What To Wear Golfing For The First Time Ladies – Women’s Dress Code For Golf

Over the past few years womens golf globally has been on a steady rise. Post Covid the amount of women golfers has boomed.

Professional Women’s golf is becoming more popular, women golfers are becoming more and more accepted in previously men dominant golf clubs.

Add that to social media boom of women golfers like Paige Spiranac, Claire Hogel, Tish Alyn, Lily Muni He, Tania Tare and many more who are lighting up Tik Tok and Instagram with their mix of spice and skills.

It’s easy to see why the game is going to new heights with clothes and equipment manufacturers riding the wave and bringing more and better products to the marketplace.

All these factors are seeing more women join the game and we think the amount of women golfers will continue to grow steadily over the next 10 years at least.

It’s easy to see why these young women would want to emulate the success of those before them and even potentially end up on the pro circuit like the Korda sisters.

With all that being said, women’s clothing is still somewhat of a voodoo topic when it comes to what is allowed and not allowed.

We understand that this whole subject can be anxiety inducing for many female golfers, especially first time and this guide is here to help you onto to course looking and performing to the best of your abilities.

The women’s dress code has taken a more casual look over the past few years. Women golfers are under less scrutiny with skirts, shorts and skorts definitely being an option on the menu and more conservation trousers also in play.

Denim and golf are not compatible and leggings are still probably a no go area, Depending on the course you are playing, but the game is definitely becoming a lot more progressive.

Our advice is to probably not show too much skin in sensitive areas and avoid denim. Follow this and you should be just fine on the course.

What Is The Dress Code For Women’s Golf?


Women have a much more relaxed dress code compared to men. Men have to wear a shirt with sleeves and a collar, polo or turtleneck.

On the other hand women can wear sleeve or sleeveless tops with or without a collar so the options are more plentiful.

Make sure you purchase a shirt that’s breathable enough and has some sort of stretch to it.

The golf swing requires a lot of movement and having a shirt that allows you to move freely is important.

The same goes for a top or jersey, basically something that keeps you warm or dry. There are no real restrictions here even on the men’s side.

Nowadays even hoodies are allowed, however some courses do restrict you, so depending on where you play you might want to avoid using a hoodie.

General rule, the more exclusive the club, the less acceptable hoodies will be.

Again going with something that allows you to swing freely is important.


Women have quite a few options when it comes to bottoms. They have two long pants options, full length and ankle pants. The full length goes down too your shoes, whereas the ankle pants sit just above your ankles.

Shorts are also a very popular option for those who don’t want to wear a skirt on a hot summer’s day.

Skirts are very popular with women golfers, they are very breathable, fashionable and comfortable. Make sure when buying a skirts that there are under shorts included. Skorts!

Dresses have become very popular for women golfers. They are stylish and great to wear in summer as you will stay cool throughout your round.

Also remember to check if they have under shorts included.

When buying golf dresses we recommend going with a golf specific brand, as they are designed to swing in them, some casual dresses don’t suit being worn and playing golf.

Leggings are the new ‘in’ thing for women golfers, very comfortable and easy to swing in.

Some courses are not the biggest fans of them, so try to stick to plain colors like black or navy, and avoid leggings with bright colors and patterns.

Jeans are an absolute no go when it comes to playing golf, this is for men and women. Also avoid playing in pants with bulky pockets, some courses may turn you away.

With all of these options above, you can buy them anywhere, not just golf specific stores.

However we do recommend sticking to buying golf clothing as they are designed specifically for the game, meaning you will get the best performance out of them, and you won’t run into any problems when going to the golf course.


Golf shoes or trainers are a must when it comes to footwear. Heels, smart shoes, slippers and boots are all not allowed on the golf course. If you don’t want to buy a new pair of shoes, your walking or running shoes will work just fine.

Women’s golf shoes come in many different styles, from classic to casual and everything in between.

As a beginner we would recommend going with a more casual looking shoe, you can get golf shoes that basically look like sneakers.

They are very comfortable and can even be used for walking in general. These would have a little more grip than usually which will prevent slipping when you swing the club.


Most ladies pants don’t have belts as their shirts are meant to be worn untucked.

However if you do have belt loops, then any belt that you have will work, but try to stick to something plain and simple.

Caps are an interesting one for ladies, again there are no real regulations when it comes to hats, but a simple peak, visor or sun hat is recommended. Most ladies either go without a cap or wear a visor.

Women have three types of gloves, synthetic, leather and sun gloves. We would recommend going with a synthetic glove to start off with as they are the cheapest.

Leather gloves are softer, but do not last as long and are much more expensive.

Sun gloves have a mesh on the top to prevent you from getting a glove tan, if this is something you are worried about, then the sun glove is for you.

