Sky Caddie SC4 Review – Best Launch Monitor Under $600?

The Swing Caddie 4 is another strong addition to the complete launch monitor / Golf Simulator in 1 for around $500.

The SC4 set out to improve of the SC300 in almost every way and did an excellent job in accomplishing that.


The moment you unbox the product you can see how professional it is and this is a strong contender to become the must have all in one personal golf launch monitor and simulator combo pack

The are too many winning features to fit into one setting but the most impressive is the accuracy of the device, coupled with its vivid display, remote control, ease of use (with or without an external interface), and handy extra features like calling out your distances.

SC4 Simulator Experience

The device also connects to the E6 as a golf simulator and the device can even automatically change clubs for you as you switch in real time.

This device continues to push the boundaries of what people can expect from personal golf devices around the $500 mark.

This one is easily portable and turns your house into the driving range and the driving range into a personalized, rapid improvement center.

How Accurate Is The SC4?

In terms of accuracy, we found this one to be very close to the correct yardages from the trackman with the irons.

The irons were accurate to within 2 -3 yards most of the time and between 5 – 10 yards with the driver.

The biggest problem we have seen with the product is that the spin rates can be a couple of thousand RPMS too high and it was persistent across the irons and the driver compared to the trackman.

Value For Money? You Bet!

Not bad for a device that costs quite a few thousands dollars less than the commercial models. The SC4 can stand and trade comfortable with the devices in the $1000 range as the technology becomes cheaper and cheaper to make.

Swing Caddy App

The Swing Caddie app has gotten a major upgrade over the 300 and it is very welcomed advancement over the clunky previous versions. You can easily track your yardages and spin rates with each club and how your game is improving over time in much more smooth and efficient manner.

You can even input the loft and lie angle of each club to the app in this all in one tool for golf aficionados.

One Down Side

The numbers on the screen are a little small and if you don’t want to use the audio feature, it can become a little tricky bending to have a look.


From the moment you take this one out of the box, you can see that a lot of every has gone into improving the device over the Sky Caddie SC3 and they have done an excellent job.

This is super accurate in terms of carry distance but the spin can be a bit off. Still one of the most accurate Dopplar monitors on the market thanks, in part, to the barometric pressure sensor.

Skycaddie SC4 in 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

A personal Dopplar Launch Monitor/Simulator that has improved in every department and gives accurate carry distances consistently.

Skycaddie SC4 First Impressions

The product looks like a $1,000 due to the packaging, uboxing and set up experience. This looks like a professional product from the word go.

Synching up the SC4 with your phone and is super easy and this one is really a plug and play device, that is simple to use.

The design has also been improved with the remote fitting nicely at the back of the device in a magnetic port.

Once you start hitting and hear your carry distance being called out by the device, you will be hooked.

Once you get the E6 simulator going, you are in for hours and hours of home golf entertainment.

You can bring this to the range and easily connect it to your phone to see your distances at a glance and change clubs easily with the remote.

The spin distances did look high by 2000 RPMs but the carry distances were spot on compared with the trackman at the range.

The Swing Caddy app has also gotten extensive improvement. It’s easier to set up and it gives beautiful display of your data.

This is an excellent value device and it is great to see the launch monitor technology becoming more accessible to the public as time goes by.

Key Features

Then Skycaddie SC4 is a dopplar launch monitor. It take pictures of the ball as it is hit and uses the differences between the pictures to estimate the total ball flight.

The SC4 also has a Barometric pressure sensor which helps to give even more accurate readings.

The screen display is clean and crisp, another big upgrade. The digits can be a little small to see but you can easily pair with the Swing Caddy app.

The remote is also very useful, it allows you to change clubs without bending down and it fits right in the back of the design in your pocket during use.

Sky Caddie SC4 Selling Points

  • Big Improvement On The SC 300
  • Simulator/Launch Monitor
  • Accurate Carry Distances
  • Leader At The $500 Mark
  • Easy Set Up
  • Beautiful Design
  • Calls Out Distances
  • Works With Or Without External Device
  • Much Improved Swing Caddie App

Who is Skycaddie SC4 for?

The SC4 is the perfect toy for Teach Savvy Golfers. You will need about 14 feet of space in your house to use it properly but it only needs to sit 5 feet behind the ball, shorter than its competitors.

This will be great for any golfer looking for their first personal product and wants the best value device available.

This is great for golfers who want to both use the sim at home and the data tracking at the range.

For any golfer who doesn’t have access to a commercial device like the Trackman.

Also a great option for coaches who want a portable device that will easily work on the range or on the course.

Overall this is an excellent device that will suit many golfers of all levels and abilities.


  • Professional Look And Feel
  • Accuracy is on the level of $1000 launch Monitors
  • Only needs 5 feet of space behind and 8 feet ahead.
  • Use with or without an external device.
  • Connects to E6 and stays connected for a full round
  • App is also much and displays data in a visually appealing way


  • Spin Rates are reporting a little
  • The display can be a little hard to see

Overall Score: 97/100

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