Rapsodo MLM2 Pro Review – Worth It Or Al Hype?

This device is a dopplar radar  with dual cameras that sits on a tripod 6ft to 8ft behind your ball and incorporates Launch Monitor And Golf Simulator functionality.

The device costs around $700 so we were eager to see whether the device is all hype or it signifies a step forward in the evolution of personal golf functionality.

Yearly Fee

The MLM2 Premium Membership costs $200 a year, but it is free in the first year and comes with an array of features like 40,000 courses to play online in the simulator.

The membership model is common with golf simulators and they are softwares as they are so complex and ever changing.

Even the spin calculations won’t work without the membership so you will need to factor that in.

Bugs And Nagging Issues

The MLM2 has been plagued with bugs and a range of other issues since its realease. Some of these have been fixed but some remain as bad as ever. That is not a good thing in an increasingly competitive niche.

The MLM2 needs an external phone or tablet to act as a display, unlike the new Swing Caddie SC4 which is a stand-alone unit that costs less than the MLM2 counterpart.

The Simulator

The simulator comes with 40,000 courses and the graphics are cartoony. The Combine mode will also call out random distances and you will need to try and hit them, it will give you a score at the end.

Spin Tracking With Premium And Special RPT Balls

When it comes to accuracy, the MLM2Pro gets this one right. It is the first device under $1,000 That acccurately tracks spin.

This is only accessible with RPT Callaway balls that have special dimple colors to accurately track your spin.

Dual Cameras

The Dual cameras record you swing alongside the stats so you can look back at your progress visually, with ease.

They also record the moment of impact and the line your shot takes. This is a handy feature to have.

The Downsides

There are a couple more downsides to talk about too, as follows:

You don’t get a free subscription to golf simulator software E6 as you do with competitors.

The hitting area is small and the device misses a lot of shots until alignment is fixed.

It doesn’t call out your carry distances like the SC4.

Inputting your clubs is a b*itch and it doesn’t have some clubs in the database that many people are using.

The Device is short a ton of features without a premium membership to Rapsodo. This is free for the first year but rises to $199 per year from then on. Hardly a good selling point for the device.


Besides that, the device does good in accurately measuring shots, but because of some significant flaws, there may be better options out there to choose from.

Rapsodo MLM2 Pro in 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

A 2 Piece Launch Monitor/Simulator that offers amazing accuracy for the price point, Perfect for home or on the range.

Rapsodo MLM2 Pro First Impressions

The product is packaged nicely and it looks to hold its own in terms of design durability.

The first thing you notice is that it comes in two pieces, a stand and the product which boasts dual cameras and a radar sensor.

The second thing you notice is that the device sits higher than competitors like the R10 or the Sky Caddy SC4 which was released after the MLM2Pro.

2 Cameras And A Radar

The 2 cameras capture and record your swing and it also has a camera on the moment of impact. It can be handy to view your swing progress over time and equate the stats to the swing.

You are going to need an external device like an iPhone or iPad, and now, we also have support for Androids from Rapsodo and the Samsung Galaxy.

Hitting Area

The first downside that we noticed was that the hitting area is small, it was missing a lot of shots and that can be frustrating. Once we got the alignment sorted out perfectly, it was quite good at picking up the strokes.


If you are playing a round on the simulator at one of 40,000 courses, you will notice that the graphics are cartoony like with the R10, but still handy to play.

Another unfortunate issue is the connectivity between the software and the device. It is a little buggy

Premium Membership.

The premium membership is free for the first year, but it costs $199 per year after that, more than its competitors and the device really depends on having the membership as a lot of features don’t work without it. You don’t even get the spin without premium, so it is almost an essential expense.

Accuracy And The RPT Ball

The Carry Distance and Spin calculations were very close to the trackman we were using and the spin is more accurate than the R10 or the Swing Caddy SC4 so they have got that part right.

The spin is only calculated when you use the special Callway RPT Chrome X ball and that is not surprising when looking for accuracy from an indoor launch monitor. A Solid feature.

Inputting Clubs

Inputting the clubs to the system is time-consuming, you have to select the brand and model of each club. Many popular, yet less-known brands are missing from the system.


This is an incredibly accurate device but it is a bit buggy and there are a lot of nagging problems. This one shows excellent promise for the future, but this is still a little ways off.

Rapsodo MLM2 Pro Selling Points

  • Amazing Accuracy On Carry And Spin
  • Simulator/Launch Monitor
  • Great Value For The Accuracy
  • 30,000 courses on the Simulator
  • Easy Set Up
  • Records Your Swings
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Lots Of Premium Features

Who is Rapsodo MLM2 Pro for?

This is great for home or personal use for golfers who want to get accurate carry distance and spin.

Rapsodo has put a lot of effort into tracking the spin accurately and the use of the RPT balls works well.

Anybody who doesn’t mind using an external device like an Iphone, Android or Ipad, can get the best use from the MLM2.

Anybody who doesn’t want to spend over $1,000 but wants an accurate device.

Anybody who wants to record their swing and visualize their improvement over time.

Overall this is an excellent device but it is a little buggy and rough around the edges.


  • Easy to set up and use when properly aligned
  • Accurate spin and carry distances compared to other devices.
  • Dual camera records your swing
  • Simulator and Combine Modes are fun.
  • Most accurate device under $1000
  • The app has been improved and is more intuitive


  • Buggy and connection issues
  • Can miss shots
  • Core features unavailable without premium membership ($199)
  • The display can be a little hard to see
  • Needs an external device
  • can miss some shots

Overall Score: 93/100

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