Takomo 201 Irons Review – What Handicap Are They for? Are They Any Good?

For those who know the brand know that Takomo offers forged irons with premium looks for a very affordable price.

“In fact, you can get a complete set (4-PW) for just around $600.”

Takomo 201 Irons Overview

“The Takomo 201 irons have a cavity/muscle design and look like ultra-premium Japanese irons.”

From behind (looking at the back of the head) they have a bit of a squarish profile which is unique. We can see how this shaping may put off some players but in the end, it’s just nitpicking the aesthetics. Other than that, the Takomo 201 irons look beautiful in the bag. They feature CNC milling on the face and inside the cavity on the back.

The irons have been forged from S20C carbon steel which gives them a very soft, clear feel. Keep in mind though that with any forged, soft irons, you are likely going to see more dings and scratches. The Takomo 201’s are no exception. The softer steel simply can’t stand up against bag chatter and dings as well as stouter alloys.

During our test session, our testers remarked that they could feel exactly where they made contact on the face – no matter where they made contact. This went a long way towards informing us of how we should adjust our next shots. The Takomo 201 irons also have a bit of camber on the leading edge so they feel really smooth through the turf.

The topline of the Takomo 201 irons is a bit thicker than you would expect from a forged player’s performance iron. However, the sole is certainly on the narrow side and the blade length (73mm in the 7-iron) is more in-line with modern player’s performance irons

The feel was very reminiscent of Mizuno irons and forged Srixon irons. But the Takomo 201 irons are significantly more affordable than either of those brands. The fact that they could feel so similar to more prestigious brands and still sell in the $600 price range is very impressive on its own.

Are the Takomo 201 Irons Any Good?

“The Takomo 201 irons are excellent whether you are looking for great value or strong overall performance.”

One thing we really liked about these irons was that they were workable. Whether we needed to punch one through under the trees or loft the ball for a soft landing, we were getting whatever we wanted out of the Takomo 201’s. The loft profile is a bit on the weak side but the launch is kept in check by the shallow undercut and narrow soles.

Overall, launch is controllable and we never had to worry about ballooning. Another great thing about this set is that it comes with a variety of excellent KBS shafts. And if you prefer to build your own set, you can just get the club heads and plug in any shaft/grip you want.

As far as performance goes, the Takomo 201’s offer incredible value. Dispersion was very tight and we could work the ball left-to-right as needed. In fact, one of our testers even hit the pin with the 8-iron. Distance was more or less in-line with what we get from our gamers: we were averaging 156.6 yards with the Takomo 201 7-iron. So just slightly above average. While forgiveness is lacking, you get incredible shot making ability out of these irons.

Are the Takomo 201 Irons Forgiving?

“The relatively short blade lengths and the barely progressive offset don’t make for super-forgiving irons.”

Don’t get us wrong, there is noticeable offset in the 4-6 irons. It’s just not the kind of offset you would see in typical game improvement irons. Shots made closer to the toe or heel picked up a lot of side spin and veered more drastically off-line. Fat shots came up woefully short and it was easy to hit a chilly dip if we weren’t careful.

Still, the Takomo 201 irons will let you know exactly where you mis-hit which can be helpful for mid handicap players.

Should you Buy the Takomo 201’s or the Takomo 101’s

“The Takomo 101’s are hollow-body, muscle back irons made from 431 carbon steel.”

The 101’s don’t feel as soft or clear as the 201’s. The 101’s are also not forged. However, the Takomo 101 irons offer more forgiveness and straighter flight on mis-hits thanks to their longer blades. So if you need more forgiveness, you may jive more with the 101’s.

Takomo 201 Irons

Category – Player’s Cavity Back

Takomo 201 – First Impressions

“The Takomo 201’s look stunning.”

We were first smitten with the looks which are akin to forged irons at twice the price. They look amazing in the bag and the appearance behind the ball will likely appeal to mid/low handicappers. You can feel how well these irons were made after your first swing too. They give you that soft feedback that you get from premium forged irons.

That all being said, be aware that the milled lines on the backsides of these irons can gather chunks of dirt, turf and grass. They are a bit difficult to clean because the grooves are so narrow.

Takomo 201 Selling Points

  • Perimeter weighted
  • Forged from S20C carbon steel
  • Graphite and steel shafts available
  • KBS shafts used for stock steel builds
  • One-piece forged
  • Cambered leading edge

Who Are the Takomo 201 Irons for?

Now let’s talk handicap.

After our testing we concluded that the Takomo 201 irons are best for players in the mid to scratch handicap range. The perimeter weighting does help to cover up slight mis-hits; but overall there is not enough practical forgiveness to make these irons viable for 20+ handicappers.

But that makes perfect sense because high handicappers aren’t who these irons were designed for. If you are a mid to low handicapper that wants soft, clear-feeling irons that allow you to work the ball as needed, the Takomo 201’s would be perfect for you.

Takomo 201 Specs

Club Loft (degrees) Lie (degrees) Length (steel)
4-iron 22 60.5 38.5”
5-iron 25 61 38”
6-iron 28 61.5 37.5”
7-iron 32 62 37”
8-iron 36 62.5 36.5”
9-iron 41 63 36”

Distance: 96/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Accuracy: 98/100

Feel & Control: 98/100

Overall Score: 97/100

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