Sub 70 799 Irons Review – What Handicap Are They for? Are They Forgiving?

“The Sub 70 799’s are super game improvement irons with a very unique design.

“If you pull these irons out of your bag you are sure to draw some looks from your Sunday foursome.”

Sub 70 799 Irons Overview

“We suppose it’s safe to say that these are cavity back irons.”

There is certainly a cavity in the back and an undercut channel; but the cavity doesn’t stretch from heel to toe like most cavity back irons. Instead, the cavity has an hourglass shape and is focused more or less in the center of the club head. Then there is the sole.

Unlike most irons that have a straight sole profile running from heel to toe, the Sub 70 799 irons have a rounded profile. In all honesty, most of us in the testing party had never seen irons quite like these.

At address, you can see the sole and undercut cavity jut out from the back of the head. The sole seems to stretch out for a mile, giving the Sub 70 799’s a hybrid-iron look at address. Sub 70 categorizes the 799 irons as super game improvement irons and they look every bit the part.

At a glance, you can just see that these irons are going to be forgiving which should be a draw for high handicappers. Something else that is sure to please novice players is the price: a 4-PW set costs just $630.

Are the Sub 70 799 Irons Forgiving?

“First of all, the Sub 70 799 irons have a large profile.”

Meaning that the head and face are both pretty dang big. So players seeking forgiveness will be able to take advantage of the larger than usual sweet spot of these irons. The Sub 70 799 irons are also packed with forgiveness features like perimeter weighting and an ultra-wide sole. During our test session, we noticed that heel and toe-side shots weren’t diverging as much as normal.

While there is virtually no workability in these irons, high handicap players will love the naturally straight flight. The Sub 70 799 irons also get up into the air insanely quick. We had no problem getting the ball in the air but ballooning was a bit of an issue.

The Sub 70 799 irons are particularly forgiving in the rough. The wide, rounded sole cuts through cabbage like a weed wacker. We were still able to achieve clean contact (consistently too) with  these irons when playing from the rough.

Are the Sub 70 799 Irons Good for Beginners & High Handicappers?

“The Sub 70 799 irons are tremendous for beginners and high handicappers.”

They also sport premium 455 Carpenter Steel faces with thermoplastic elastomer-injected heads. This combination gives the face a very active feel. At impact, it feels as though the ball is being launched off a trampoline. In fact, you can almost feel the ball compressing against the face.

All of this equates to fast ball speeds. Our average 7-iron ball speed after three swings apiece was 105.6 MPH. It was easy for all of our testers to increase distance with these irons and to get the ball up in the air quickly. Plus, thanks to the face profile, it’s actually difficult to mis-hit – and when you do, ball speed isn’t docked very much.

Should you Buy the Sub 70 799’s or the Sub 70 699’s?

“The Sub 70 699 irons have a much more traditional profile.”

The 699’s have a much slimmer topline and much narrower soles. Right off the bat, the 699’s are nowhere near as forgiving as the 799’s. So if forgiveness is your primary concern, the Sub 70 799 irons are the best way to go. The Sub 70 699’s are better for mid and low handicappers seeking a combination of workability and distance.

It should also be noted that both the 699 and 799 irons have the same 455 Carpenter Steel face construction and identical offset.

Sub 70 799 Irons

Category – Super Game Improvement

Sub 70 799 – First Impressions

“The sole width is definitely the first thing we noticed.”

But once we got past that, we were impressed at how easy it was to launch the ball with these irons. Even with the moderate loft profile (the 9-iron is 39°) it’s very easy to get the ball in the air. The trajectory remains strong too so it’s also easy to get great distance out of these irons.

Sub 70 799 Selling Points

  • Thermoplastic elastomer injected
  • 455 Carpenter Steel face
  • Progressive offset design
  • Hollow body design
  • High launch
  • Perimeter weighting

Who Are the Sub 70 799 Irons for?

So what handicap range are the Sub 70 799 irons best for?

Let’s review some of the characteristics of these irons first: they naturally launch high and straight. They are extremely forgiving across the face and the face is very fast. We were seeing increases in ball speed with these irons as well.

All of these characteristics together gave us the sense that the Sub 70 799 irons would be good for players in the 21 – 30 handicap range. The Sub 70 799’s will help you stay out of the trees and when you find yourself in the rough, they’ll make it easy to get out. They’re also natural rain-makers so high handicappers who struggle to loft the ball off the deck will love these irons.

And of course, if you are thinking about your wallet as well, the Sub 70 799’s are an attractive prospect. They are significantly more affordable than super game improvement irons manufactured by big manufacturers like Taylormade and Cobra.

Sub 70 799 Specs

Club Loft (degrees) Lie (degrees) Length (inches)
4-iron 20.5 61.5 39
5-iron 23 62 38.5
6-iron 26 62.5 38
7-iron 30 63 37.5
8-iron 34 63.5 37
9-iron 39 64 36.5

Distance: 97/100

Forgiveness: 99/100

Accuracy: 98/100

Feel & Control: 97/100

Overall Score: 98/100

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