Macgregor DX Irons Review – Are They Forgiving & Good for High Handicappers?

“From testing multiple Macgregor iron sets in the past, I know the company to make formidable game improvement clubs. So how will the Macgregor DX irons hold up in testing?”

When I first got the Macgregor DX irons in for testing, I could pretty much tell what I would be in for. The Macgregor DX irons have an oversized profile that screams “forgiveness.”

But it takes more than a big footprint to make a good set of game improvement irons. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Macgregor DX irons.

Macgregor DX Irons Overview

“The Macgregor DX irons are cast from carbon steel.”

This was an interesting detail to me. Usually, carbon steel is used in forged irons. I can’t remember the last time I played a set of cast carbon steel irons. In any case, the Macgregor DX irons do indeed feel a bit softer than your average cast stainless steel irons. They give a better feel for sure and the feedback is a bit clearer.

The Macgregor DX complete set of irons includes 4-PW and you can get the whole bunch for under $300. You can also choose graphite or steel shafts in regular or stiff flex. To match my swing speed and tempo, I tested the Macgregor DX with stiff steel shafts.

The Macgregor DX irons look quite chunky at address. Still, the top line and soles aren’t gaudy. They are medium width and generally look nice behind the ball. The loft is just barely on the weak side with the 9-iron coming in at 40°. The cavity undercut isn’t massive though so the launch is controlled.

I liked the fact that I didn’t have to worry about ballooning at all with these irons. Despite the oversized profile, I was able to keep the ball out of the wind while still optimizing my carry distance. The oversized profile comes in handy when taking full swings. While my overall club head speed was down, I was able to swing out of my shoes with these irons without losing a bit of accuracy.

The sweet spot is massive and encourages you to take your strongest swing. The natural flight of these irons is straight. In fact, I was using the entire expanse of the face during testing and was only able to get a slight draw out of them.

Are the Macgregor DX Irons Forgiving?

“I loved everything about these irons except for one thing.”

I was throwing up chunky divots from the deck. This isn’t new for me. I usually have a problem with digging when I test new clubs – especially ones of this size. Other than that though, these irons are extremely forgiving. You get a good length from heel to toe and the offset in the long irons gives you plenty of time to square up at impact.

The distance is easy too. After just a couple of swings, I sent the ball 166.4 yards (carry) with the 7-iron. The steel shafts were a good fit for me but if you need a bit of help with club head speed and forgiveness, the Macgregor DX irons are available with graphite shafts.

The Macgregor DX irons were made with low/rear CG to increase MOI which means your ball won’t lose much speed when you miss the sweet spot. But I found it very hard to miss the sweet spot in the first place. I noticed that mis-hits were picking up considerable side spin; but it didn’t seem to affect stability very much. Again, on these kinds of shots, I was only seeing slight draws.

Are the Macgregor DX Irons Good for Beginners & High Handicappers?

“In one word: absolutely.”

In fact, I would highly recommend these irons to both pure beginners and high handicappers. In terms of GI irons, these are some of the most affordable and best-feeling ones on the market. The carbon steel casting is a very nice touch and makes the Macgregor DX’s elevated GI irons.

And of course, they are forgiving enough for 25+ handicappers. They look very welcoming at address and allow you to use the entire face while still producing straight flight. The only issue I had with these irons was the poor turf interaction; but that could have been more my fault than the club’s.

Should you Buy the Macgregor DX or the Macgregor VIP Irons?

Like the Macgregor DX’s the Macgregor VIP irons are cast from carbon steel. Unlike the DX’s though, the VIp irons have a more compact profile. While not tiny by any stretch, they are smaller than the DX’s and a bit more workable. If you want max forgiveness, go with the DX irons. If you are a mid handicapper, you might like the Macgregor VIP  irons more.

Macgregor DX Irons

Category: Game Improvement

Macgregor DX First Impressions

“The Macgregor DX irons are confidence-inspiring at first glance.”

Will they be appealing to  scratch golfers? Probably not. But the size of the Macgregor DX irons made me feel like I couldn’t miss. I got awesome distance out of these irons because I was swinging with full confidence on every shot.

They also feel a bit softer than cast stainless steel irons which is a minor perk but still worth mentioning.

Macgregor DX Selling Points

  • Cast from carbon steel
  • Easy launch
  • Oversized profile
  • Rear/low center of gravity
  • Hot Face design
  • Graphite and steel shafts available
  • Standard, short and long shaft lengths available
  • Very affordable

Who Are the Macgregor DX Irons for?

“The Macgregor DX should be on every high handicapper’s and beginner’s radar.”

Not only because they are supremely forgiving; but because they are ridiculously affordable as well. At under $300, you can afford to buy these irons, improve your game with them and trade up for a better set once your handicap drops. And in the meantime, the Macgregor DX irons will help you play your best golf and have a lot of fun doing so.

Distance: 97/100

Accuracy: 97/100

Forgiveness: 98/100

Feel & Control: 96/100

Overall Score: 97/100

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