Callaway Mavrik Vs Callaway Mavrik Max Drivers Comparison Overview

If you’re looking to save a bit of money on golf clubs, you can always look to older models.

The great thing about the fact that major golf club manufacturers like Callaway put out new clubs each year is that previous models get instantly discounted.

Case in point: the Callaway Mavrik drivers. The Mavriks have been succeeded by Big Bertha’s, Paradym and even new Rogue drivers just to name a few. So are the Callaway Mavrik and Callaway Mavrik Max drivers still worth your while? We discuss it in the following comparison overview.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Overview


“The Callaway Mavrik driver features the Flash Face SS20 design and the last versions were released three years ago.”

The Callaway Mavrik was also one of the first Callaway drivers to feature the Cyclone Aero head design which is supposed to reduce drag on your downswing. When we tested the Callaway Mavrik, we found that club head swing was increased; but not by much.

Most of our testers saw club head speed increases between 1 and 1.5 MPH. The Callaway Mavrik driver also features a carbon crown to keep the overall weight down. It was moderately forgiving and resulted in carry distance increases of 4.2 yards on average for our testers – good but not great.

The Callaway Mavrik was also moderately forgiving on lateral mis-hits. MOI was a little low for our liking which led to inconsistent flight on mis-hits.

Callaway Mavrik MAX Driver Overview

“The Callaway Mavrik MAX is the same as the standard Mavrik in almost every way save for a couple key differences.”

The most important difference is that the MAX version has interchangeable weights.  The weights can be placed in the rear position to increase MOI (something lacking in the standard version) or in the heel for draw bias.

The Callaway Mavrik MAX also has a different head shape. The MAX’s head is more elongated and therefore larger than that of the standard Mavrik. This also pushes forgiveness and gives the Callaway Mavrik MAX a higher flight.

“For once, we actually liked a MAX version of a driver more than the standard. Most golfers can leave the Callaway Mavrik on the shelf in 2023. However, the Callaway Mavrik MAX definitely still has something to offer high handicap, budget-minded golfers of the modern era with its superior forgiveness and versatile shot-shaping.”

Mavrik Driver – First Impressions

Once you get passed the bright colors and attractive design, you can immediately see how light and wieldy the Mavrik drivers really are.

The face on the club is huge and it gives you the confidence you need to let the driver rip, even on the first tee with a crowd gathered to watch.The face is also ultra thin, ultra light special steel which sends the ball into orbit on contact.

Two internal jailbreak bars on under side of the club hold everything together by connecting the sole with the crown and adding extra stability, feel, consistency and distance.The shape of the driver is also aerodynamic and like everything with the clubs, focused on more swing speed.

The Different Mavrik Driver Versions

The Mavrik is for your average player or mid handicapper, medium levels of forgiveness, and mid spin. This one has a standard launch angle too.

The Mavrik max is similar with more forgiveness and a higher ball flight for higher handicappers

The Mavrik Pro has a 450cc head, less forgiveness and spin and higher emphasis on distance for low handicappers and fast swingers.

Callaway Mavrik Driver – Selling Points

  • Ultra Thin, Ultra Light Titanium Face
  • Adjustable Loft In Each Driver
  • Internal Jailbreak Bars For Stability
  • A Version To Suit Every Player
  • Aerodynamic Shape For Swing Speed
  • Premium, High Performance Clubs
  • Incredibly Light For The Large Head Size

Who Are The Mavrik Drivers For

The Mavrik Drivers are some of the highest performing on the market and there is a version for every level of ability.

With the adjustable loft, these are a great choice for any player but the clubs are primarily aimed at distance and forgiveness.

Callaway Mavrik Family Of Irons

The Mavrik

The standard version of the club, for average to fast swing speeds. This club has a perfect blend of distance, accuracy and forgiveness.

The Mavrik Max

the Mavrik Max is going to be perfect for beginners and slower swing speeds. It is more forgiving, higher launching and it has more of a draw bias to eliminate a slice.

The Mavrik Pro

A smaller head and lower, flatter launch trajectory. This is for the low handicappers and pros with high swing speeds and consistency in their swing that want to launch bombs as far down the fairway as humanly possible.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Feel And Control: 92/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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