilted jacket from Royal and Awesome.

With a quilted panel front that’s water-resistant too, this jacket will keep you extremely cosy in temperatures as low as 7 degrees Celsius.

Made from 100% polyester, the sleeves, shoulders, and collar on this jacket are made from a soft fabric that, although not stretchy, still allows for the full range of movement necessary for a perfect golf swing.

While there isn’t a hoody to help keep out cold winds, the jacket includes a front storage area accessible by a small zip.

Elasticated cuffs help ensure that the cold is kept out of the sleeve area.

Sizes available range from small to XX-large but unfortunately, there are only two colour options available and these are black and red and navy and blue.

Pros And Cons


  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight polyester with soft fabric sleeves, shoulders and collar


  • Only two colour options
  • Not fully water-resistant

Score: 93/100

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3. Columbia Men’s Steens Mountain 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Jacket

Selling Points

  • Made from ultra-soft 100% polyester MTR filament fleece
  • While lightweight and thin, it still keeps out the cold

Not all jackets you can wear out on the course have to be specifically for golf, and Columbia’s Steens Mountain Full Zip Fleece Jacket is one such example.

Made from ultra-soft 100% polyester MTR filament fleece, this jacket provides a decent barrier against both the wind and cold temperatures.

From a golfing perspective, it won’t inhibit any swing movements thanks to the fact that it’s extremely thin and super lightweight too.

A collared neck with a full zipper keeps out cold from your neck area too, although there is no hood of any kind.

It also features elasticated arms to stop cold wind entering from the wrist area of the sleeves.

This jacket comes with two storage options, and although they aren’t that big, you’d be able to store some cash for a round at the 19th hole easily enough.

One real advantage that we found with this jacket is the sheer variety of not only colours but also sizes available.

So while it’s not strictly made for golfers, no matter what your size, you’ll find a fit that suits you.

Pros And Cons


  • 52 colour options
  • Size options range from small to 6-extra large, as well as tall designs


  • Not specifically designed as golf wear
  • No hood

Score: 94/100

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4. Nike Therma Pullover Hoodie

Selling Points

  • Offers a far more casual look
  • Uses the heat of your body to keep warmth locked in
  • A range of sizes and colours are on offer

For the more casual golfer, Nike’s Therma Pullover Hoodie is a worthwhile consideration, especially if you are looking for something you can wear away from the course as well.

While it’s quite pricey – this is a Nike product after all – the Therma Pullover Hoodie is made from 100% polyester Therma fabric, which locks in the natural warmth your body generates to keep temperatures nice and cosy.

All that body warmth will generate sweat, but that’s dealt with through the Dry-Fit technology that the Therma Pullover Hoodie employs.

Naturally, as its name suggests, there’s a hoodie that will help keep you even warmer by stopping heat from escaping through your head.

There’s a massive range of colours to choose from – 9 in total – and this hoodie is available in sizes from small to 4-extra large.

Pros And Cons


  • For the more casual golfer who wants something they can wear away from the course too
  • Lots of colours and sizes are available
  • Includes Dry-Fit technology that causes the sweat produced by the body to evaporate quickly


  • Not traditional golf attire
  • Expensive

Score: 90/100

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5. Mizuno Pro Thermal Jacket

Selling Points

  • The mesh design offers excellent protection from the wind
  • While not water-proof, it does offer limited protection from rain
  • Lightweight and comfortable

An extremely affordable option, Mizuno’s Pro Thermal Jacket isn’t for the coldest of climates but will provide more than adequate protection against wind as well as light rain thanks to the ImpermaLite Technology used in its manufacture.

This lightweight jacket is a little over 0.50 kg in weight and provides enough flex and movement to allow golfers the full range of motion a golf swing requires.

A full zip allows the neck to be covered in full, adding further protection in windy conditions.

It’s not going to provide adequate protection against extreme cold and very wet conditions, however.

As with Nike’s Therma Pullover Hoodie, this jacket has a casual look, so it’s perfect not only on the golf course but as general wear in colder weather as well.


  • Stylish, modern design
  • ImpermaLite Technology used in the overall design protects against moderate wind
  • Affordable


  • Not waterproof
  • Not as many colour variations are available as some other products covered in this review

Score: 87/100

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6. Willit Men’s Fleece Thermal Pullover

Selling Points

  • 13 colour variations are available
  • Fleece not only helps contain body heat but also wicks away any perspiration generated
  • Offers excellent protection, even in the coldest of conditions out on the course
  • Lightweight design (weights just 0.34 kg)

Perhaps the most stylish of all the thermal jackets we’ve reviewed so far, Willit’s Fleece Thermal Pullover provides exceptional protection in cold weather too.

Even in temperatures approaching 0 degrees Celsius, it will keep you warm thanks to its soft, fleecy design that retains body-generated heat and wicks away any sweat that’s produced.

With a full range of movement, there’s minimal chafing too, thanks to the flatlock seam construction.

Ventilation can be adjusted using the quarter-length zip, which can also be pulled up to protect the neck.

Lastly, elastic sleeves ensure no cold air can enter the pullover via the wrist area.


  • Not just golf apparel but can be used away from the course
  • Non-restrictive, stretch material allows for a full range of movement
  • Excellent warmth is offered, even at around 0 degrees Celsius
  • Affordable


  • The cut of this product is relatively small, so finding the perfect fit isn’t that simple

Score: 98/100

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