Rio Golf Club Set Review – Are They Any Good?

Golf club sets are a dime a dozen on many online shopping portals.

For a casual golfer looking to buy their first full set of clubs, finding one that’s not only within budget but that’s well made and will last more than one round isn’t always that easy.

Today, we look specifically at the Rio Golf Club set and what it offers an aspiring golfer who is not only looking for new clubs but a set that can improve their game as well.

Overview Of The Rio Golf Club Set

The company behind Rio is PGM, which is based in China.

This isn’t a little operation either, as PGM is the top-selling Chinese golf brand and boasts a massive manufacturing facility where their golfing equipment is made.

Since around 2006, PGM golfing equipment, such as the Rio Golf set, has been available for purchase in the United States and other countries around the world.

Much like other full sets, the Rio Golf Club set isn’t going to ever match up to single clubs available from world-famous brands.

But that’s not the point.

The idea behind golfing apparel like this is that it provides the chance for someone new to the game to not spend thousands of dollars acquiring new equipment for their golfing aspirations.

Rio Golf Club Set Details 

The set contains all the clubs you will ever need out on the course, including a driver, woods, irons, wedges, and, of course, a putter.

While the clubs are the most important aspect of any golf set, there are added extras in this Rio set.

These include a club head cover for the driver as well as a stand bag.

Rio Golf Club Set  – What’s in the Set?

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what clubs you’ll find in the Rio Golf Club set.

  • Driver
  • 3 wood
  • 5 wood
  • Hybrid
  • 5 to 9 irons
  • Pitch wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Putter

Rio Golf Club Set  – First Impressions & Club Breakdown

With a group of golfers in tow, we took a set of Rio clubs down to the local range to put them through their paces.

From an aesthetic point of view, there’s no denying that these clubs look fantastic in their bag, and that’s thanks to their beautiful black and silver trim finish.

Good looks, however, don’t necessarily mean they’ll perform, so we quickly got to work testing every club in the bag.

Let’s look at a full breakdown of what’s on offer in the Rio Golf Club set.

Titanium driver (10.5-degree loft)

Offers increased swing speed thanks to a 460 cc head and its overall streamlined design. This driver has a curved face with a high rebound that allows for a massive sweet spot, and that means added distance off the tee. It includes a lightweight 70 g carbon shaft that offers excellent flexibility. With its overall soft feel, this driver provides golfers with excellent feedback with each tee shot.

3 and 5 fairway woods

With a low centre of gravity, the 3 and 5 fairway woods offer tremendous ball launch characteristics and also incorporate a rebound action. The 3 wood provides 15 degrees of loft, and the 5 wood, 19 degrees.


Not all full golf sets include a hybrid, but the Rio set does. This hybrid provides 21 degrees of loft and includes an advanced allow composite, which gives it impressive distance.

5,6,7,8 and 9 irons

Made from stainless steel, these irons prevent turf drag thanks to their shaped sole. Each iron has a CNC-milled face set at a high rebound angle. This means they provide brilliant feedback but also allow for precise control when it comes to ball speed. They are forgiving, thanks to their wide hitting area. Longer iron shots remain accurate too.


Both a pitch wedge and a sand wedge are included in the set. They both boost control and spin for short, lofted approach shots thanks to the texture of their CNC iron faces.


While there are no bells and whistles when it comes to this standard low-centre-of-gravity putter, it performed well when we tested it.

Overall, the clubs in the Rio golf set gave a great account of themselves during our testing, especially when considering their pricing.

As a golfer, you have everything here you could possibly need during a round of golf.

The driver, in particular, was brilliant off the tee, hitting straight and true and proving to be extremely forgiving at all times while giving the kind of feedback you’d want when you drive.

The star, however, was the hybrid, which impressed everyone with both its accuracy and length.

Rio Golf Club Set Pros

  • A full range of clubs that perform well on the course and include accessories
  • Well-made and affordable
  • Produced by the biggest golf manufacturer in China

Rio Golf Club Set Cons

  • Only available for right-handers

Who Is The Rio Golf Club Set For?

Generally, full club sets like the Rio from PGM are aimed at casual golfers, and that’s exactly the target market here.

So if you don’t play that regularly but are still looking to purchase your first set of clubs, it makes absolute sense to go for a full set like the Rio.

Here you have everything you need, as well as a well-made golf bag to protect your clubs and keep them in the best condition possible.

This is a set for low to mid-handicap golfers because, if they are playing often, they’d want something a little more durable.

But if you are a high-handicapper who plays a few times a month, the Rio Golf set is the kind of golfing equipment you’d be looking for.

Distance: 92/100

Forgiveness: 91/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Feel & Control: 90/100

Value: 92/100

Overall score: 92

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