Optishot 2 Vs. Skytrak Golf Launch Monitors Comparison Overview

Today we are going to be taking a look at a couple of golf launch monitors/simulators that would be great for entertaining guests and generally having fun in the comfort of your own home: the Skytrak and the Optishot 2.

We tested both of these systems and had some key insights. Which will provide more value to you overall? Find out in the following comparison article.

Optishot 2 Overview

The Optishot 2 system relies on infrared sensors so right off the bat, it wasn’t as accurate as the Skytrak system.

Basically, if you are looking for the utmost in accuracy, you’re not going to want to go with the Optishot 2 system. Instead, the Optishot 2 should be viewed more as a fun simulator. It comes loaded with courses like Torrey Black, Twisted Twig, Golf Club Scottsdale and many more.

The simulations look beautiful as well and you can even play online tournaments with this thing. You can also use real or foam balls depending on your setup so the Optishot 2 is pretty versatile overall. We must say that despite the lesser accuracy, the Optishot 2 was a lot of fun to test.

It gives readings on club speed, carry distance, face angle, path, tempo and face contact; but we found carry distance was off by about 5 yards.

Skytrak Overview

The Skytrak was definitely the more accurate of these two launch monitors and it provides comparable entertainment as well.

One of the things we really liked in terms of entertainment factor is that you can load up the Skytrak system with 3rd party software suites like E6 Connect and Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf.

Those were the only 2 we used but it’s compatible with many more apps making practice and simulation options almost endless.

The Skytrak was also more accurate indoors than the Optishot 2. You get data on distance, ball speed, launch angle, side spin, spin rate, shot dispersion, angle tendencies, shot shape tendencies and gap information.

With total distance the Skytrak was accurate to within 3 yards. With ball speed, it was accurate to within 2 MPH.

In our humble opinion, the Skytrak will provide you with more value simply because it is more accurate yet provides all the fun that the Optishot 2 does. The infrared technology of the Optishot 2 is just too inconsistent and it even missed some of our swings.

Skytrak in 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

The Skytrak is a more basic launch monitor/simulator that may be more intuitive for recreational players.

Optishot 2 in 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

The Optishot 2 represents one of the best values in indoor golf simulators/launch monitors on the market.

Skytrak First Impressions

The Skytrak also sets up wirelessly so it was convenient to use indoors.

We don’t like wire management so it was nice that the Skytrak sets up without any USB cables or anything. The long-game accuracy was good but short-game accuracy suffered a bit.

Key Features

The Skytrak uses photometric technology to give shot readings.

The good thing about the use of cameras as opposed to radar is that it maintains its accuracy outdoors. The Skytrak gives you only one real swing metric and that;s club head speed.

Still, it provides launch degree, side spin rates, apex height, carry distance, roll distance and of course, total distance.

The Skytrak also simulates courses nicely on your tablet  or laptop.

With fewer metrics, it’s a bit hard to reconcile the fact that the Skytrak costs as much as the Mevo Plus.

Optishot 2 First Impressions

The Optishot 2 was really easy to set up.

This is one of the main problems we have with in-home launch monitors – they are usually a pain to set up. We were glad to see that once the software was downloaded, the Optishot 2 was more or less plug and play.

Key Features

The Optishot 2 comes with a cool little short turf that you use for all your shots.

So right off the bat the immersion factor is there even if you aren’t using a projector setup. The Optishot 2 uses infrared sensors to detect club head speed, carry distance, face angle, path, point of contact on the face and swing tempo.

There is a driving range simulator which is great for practicing with your driver and woods. The base Optishot 2 package also comes with 15 free real-world course simulations. You can also compete with up to 4 Optishot 2 users.

You do lose a bit of accuracy with the Optishot 2; but overall it’s fun and provides helpful swing and ball data.

Skytrak Selling Points

  • Weather settings
  • Portable
  • Side angle readings
  • Wireless setup
  • Photometric readings

Optishot 2 Selling Points

  • Online play
  • Closest to the pin competitions
  • Infrared sensors
  • 15 courses included

Who is Skytrak for?

The Skytrak is more for recreational use or players who just want to have fun with challenge games and course simulations.

Still, it provides all the necessary data that average golfers need to improve different aspects of their game.


  • It rivals the accuracy of much more expensive launch monitors
  • The simulated renderings of famous courses looks really nice
  • The wireless connection is reliable
  • You can archive your shot data and review it whenever you want


  • Fewer shot metrics than the Mevo Plus
  • It can take between 5 and 7 seconds to pull up shout metrics

Overall Score: 94/100

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Who is the Optishot 2 for?

For anyone looking for a solid monitor/simulator on a budget.

The best thing about the Optishot 2 is that it includes insightful swing data as well as shot metrics.


  • It’s a lot more affordable than the Skytrak
  • The time it takes to read out shot data is faster than with Skytrak
  • Reasonably accurate
  • Setting it up is easy


  • Still uses a wired setup which can be a bit cumbersome
  • Overall less accurate than Skytrak

Overall Score: 93/100

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