TaylorMade 360 Irons Review

Talking to players using the TaylorMade 360 Irons, you’ll often hear them mention advantages like ‘good distance’.

But the 360 Series did hit the market over 20 years ago. Is it still a set of clubs you should consider if you come across them?

I took a closer look at this fan favorite and found that while they’re definitely smart buys for beginners and high handicappers, many features are also up to personal preference. Here are the details so you can decide for yourself.

TaylorMade 360 Irons Overview

The 360 Series was released around 2000 and being part of the TaylorMade product range, you do know that you’re buying excellent golf gear.

Having quality in the bag is already a win.

One of the main features of the 360s is having oversized heads. They’re known for a thicker topline, which many players enjoy using if they want to feel more confident setting up a shot. However, some golfers prefer the cleaner look of a slim, traditional top line. Another important feature is that compared to similar irons from TaylorMade, this series has more offset.

On standard 360 sets you can expect the TaylorMade Cross-Line grip. The brand has used it on many of its sets as it’s appropriate for almost any kind of weather.

TaylorMade manufactured these for both men and women, while also catering for right AND lefthanded players. Also, you can pick between graphite shafts—great option if you want to increase speed and distance—and steel shafts.

This set is fairly well priced, so it doesn’t have to cost a lot to have top of the range irons.

Are the TaylorMade 360 Irons Forgiving?

I found that many players report on how forgiving the 360 irons are.

It’s especially helpful to get more distance and thanks to the larger heads compared to irons the pros usually use, addressing the ball and ensuring you connect well becomes much easier.

Are the TaylorMade 360 Irons Good for Beginners & High Handicappers?

If you have a handicap that’s still at the higher end and you’re hoping to bring it down, the good news is that this set of irons was created with exactly you in mind.

Along with the 320 series, TaylorMade designed these to assist with various common challenges that beginner players and high handicappers tend to face.

As I mentioned, you’ll enjoy seeing the distance your balls start to travel when hitting with a 360. In addition, features like the oversized heads will help you feel a little more in control. These types of details empower you to feel more confident AND improve your game so you can start seeing that handicap drop.

Having more offset is another reason to consider these if you want to improve your game.

Still, because of the immense comfort you feel with these irons and since they’re known as ‘easy-hitting’, almost any player can give them a try.

Should You Buy the TaylorMade 360 Irons or TaylorMade 300s?

If you want TaylorMade irons specifically, pick the series number that’s suited to your handicap range. The brand released multiple series of irons and the 300 format was designed with low handicappers in mind. This is in contrast to the 360 Series and the 320 Series that were meant for players with higher handicaps.

In the 300s you can expect a thinner topline compared to the 360 Series. There’s very little offset too. Some players rate the 300s higher than the 360 series, because they appreciate the optimal weighting and center of gravity.

Both of these series are excellent TaylorMade products, but stick to the 360s if your goal is to lower your handicap. The 300s are more appropriate for advanced players.

TaylorMade 360 Irons First Impressions

There’s no question that these are well-made irons and you never have to doubt a product coming from the TaylorMade product range.

Looking at features like the thick topline, they’re clearly designed with those players in mind that are still learning the game.

Another notable feature is that these clubs tend to dampen the feedback from the hit. This carries both advantages and drawbacks though, so whether you’ll love or hate this feature is up to your personal preferences.

Some players appreciate that they don’t feel as much vibration once the iron hits the ball. For example, it’s good news for newbies who are still getting the hang of the game. While you’re still honing your skills you may not hit the ball with the center of the club face each time but at least you won’t have that irritating sting in your hands with each shot. This can make the overall experience much more enjoyable.

However, lack of feedback means you won’t really know how well you hit the ball until you see how far it travels and where it falls. Some players like distinguishing between good and bad shots the moment they connect with the ball. For these players, this set of irons may not provide enough feedback.

TaylorMade 360 Irons Selling Points

  • Forgiving and enables substantial distance
  • Can work for almost any type of player
  • Limits vibrations
  • You can pick between steel and carbon shafts
  • Thick topline sparks more confidence in many players
  • Quality grip

Who are the TaylorMade 360 Irons for?

I do believe these are smart options if you have a high handicap and want to improve your game.

The irons will help you add distance to your shots and boost your confidence thanks to being sufficiently forgiving. This gives you the chance to work on your skillset while still enjoying each hole. Features like minimizing vibration also help in this regard.

The affordable price of these irons also makes it ideal for new players. If you’re still figuring out if you really want to take up this sport, or you want to determine your personal gear preferences, start out by investing in these first. You’ll have quality irons without breaking the bank, giving you a realistic perspective of what golfing is all about. Then you can upgrade to other irons later on.

Tip: because they’re popular you may even be able to resell them for a decent price.


  • Distance: 95/100

  • Accuracy: 92/100

  • Forgiveness: 96/100

  • Feel & Control: 95/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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