7 Wood Vs. 4 Hybrid – What’s The Better Club And When To Use

“The 7 wood and 4 hybrid clubs are viable alternatives to the long irons. But you have to know when to use them and what their strengths and weaknesses are.”

Gone are the days when you would simply have to power through your long irons. Now, if you aren’t great with the long irons, you can simply replace them.

Two viable replacements for your difficult long irons include the 7 fairway wood and the 4 hybrid.

While 7 woods are certainly less popular than 4 hybrids, pros like Dustin Johnson insist on having one in the bag for the distance and versatility that they offer.

4 hybrids are widely available and are even included in some complete sets.

But what are the specific pros and cons of each club and what situations and play styles are they best-suited for?

Find out in the following comparison article.

7 Wood Overview

“The 7 wood has a familiar look to your driver at point of address. It produces high flight and can come with an adjustable loft sleeve.”

Your typical 7 wood will be set to 22 degrees but these days with adjustable loft options, they can range from 20 to 30 degrees.

The 7 wood is a great play for slow swingers because it’s very easy to get the ball up in the air with this club.

It has a different look at address than a 4 hybrid but if you like a bulkier head that’s similar to your driver, a 7-wood would be a good choice.

You can expect an average distance of about 185 yards with a 7 wood but shorter hitters may only get about 170 yards.

That’s about a 10-15 yard gain from your typical 4 hybrid. 7 woods are also a bit more versatile than 4 hybrids as they are viable options from the tee, fairway and the rough.

4 Hybrid Overview

“The 4 hybrid is certainly the most versatile hybrid and some players can use it off the tee. In general though, you are better off using it for your second or third shot from the fairway.”

4-hybrids are designed to be much easier to hit than a 4-iron. If you are struggling with your long irons a 4-hybrid is highly recommendable.

They tend to have wide faces and generous sweet spots.

4 hybrids are also great from the rough so if that’s where you find yourself very often, a 4-hybrid would be good to have in the bag.

4 hybrids are generally set to 21 degrees and are meant to replace your 4 iron.

In general, you can expect about 170 yards from your 4-hybrid but faster swing speed players would probably be able to get 180+ yards from a 4-hybrid.

4-hybrids are very congenial for players with moderate to slow swing speed players though. So if you’re swinging from 175 mph or slower, a 4-hybrid might be a better choice than a 7-wood.

“A lot of it comes down to what you like to see at point of address. The 7-wood and 4-hybrid clubs perform very similarly and the biggest difference between them is how they look at address so in the end, it may come down to personal preference.”

7 Wood Quick Facts


Category: Fairway wood

When to Use: From the tee, fairway or light rough

Average Distance 185 yards

Longer Hitter: 205 yards

Shorter Hitter: 170 yards

Typical Loft: 22 degrees

Club Importance: 88/100

4 Hybrid Quick Facts

4 hybrid

Category: Hybrid club

When to Use: 2nd or 3rd shot from the fairway and in the rough

Average Distance: 170 yards

Longer Hitter: 190 yards

Shorter Hitter: 165 yards

Typical Loft: 21 degrees

Club Importance: 90/100

7 Wood Overview & First Impressions


“We like that the 7 wood shaft was shorter than some of the longer woods but that the head was still nice and large.”

At the end of the day, one of the most important roles of a 7 wood is to inspire confidence at point of address. The head is nice and large and is very forgiving.

The 7 wood will also be easier for some players to get the ball in the air. They produce high launch, soft landings and steep angles of descent so they are good for attacking greens from distance.

One Club Up – 9 wood

The 9 wood is a rare site these days but it is a club to consider if you need more forgiveness from the tee. They are easy to hit and usually have vast sweet spots.

One Club Down – 5 Wood

The 5 wood is a great option for birdie. It gives you the distance and descent angle you need to stick more greens from long approaches.

4 Hybrid Overview & First Impressions

4 hybrid1

“Some of our testers are much more comfortable with a 4 hybrid because of the shorter shaft compared to a 7 wood.”

Our first impression when we switched from a 7 wood to a 4 hybrid was that it was much easier to hit chip shots with these clubs.

With a 4 hybrid, it’s much easier to run the ball out on ship shots because the face doesn’t play as hot as a 7 wood.

One Club Up – 5 Hybrid

A 5-hybrid will be used to replace your 5-iron. They are typically set to 25 degrees and yield average distances of 188 yards.

One Club Down – 3 Hybrid

The 3-hybrid will replace the 3-iron and is typically set to 19 degrees. The 3-hybrid is more viable from the tee than a 4-hybrid.

7 Wood Selling Points

  • Oversized head

  • Better for player who like the look of a driver

  • Soft landings

  • Very forgiving

  • High launch

4 Hybrid Selling Points

  • Produces straight shots
  • More approach options
  • Better from the rough
  • Good for punch shots
  • Forgiving

Who Are 7 Woods for?


“A 7 wood would be great for anyone who struggles to get the ball airborne.”

7 woods are great for flying high and landing soft. You will get better launch from it than a 4-hybrid so if that seems to be a major issue for you, go with a 7 wood.

Our Favorite 7 Wood – The Taylormade Stealth

The Stealth is the latest and greatest from Taylormade. With twist face curvature that helps straighten out your high-face shots and a carbon fiber crown, it is very forgiving – even for a 7 wood.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel & Control: 92/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who Are 4 Hybrids for?

“4 hybrids would be great for anyone who struggles with long irons but still prefers the feel and the look of an iron.”

Also, a 4-hybrid would be very advantageous for any golfer who lands in the rough often. They are much more viable as rescue clubs than the 7 wood.

And since most hybrids tend to pull left, they would be good for anyone who tends to pull the ball right.

Our Favorite 4 Hybrid – Callaway Big Bertha B21

The Big Bertha has pronounced offset that will really help your slice. It also has a large footprint so it’s inherently forgiving.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 93/100

Forgiveness: 95/100

Feel & Control: 92/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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