Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood Review – Is it Forgiving & Good for High Handicappers?

“The new Wilson Dynapower fairway woods carry on the tradition and spirit of past Dynapower models.”

Of course, we’re talking about playability and forgiveness. Wilson golf clubs have always been known for a healthy mix of accessibility and performance and that’s exactly what you get from the new Wilson Dynapower fairway woods. But what exactly is it about these woods that makes them good? Let’s discuss it.

The Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood Family

“Unfortunately, you don’t get a choice between carbon and titanium like you do with the Wilson Dynapower drivers.”

Still, you can choose from a Wilson Dynapower #3 #7 (right-handed only) or a Wilson Dynapower #5. It should be noted that whichever you choose (or if you choose both) you get the same features. The Wilson Dynapower fairway woods are also available with stock shafts in regular ,amateur and stiff flex.

Is it Good for High Handicappers?

“Wilson has fully embraced the AI era that so many other golf club manufacturers have thrived in over the past few years.”

What we mean is that they utilized an AI supercomputer to help develop the head shape and the face for the new Wilson Dynapower fairway woods. They took thousands of variable face thickness simulations and selected the one that was optimal for…wait for it…high handicappers.

Now, we didn’t read that in any press release. But we know it because we actually tested the Wilson Dynapower fairway woods and they would be no good or anyone if they weren’t good for high handicappers. They feature a flatter head profile that is reminiscent of modern hybrids – or is it modern hybrids that are looking more and more like fairway woods?

We digress. At any rate, there is good lateral forgiveness. There is also a 12-gram weight in the back of the head to stabilize your mis-hits and help prevent twisting.

Is it Forgiving?

“If your definition of forgiveness is being able to hit straighter shots, then yes, the Wilson Dynapower is incredibly forgiving.”

By far, the best feature of the Wilson Dynapower fairway wood is the 455 grade steel face. We have seen this material used in the new Paradym golf clubs from Callaway and absolutely love it. It gives a crisp, high-pitched crack so it sounds very satisfying. But most importantly it is consistent across the face.

Making a variable thickness face out of this material was a stroke of genius for Wilson because only the harshest mis-hits are actually punished with divergence. Shot dispersion was very tight so long as our testing crew was semi-accurate. It doesn’t take too long to find the sweet spot and get into your groove with these fairway woods.

While the natural distance isn’t anything to write home about, the Wilson Dynapower woods will help you score more GIRs because you will add some distance though straighter shots and you will keep your ball out of the hedges.

Difference Between the Wilson Dynapower and the Wilson D9

“First of all, the Wilson D9 fairway woods were not designed with the help of AI.”

So right off the bat, we could tell that they weren’t as forgiving as the Wilson Dynapower woods. The D9 woods also don’t have extreme rear weighting like the Wilson Dynapower woods do. In terms of performance, the D9 woods also launch a bit lower than the Wilson Dynapower woods.

Available Shafts

The only stock shaft that Wilson is making available for the Wilson Dynapower fairway woods is a Project X HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX A.

Is the Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood Worth it?

“One of the good things about the Wilson Dynapower fairway woods is they’re not ridiculously expensive.”

So if you want to play more accurately from the fairway and spare your wallet, the Wilson Dynapower woods are definitely worth it.

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Woods


In 20 Words or Less

“Players can expect a crisp sound, tight shot dispersion and modern fairway wood looks from the Wilson Dynapower.”

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Woods – First Impression

“What struck us at first was that these look like the new Taylormade Stealth 2 fairway woods.”

The black and red color scheme is very similar to that of the Stealth 2’s. And that’s a good thing because the Stealth 2 woods look very cool. The shaping of the head doesn’t scream “game improvement” either which is something we really like.

Even though most of our first shots with the Wilson Dynapower were mis-hits, we still got a very satisfying sound from them thanks to the PKR (Peak Kinetic Response) 455 face.

The Wilson Dynapower Family

Right-handers can choose between a #3, #5 or #7 fairway woods in this line. The 3-wood is set to 15°, the 5-wood is set to 18° and the 7-wood is set to 21°. Every wood in this set has the same features and they are all plenty forgiving.

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood Selling Points

  • AI-designed face
  • PKR2 face milling process
  • 12-gram rear weight
  • Modern fairway woodhead design
  • Flatter profile
  • Easy to get straight flight

Who is the Wilson Dynapower Fairway Wood for?

“The Wilson Dynapower fairway woods would be best in the bags of mid to high handicappers.”

We like that the heads aren’t terribly oversized which means that better players will be able to work them. Off the tee, they aren’t viable for distance; but if you really struggle with accuracy on your drives, the #3 Wilson Dynapower fairway wood might be a helpful replacement.

In the air, you get a slight bend that smoothly corrects itself to regain the line which is actually a very satisfying sight. The profile of the face also makes it very forgiving when you mis-hit out near the toe or in towards the heel. Overall, we would recommend the Wilson Dynapower to anyone who wants straighter shots off the deck – for a reasonable price.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 97/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel & Control: 96/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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