Other than that, you will not run into any problems sticking to a golf specific glove.

What Do We Need To Completely Avoid On The Course

Can We Wear Leggings?

Leggings will be allowed on certain golf courses, however it is still not accepted everywhere.

So we suggest if you want to wear leggings stick to navy or black.

Going with bright colours or patterns may draw some unwanted attention, especially if you are a beginner.

Can We Wear Jeans?

No, jeans are completely off limits on the golf course.

Some clubs do not even allow them after your round in the bar, so be careful what you pack in your bag.

Even if they were allowed I would still not recommend wearing them, they could restrict your movement when swinging the golf club.

Can We Wear Denim On The Course?

No, all denim wear is not allowed on the golf course, this applies for men and women.

The denim material is not breathable and will restrict your swing, so even if it was allowed we would not recommend wearing it.

Is It Ok To Wear Skirts?

Yes you can, shirts/skirts are allowed on the golf course.

These are great to wear in the summer as they are fashionable and breathable, keeping you nice and cool in warm conditions.

Make sure you buy a pair with built in shorts on the inside, the nature of the golf swing will wave your dress around quite a lot, the under shorts keep everything covered.

Do We Need Proper Golf Shoes?

Proper golf shoes are not required, but not all shoes are allowed. If you don’t have golf shoes, playing with tennis or running shoes will be ok.

Smart shoes, heels, slippers, flops and boots are all not allowed on the golf course.

Can We Use Tennis Shoes For The First Time

Yes, tennis shoes are allowed. You are allowed to use all trainer type shoes to play golf.

One tip of advice, your shoes may get wet on the golf course due to rain, dew or just casual water.

Tennis and training shoes may not provide waterproof protection like proper golf shoes would.

Are Things Getting More Progressive?

Women’s golf clothing is definitely getting more progressive.

With the idea of getting more ladies and younger ladies into the game, the clothing manufacturers have definitely stepped up their game when it comes to ladies golf fashion.

Some of the leading brands are adidas, Nike, Daily Sports, Puma and some more expensive brands like Ralph Lauren and Lacoste also making women’s golf clothing.

What To Wear On The Course During Summer

Tops/Shirts Options

The summer gets quite warm when playing golf, so look for something that is breathable and lightweight.

Most of the top golf clothing brands will have something like this. 

Going with a sleeveless shirt is a great option. Also going without a collar and choosing a shirt with a V neck will be great to keep you cool.

Sweaters & Jackets

Stay away from thick sweaters and jerseys, you will more likely overheat, lose energy and not perform at your best. 

These could also fall under tops/shirts, but some ladies like to wear thin breathable tops or jerseys in the summer, this protects their arms from direct sunlight.

Bottoms Options

Most bottoms you can get away with in summer, but if we had to choose it would probably be the ¾ or ankle pants, these are just a lot more breathable, which will keep you cool on the course

Short Bottoms Options

Shorts or Skirts work well in summer, they are great for providing breathability which will keep you nice and cool while on the course.

Footwear Options

Something light will work best for shoes in the summer, the last thing you want to do is to feel sluggish while on the course.

Stay away from full leather options, as these will be heavy and become very hot in the sun.

Material or synthetic options work great in the summer, these are lightweight and much more breathable.

Head Wear

Wearing the right headwear in the summer is crucial. visors , peaks and sun hats all work great.

Find something that breathes well and absorbs sweat. Lighter colors also tend to be a lot cooler than darker colors.


Dresses are becoming very popular especially in the summer months.

Golf specific brands are designing dresses now, which means they are fit for the golf swing.

When buying a dress, make sure it is from a golf specific brand, this will ensure you meet all the required regulations, and that it performs well.


Sun sleeves can come in handy during the summer months, this allows you to wear your normal golf shirt, but have your arms covered from direct sunlight, they are UV protected which is a great benefit for your skin.

Also do not forget your sunblock.


What Should We Wear In Colder Weather/Winter

Tops Options

Winter can get quite cold on the golf course, choosing a top with a thicker material will help with this.

Stay away from sleeveless tops in the winter, choosing a top with sleeves will keep you much warmer.

You can also find tops/shirts with long sleeves, this can also be a good choice when playing in the winter.

Sweaters & Jackets

Keeping warm is very important when playing golf in the winter, however you do not want to be restricted when you swing.

Stay away from big bulky jerseys or sweaters as they will restrict your swing.

Most golf specific winter jerseys have a fleece lining to keep you warm, while allowing you to still swing freely.

Hoodies are also an option for the winter months, however be careful as some clubs still do not allow them.

Bottoms Options

Full length bottoms or leggings are great for winter, remember to stick to golf specific bottoms, and no jeans are allowed.

