Titleist TSi3 Vs Titleist TS3 Driver Comparison Overview

Titleist TSi3 Vs Titleist TS3 Driver

Succession is a given in golf gear as it is with many things.

New cars come out every year, new clothes come out every year, new TV’s come out every year.

But it seems harder to tell the difference between new and old when it comes to golf clubs because very often, not a lot changes in a year.

Such is not the case when talking about the Titleist TSi3 and the Titleist TS3 drivers.

And while you can see the differences between these drivers clearly enough on paper, it’s the performance differences that matter most.

That’s what we’ll be covering in the following comparison overview.

Titleist Tsi3 Driver Overview

“The Titleist TSi3 features an updated sliding CG weight with 5 positions and an aerospace-grade titanium face.”

Both features represent major upgrades over the TS line. But let’s talk performance – one makes a much larger impact than the other.

The sliding weight actually doesn’t make much more of a difference on shot shape than the weight cartridge of the TS3 driver.

That’s because the distance between CG positions on the weigh track isn’t very far.

However, the aerospace-grade titanium face is a vast improvement. The Titleist TSi3 is much more consistent all over the face than the TS3.

Our ball speeds were faster with the Titleist TSi3 as a result of the more responsive titanium face. Our dispersion was also tighter. Feedback was clearer than with the TS3 driver too.

Titleist TS3 Driver Overview

“The Titleist TS3 driver has adjustable CG weighting in the form of a moveable weight cartridge.”

While the weight cartridge is more cumbersome than the sliding weight of the Titleist TSi3, it does the same job.

The Titleist TS3 also features an adjustable lie/loft hosel and in the A1 setting, it looks perfectly square behind the ball. From there, you can tweak the lie and loft pretty much however you need to.

Mis-hits on the Titleist TS3 were picking up much more spin than on the TSi3. As a result, flight was less predictable and the overall accuracy of the Titleist TS3 wasn’t up to par with the TSi3.

“If you are looking for straighter shots and better consistency across the face, the Titleist TSi3 is the driver for you.

In fact, we can’t imagine why anyone would choose the TS3 over the TSi3 since the latter outperforms the former in almost every arena.”

Titleist TSi3 Driver – First Impressions

The Titleist TSi3 driver has a clean design that makes this club an instant hit for Titleist fans.

We couldn’t way to get out to the range and play with the sliding weight. This club really allows for optimal ball placement.

You will also notice that the 460cc head shape is very aerodynamic. You can almost feel the absence of drag on your downswing.

If you are someone that is consistent in their swing, the Titleist TSi3 is an excellent option to consider.

The Tsi Family

The Tsi family also includes the Tsi 2 driver.

The Tsi 2 features a lower CG than the Titleist TSi3 driver for higher launch angles.

The Tsi4 on the other hand has a 425CC head and produces the lowest spin of the bunch.

Titleist TS3 Driver – First Impressions

“We really liked the look of this driver behind the ball right away.”

The rounded, traditional-looking head looked at once familiar and forgiving. And it didn’t take long for us to find the sweet spot and start hitting high fades with around 2400 RPM spin rates.

Titleist TSi3 Selling Points

  • Aerospace-grade titanium face
  • 5-position sliding weight
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Crown to sole MOI
  • Low spin
  • Medium launch

Titleist TS3 Selling Points

  • Adjustable CG weight
  • Adjustable SureFit adjustable hosel
  • 460cc head volume
  • Many premium options
  • Included head cover

Who Are The TSi3 Drivers For

This driver is best for players who don’t have to worry so much about accuracy and have moved on to shaping their drives.

You get a ton of custom draw and lie options with this driver.

You will still have to have a pretty good swing speed if you want to get maximum distance from this driver; but if you don’t have a fast swing speed, the other drivers in the Tsi family will be better suited to your needs anyway.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 96/100

Forgiveness: 91/100

Feel & Control: 94/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who is the Titleist TS3 For?

“The Titleist TS3 would be a good driver for both mid and high handicap players.”

Single-digit handicap players likely won’t find the workability they need from the 460cc head and pure beginners may have trouble avoiding the extreme perimeters of the face (or hitting hosel rockets). But for everyone in between those two poles, the Titleist TS3 performs very well. Again, it is a great combination of forgiveness and distance. When you nail the sweet spot, a very achievable feat, your shots will fly high, far and stay on-line.

The Titleist TS Family of Drivers

The Titleist TS1 Driver

The Titleist TS1 is a lightweight driver that would be a good match for slow swing speed players looking to get faster.

The Titleist TS4 Driver

The Titleist TS4 driver is the only one in the series to feature a 430cc head. This is the driver geared towards more skilled players seeking a high degree of shot shapeability.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel & Control: 97/100

Overall Score: 96/100

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