Dynamic Gold X100 Vs Dynamic Gold S300 Shaft Comparison Overview

The Dynamic Gold series of shafts from True Temper is one of the most successful and prominent shaft lines in gold – whether at the professional or amateur level.

But for us mortal golfers, it could be hard to tell the difference between all the variations that are available.

You can’t simply choose a DG shaft at random and trust that the prestige of the line alone will benefit your play.

You have to know how each performs and who each is for. Today we will be demystifying the differences between the Dynamic Gold X100 and the Dynamic Gold S300 shafts in particular.

Dynamic Gold X100 Overview

“The Dynamic Gold X100 is a tour issue shaft and like the S300, it checks in at 300 grams.”

They’re the same brand and weigh exactly the same amount so they must perform and feel identical, right? Not quite.

The first difference we noticed had to do with launch. The Dynamic Gold X100 takes a moment to reach its apex height whereas the S300 shot out and up much quicker.

The Dynamic Gold X100 also has a slightly lower launch angle on average – 11 degrees compared to the 14 degrees of the S300.

In terms of feel, the Dynamic Gold X100 has a slightly higher kick point than the S300. So at the end of the day, the Dynamic Gold X100 may actually be better for powerful swingers.

Dynamic Gold S300 Overview

“The Dynamic Gold S300 is also a 130-gram shaft.”

So right off the bat, you’re going to need a powerful swing and fast transition to get the best distance out of this shaft.

Still, there is a bit more give in the S300 compared to the X100. It’s not butt heavy or tip heavy. Instead, it feels very well balanced when compared to the X100.

As mentioned, the DG S300 does launch a little higher than the X100 and has a stronger overall trajectory.

The torque feels a bit higher; but that doesn’t affect the accuracy of the S300 at all.

“Both of these shafts are for 90+ MPH swingers – at minimum. But the Dynamic Gold S300 would suit a deliberate/fast tempo more than the Dynamic Gold X100.

The Dynamic Gold X100 would be best for 100+ MPH swingers who are looking for incredible dispersion and accuracy from their scoring irons.”

Dynamic Gold X100 First Impressions

We actually thought the Dynamic Gold X100 was lighter than 130 grams. It doesn’t feel much heavier than other Dynamic Gold shafts we’ve tested; but then again, none of us are hypersensitive players.

Key Features & Performance

The strength of this shaft is really outstanding. It imparts excellent flight control and stability to the player.

Dynamic Gold X100 Wedges Review

The Dynamic Gold X100 is ideal for wedges. Your ball will never balloon out of control and flight is highly controllable.

Dynamic Gold X100 Irons Review

For long irons, the Dynamic Gold X100 will add distance to  your shots. On short approaches, you will get the spin control you need.

Dynamic Gold X100 Driver Review

With a driver, the Dynamic Gold X100 will surely rattle even better players because of the weight and stiffness.

Dynamic Gold S300 First Impressions


The first thing that an experienced golfer will notice about this shaft is the minimal life.

It doesn’t vary much in terms of kick point whether you give it a full swing or use it on a knockdown shot.

Key Features & Performance

The variable wall design is the most important feature. It’s what gives the Dynamic Gold S300 a high bend point while still imparting consistency across almost all club heads. The performance of this shaft is marked by strong ball flight and low spin.

Dynamic Gold S300 Wedges Review

The Dynamic Gold S300 works amazingly with wedges. So long as you use the right flex for your swing speed, you will get an amazing amount of control and accuracy out of this shaft.

Dynamic Gold S300 Irons Review

Again, amazing control and accuracy. Our only gripe with using the Dynamic Gold S300 with smaller irons is that spin is naturally muted. Of course, you can combat that by pairing the Dynamic Gold S300 with irons that have robust groove design; but it’s still something to take note of.

Dynamic Gold S300 Driver Review

You’re only going to want to use the Dynamic Gold S300 with your driver if you are consistently getting club head speeds of 100+ MPH.

But if you are, you can expect neutral balance and a piercing shot trajectory.

Dynamic Gold X100 Pros & Cons


  • Great distance
  • Good ball speed
  • Extremely accurate
  • Controllable launch
  • Ideal for irons


  • A bit strong
  • Only one flex option

Dynamic Gold S300 Pros & Cons


  • Stiff tip
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively soft feel
  • Low launch
  • Great control


  • Not for slow swing speeds
  • Distance can be hard to temper in the short irons

Who Should Buy it? 

The Dynamic Gold X100 shaft is clearly for low handicap to scratch players.

Even our mid handicap testers had a bit of trouble loading the Dynamic Gold X100 for tight shot dispersion. But if you have a fast swing speed and at least a moderate tempo, you will love the distance and accuracy of this shaft.

Overall Score:  96/100

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Who Should Buy It?

Pretty much the only group of golfers that the Dynamic Gold S300 is not for is high handicappers.

If your swing speed is under 85 MPH with your irons, you won’t unlock the full potential of the Dynamic Gold S300. However, if you have a faster swing speed and desire low launch and better accuracy, the Dynamic Gold S300 would be a great fit.

Overall Score:  96/100

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