Short Bottoms Options

Unless the sun is out we suggest staying away from shorts and skirts. The last thing you want to be on the course is cold.

Footwear Options

Waterproof shoes are essential in the winter months.

Most mornings will have some sort of dew on the ground, and even if you do not play in the rain, the course will be wet.

Having wet socks and feet is not pleasant, trust me.

All golf shoe manufacturers produce waterproof options in their range, stick with full leather or synthetic leather, these should be waterproof, some brands also produce material upper shoes that are waterproof. 

Stick to the shoes that have a waterproof guarantee, this ensures if there are any leaks you will be able to replace them.

Head Wear

Wearing the same headwear that you wear in the summer is perfect, however you do have some more options. Beanies and rain bucket hats can come in handy.

Those freezing cold mornings are essential to have a beanie. I find the bucket hat is more annoying than anything else when it is raining, so I just use a normal peak cap, but again that is just my preference.


Snoods/buffs are great for the winter, they keep your neck warm, as well as your face when it gets really icey.

Mittens or cotton gloves also come in handy when it is really cold out there, you will have to take them off when you swing, but as soon as you are walking to your ball you can pop them back on.


3 Favorite Tops On Amazon


Adidas Women’s Sleeveless Aero.rdy Primegreen Polo Shirt 

This top is made with Primegreen, it is a high-performance top made from recycled materials.

Adidas clothing made with Primegreen technology uses a minimum of 40% recycled content.

  • 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane
  • It has a zip instead of buttons
  • Moisture-absorbing AEROREADY, great for the summer months


Nike Women’s Dry Polo Short Sleeve

This Nike sleeved shirt is great for the winter and summer months. It is lightweight and comes in a variety of colors.


PUMA Women’s Liga Sideline Polo

For any women looking to get into golf this shirt is perfect, lightweight, breathable and the price point is amazing.

It comes in a few colors allowing you to match it up with the bottoms that you have. It is great for the summer and winter months.


3 Favorite Bottoms On Amazon


Adidas Women’s Pull-on Ankle Pant

Ultra lightweight and breathable. The shorter length makes it fashionable and great to wear in the summer. It is also made from recycled material.

  • 90% Recycled Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • It is slim fit
  • It has a four-way stretch fabric for easy movement
  • Built in UV protection
  • It has from and back pockets
  • High waist band for comfort


PUMA Women’s Pounce Bermuda 

These Puma shorts are great for the summer months, they are breathable and lightweight. Plus they come in a variety of different colors.

  • 100% Polyester
  • DryCell technology keeps sweat away from your skin to help keep you dry and comfortable
  • It has a moisture wicking finish


Adidas Women’s Primegreen Cold.RDY Pant

The adidas Cold.RDY technology is great for the winter. It has a fleece lining to keep you warm and dry.

  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • It has belt loops on waist
  • Front and back pockets for all your things
  • Cold.RDY technology to keep you warm


3 Favorite Shoes On Amazon


FootJoy Women’s Fj Fuel Golf Shoe 

FootJoy is a world renowned brand when it comes to footwear. The FJ Fuel is no different. Extremely comfortable plus it is waterproof.

  • Easy to clean synthetic upper.
  • Stratolite EVA Midsole.
  • It has the Pro|SL outsole technology for enhanced grip and performance.


ECCO Women’s S-Three Gore-tex Golf Shoe 

This is the super car of golf shoes, produced in Denmark from Yak leather. Ecco shoes are made with precision and are completely waterproof.

  • Made from leather
  • E-DTS traction system consists of approximately 100 TPU traction bars boasting 800 traction angles
  • ECCO ZONAL FLUIDFORM Technology midsole with 3 different zones gives you incredible comfort, stability and flexibility
  • GORE-TEX 100% waterproof technology


Adidas Women’s Summervent Spikeless Golf Shoes 

The adidas Summervent shoes is the ultimate summer shoe, it is not waterproof, however it is extremely lightweight and fashionable, meaning it can be worn anywhere not just on the golf course.

  • Bounce midsole
  • Mesh upper for breathable comfort
  • Rubber outsole provides excellent grip
  • Primegreen technology, it is high-performance recycled materials; 50% of upper is recycled content



Getting into golf as a woman can be very intimidating because it is such an male dominant sport, times are changing though and with more and more women playing the game it is getting easier.

The guide above should help you with regards to what you should wear, but in a nutshell stay away from denim.

Trainers or tennis shoes can be worn as an alternative to golf shoes. No training shirts are allowed so stick with golf specific shirts to avoid any issues.

Bottoms are quite easy, stay away from running pants and anything that is not breathable and doesn’t have much stretch.