Srixon always seem to slide under the radar when it comes to drivers.

They never seem to have a big hype around their launches. The ZX7 MKII driver is said to be their hottest driver ever made. We decided to get one in and try it out for ourselves.


The Srixon ZX7 MK II driver is the lower spinning option of the three drivers in the lineup.

It is aimed more towards the lower handicap player, we would not recommend this to the higher handicap player or beginner, there is just not enough forgiveness to justify using it.

The ZX7 Mk II Driver is designed for players looking for adjustability in a compact shape. It has two heel and toe weights that you can swap around and an adjustable hosel sleeve, this will help you dial in the driver to your desired preference. This design gives you maximum workability and the ability to shape shots with ease. Srixon say this is their hottest driver they have ever made


The Srixon ZX7 MK II driver is designed to give you maximum ball speed and workability.

The Rebound Frame’s Dual Flex Zone allows extra flexion in the face, which transfers energy into the golf ball at impact, this will increase ball speed, helping you hit the ball further.

The ZX7 Mk II driver has adjustable weight ports on the heel and toe, this allows you to adjust the Center of Gravity to give you a draw or fade shape. There are 4g and 8g toe and heel weights, allowing you to adjust your left-to-right shot shape by 5–6 yards. It also includes a 14g weight option giving you up to 20 yards of shot shape.

The variable face thickness creates a bigger sweet spot. This design makes the entire face incredibly forgiving, helping you when you hit the ball towards the heel or toe.

The Star Frame Crown is a series of ridges along the crown that supports the face. The face can be made extremely thin, giving you even more ball speed. The carbon crown also allows Srixon to redistribute the weight into better positions in the head.


The Srixon ZX7 MK II driver comes with the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX shaft standard.

This is a beast of a shaft, and should suit most low handicap golfers. We tested the 6.0 flex.

The Srixon ZX7 MK II driver has a classic looking shape that will appeal to most golfers. It has a great feel off the face, the sound is slightly louder than the likes of the TaylorMade or Callaway drivers.

There was definitely more ball speed compared to the previous model, some shots even went up to 4.5mph more. We could see the Star Frame Crown and Rebound Frame making a difference.

The driver was surprisingly easy to hit even though it is the low spinning option. When we miss-hit the ball we did see a slight drop in ball speed, however it did perform better than expected. It was reasonably easy to launch into the air, we could see that high handicap golfers or beginners could struggle though.

We did see the ball speed was about 4 mph less than its competitors. This is quite a big difference, sometimes adding up to 10 yards.

The sound and feel was great. Although it is slightly louder than most drivers these days, it was still dull enough to give you that ‘thudy’ feel at impact. It sounds and feels much better than the ZX5 MK II model.

Even though it does not perform better than its competitors it has a $100 less price tag, which could be appealing to some.


  • Hottest driver they have ever made
  • Low spinning and workable
  • Still has a decent amount of forgiveness
  • Really nice design
  • Rebound Frame provides extra ball speed as well as the Star Frame Crown
  • Adjustable weight allowing you to shape the ball with ease
  • Great price point


The Srixon ZX7 MK II driver is built for the lower handicap player.

It is the lower spinning option of the three drivers Srixon has on offer. If you are a high handicap player or beginner and you do like the Srixon drivers, we suggest trying out the ZX5 MK II model.

The low spin and adjustability is great for your player with a high swing speed. It allows you to control your shots easier. With the right shaft this driver can become quite the beast.


Srixon has three drivers in their latest range, we have just reviewed the ZX7 MK II driver, the other model is the ZX5 MK II.

The ZX5 MK II is the more forgiving option of the two.

This is a great option for the high handicap golfer or beginner, it has loads of forgiveness and is extremely easy to launch.

All three drivers have the same technology, the only difference is the positioning of the weights. The ZX5 has a 8g weight positioned low and back in the head, this produces a higher launch and an increased MOI, producing more forgiveness.

The ZX5 also has a LS version. They have positioned the 8g weight in the front of the head, creating a lower spin.


The ZX7 is a really good driver. However, the only area it can compete against its competitors is its price.

It comes in at $100 less, making it really appealing if you are on a budget.

Shot shaping was great and ball speeds were good. We really liked how it looked at address, and the sound and feel was great. You never know, the ZX7 MK II driver could work for you, if you are in the market for a new driver, it won’t harm you to give it a try.

Distance – 96/100

Forgiveness – 93/100

Accuracy – 94/100

Value – 96/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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