Ping G430 LST Driver Overview

Knowing that the “LST” in the Ping G430 LST nomenclature stands for Low Spin Technology, I was expecting a lot heading into my test session.

That’s because I tend to do a lot better and get optimal carry distance from drivers that produce low spin numbers.

But when I got the Ping G430 LST driver in my hands, I sort of forgot about all that. I was stupefied by the good looks of this driver. If anyone remembers the Ping Rapture driver from 2007, then you’ll have a good idea of what the Ping G430 LST looks like.

But do the good looks match the performance? Would the Ping G430 LST really give me the kind of flight my swing demands? Let’s find out.

Ping G430 LST Driver Review

“The Ping G430 LST looks amazing with its matte carbon fiber crown and the crown turbulators that are supposed to cut down on drag.”

The Ping G430 LST also features a forged titanium, variable thickness face. But keep in mind that this is a 440cc driver. The compact design is part of what made the Ping G430 LST look so good to me in the first place.

I was waggling this driver with confidence and behind the ball, I felt like I could affect any kind of flight I wanted – for the most part, I was right. None of my shots were swinging wide at all but I was still able to hit tiny fades and draws with this driver.

The spin numbers were definitely low which limited the workability but worked well for my swing. The spin rates stayed in the 1800-1900 ROM range which is just a hair above my gamer driver. I was able to get an average carry of 251.8 yards out of the Ping G430 LST which is just a hair under my gamer driver.

The Ping G430 LST is definitely a beautiful driver to look at. The variable face thickness and rear tungsten weight also make it surprisingly forgiving. It didn’t play super long for me but the trajectory stayed low which is a big bonus for players with fast swing speeds and aggressive tempos.

Ping G430 LST Options

  • Ping Alta CB Black 55 shaft
  • Ping Tour 2.0 Chrome 65 shaft
  • HZRDUS Smoke Red shaft

Who is it for?

The Ping G430 LST is a good driver for players who have just broken through the 85+ MPH swing speed threshold. If that’s you, you’ll likely get an instant boost in carry distance.

Ping G430 Driver

In 20 Words or Less

The new Ping G430 line gives players the options and features they need to significantly improve their long game performance.

Ping G430 Driver – First Impressions

“The Ping G430 drivers have a noticeably different design than previous Ping G drivers.”

The face has a more shallow profile yet the crown and sole have a more rounded design. Overall the Ping G430 drivers look really unique. They also have the signature “ping” sound at impact which is really satisfying and lets you know when you’ve struck the ball perfectly.

We were also impressed that all three drivers in the new line come with movable weights. This will help a wide array of players who are struggling against a draw or a fade. It’ll also help you put more power behind the area of the face that you tend to make contact with.

The adjustable loft sleeve will also help you dial these drivers in during fittings. Ping did a good job of upping the adjustability element of the new Ping G430 so that they appeal to a wider array of players. Unless you have a handicap in the 0-5 range, the new Ping G430 driver can benefit your long game in one way or another.

The Ping G430 Family

If you are a better player looking to squeeze more yards out of your drive with muted spin, the Ping G430 LST is definitely the driver for you. If you are a high handicapper, go with the Ping G430 Max. If you are struggling with accuracy off the tee, the Ping G430 SFT would benefit you most.

Ping G430 Selling Points

  • Adjustable CG weights
  • Forged faces
  • All three models play hot
  • Titanium face
  • Adjustable hosels

Who is the Ping G430 Driver for?

“With three unique models, the Ping G430 drivers will appeal to a wide variety of players.”

It would seem that the overarching goal for these drivers was to make them viable for all skill levels. For the most part, Ping succeeded at this. The only type of player that we can imagine that wouldn’t benefit from these drivers are scratch players. The Ping G430 drivers launch high and don’t allow for a whole lot of workability.

So if you are a really good player, you’re better off looking elsewhere for a new driver. That being said, the Ping G430 drivers are ideal for both mid and high handicappers looking for a good mixture of forgiveness and accuracy.

We love the new forged face design because it will help virtually any kind of player achieve better ball speeds. The Ping G430 drivers will be especially beneficial to players who need more lateral forgiveness from their driver.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel & Control: 95/100

Overall Score:  95/100

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