Titleist TSR2 Vs Titleist TSi2 Hybrid Comparison

Titleist TSR2 Vs Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

Having difficulty choosing between the Titleist TSR2 and Titleist TSi2 hybrids? Then read on as we compare the merits of each.

Titleist TSR2 Hybrid Overview

“The Titleist TSR2 comes in 18, 21 and 24 degree loft options.”

Featuring sole relief pockets, the Titleist TSR2 is incredibly smooth through the rough.

The blade length is a bit longer than the TSi2 as well so you get some extra forgiveness on lateral mis-hits.

Off the deck, I was getting 1.3-1.4 smash factor readings which translated to an average of 176.4 yards.

Titleist TSi2 Hybrid Overview

“The TSi2 comes in 18, 21 and 24 degree loft options.”

The TSi2 is a bit more compact and features head weight adjustability so your fitter can dial in the weight based on your swing type.

The TSi2 wasn’t as smooth or fast as the TSR2 through the rough; but I was getting better smash factor with (and distance) off the tee.

“In the end I think the Titleist TSR2 is the better hybrid. It played shorter off the tee than the TSi2; but you’re mostly going to be using a hybrid off the deck or in the cabbage.

At the very least, the Titleist TSR2 is better for you if you need extra forgiveness.”

Titleist TSR2 Hybrid

In 20 Words or Less

“The Titleist TSR2 offers a good combination of shot shapeability and forgiveness with the added bonus of smooth turf interaction.”

Titleist TSi2 Hybrid

In 20 Words Or Less

The Titleist TSi2 hybrids play long and have a feel you would not expect from a distance hybrid.

Titleist TSR2 Hybrid First Impressions

“My first thought about the Titleist TSR2 hybrid was that it looked really clean.”

As usual, Titleist kept the design of the crown neat and tidy. All you see is a pleasing spherical shape and a single alignment marker. I also liked the rounded shape that leans towards a fairway wood aesthetic.

The Titleist TSR Hybrid Family

If you’re looking for more of a player’s look and more adjustability, check out the Titleist TSR3. The Titleist TSR3 is the only hybrid in the TSR line to feature an adjustable CG weight.

A single weight can be positioned to achieve a neutral, heel, toe, extreme heel or extreme toe center of gravity. The Titleist TSR3 also features the same adjustable hosel as the Titleist TSR2.

Compared to the TSR1 and TSR2 hybrids, the TSR3 has a more compact head shape. It doesn’t extend as far as the Titleist TSR2 so you get more of a large iron profile than a fairway wood profile.

As a result, the Titleist TSR3 is the most workable hybrid in the TSR family. I would definitely recommend it to mid and low handicappers.

Titleist TSi2 Hybrid First Impressions

The Titleist TSi2 hybrids feel light in the hands so you don’t expect much distance from them.

However, all the distance is generated by the forged carpenter’s steel face. This face is thin, and flexes like you wouldn’t believe. Plus, it hardly matters where on the face you make contact. Our testers were getting very close ball speed readings on shots in the sweet spot compared to shots outside the sweet spot.

The Titleist TS Hybrid Family

The TS line also features the TSi3. If the Titleist TSi2 plays more like a fairway wood, then the TSi3 hybrids give the performance of irons. They are remarkably versatile and workable with an adjustable hosel and an adjustable weight that can be set in the neutral, heel and to positions.

Titleist TSR2 Selling Points

  • Adjustable hosel
  • Extended sweet spot
  • Recessed sole relief pockets
  • Long blade length
  • Low CG

Titleist TSi2 Hybrid Selling Points

  • Forged face
  • Adjustable hosel
  • Thin crown
  • Plays long

Who is the Titleist TSR2 Hybrid for?

“Despite my preconceptions, testing the Titleist TSR2 hybrid proved that it is indeed a good club for high handicappers.”

I would say that as long as you’re in the 17-25 handicap range, you will get along well with this hybrid. I really liked that it covered up toe-side mis-hits which is probably the most common type of mis-hit for high handicappers.

The Titleist TSR2 hybrid is also easy to launch. I was achieving steep launch angles and correspondingly steep descent angles. As a result, I was able to stop the ball better on or at least near my target.

So if you are looking for a hybrid that will not only provide adequate forgiveness but  make you a better pin-hunter, the Titleist TSR2 would be a solid choice.

Distance: 96/100

Feel & Control: 95/100

Accuracy: 96/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who is the Titleist TSi2 Hybrid for?

You will feel right at home with these hybrids if distance is what you’re after.

The best compliment we can give these clubs is that they will help you get down the fairway in a hurry. These are great game-improvement hybrids that have a feel that must be played to be believed.

They don’t do much in terms of short-game spin but chances are that if you’re looking at the Titleist TSi2 hybrids, you aren’t looking to score with your hybrids.

Distance: 95/100

Feel & Control: 94/100

Accuracy: 91/100

Forgiveness: 92/100

Overall Score: 93/100

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