Cole Lantz Net Worth 2024 – Wiki, Busta Jack, Content Creation, Height

If you are a fan of Youtube golf, you’ve probably heard of Busta Jack.

The beloved golfing duo made up of Busta or Mason Nutt and Mad Jack, AKA Cole Lantz who is the main topic of discussion in today’s article.

You may be wondering how much he is worth, If he really does all the Video Editing for Busta Jack and how he actually got so good at golf in the first place. All will be revealed.


Cole Lantz Net Worth 2024

We need to remember that Busta Jack as a channel is only just over 1 year old and that Cole’s net worth is rising quickly.

The profits from the Busta Jack Youtube Channel are about $3000 per month, split two ways is $1500 per month for Cole and rising quickly.

If we multiply the channels earnings by 36 months we get a rough Valuation on the channel @ $108,000.

Split two ways, we can estimate Cole’s Stake of Net Worth at about $60,000

Let’s add another $30,000 for sponsorship deals and another $30,000 for Coles share in the clothing brand.

That would give Cole Lantz a Net Worth of approximately $120,000 and rising quickly as the duo make waves in the Youtube Golf Space.

Cole Lantz Height

Cole Lantz is 6ft tall for everybody that would like to know.

Cole Lantz Bio And Wiki

Straight from being a student to starting Busta Jack and the pivotal Golfing Ol Glory series where they played a diferent state every week for a year.

Cole is a native of Texas with his hometown listed as Propser.



Cole is a graduate of Oklahoma State University where he received a bachelors degree in Entreprenuership and Marketing.

Based on this impressive stat, his success with Busta Jack should come as no surprise.

Cole also excelled in education and his first business is actually listed as Quad.

Cole Fulfilled Marketing Intern Roles and was a futures trader for almost two years, enjoying success in multiple fields.

Golf Cart Boy

Cole’s passion was always golf however and he worked as a Cart Boy at Karsten Creek Golf Club in Oklahoma for 6 months.

Passion into Career

Cole and his partner Mason Nutt have been playing golf together since they were 13 and they are evenly matched in terms of skills.

They invested their own money into the Golfing old glory series and it has come up trumps, building a huge fan base in a short amount of time.

They have also got connected to some of the other biggest names in the Youtube Golf space like Grant Horvat, The Bryan Brothers, Micah Morris and many others.


Video Editing

Cole edits all the videos for Busta Jack himself and he claims that video editing is his passion outside of golf.

He often edits while Mason drives towards golf courses and he finds any spare time he can to edit the videos.



The future is looking bright for Cole and expect his net worth to growth considerably in the process as he reaps the benefits of a solid foundation with the Busta Jack brand.