Golf Buddy Aim W10 Vs Golf Buddy Aim W11 Comparison Review

Golf Buddy may not be the first name in golf GPS watches but if you are hunting for the best bargain, you may be missing out majorly if you overlook these watches.

Whether you are a high handicapper looking to break into single digits or you compete in tournaments on a regular basis, you could probably use all the help you can get. Golf GPS watches can give you the edge in competitive play and help lower your score.

However, there are a decent amount of golf GPS watches on the market at any given time. It can be hard to make an informed choice. To help you do just that, we have put together a side-by-side comparison of two Golf Buddy models.

Golf Buddy Aim W10 Overview

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 is a color, touchscreen display watch that has all the basic features you would come to expect from a watch in the $180 price range.

First of all, this is a pretty nice-looking watch. It’s not too bulky and rests comfortably on the wrist which is important because golf watches are supposed to help your game; not hinder your swing.

The screen display is kept to a modest 1.3” so it’s not distracting or cumbersome as you play. We will get into the feature details a bit later but for now, we have to mention that Golf Buddy has come up with one really unique and practical feature that a lot of more renowned brands lack.

Overall the Golf Buddy Aim W10 is a solid entry-level golf GPS watch that can help improve your rounds.

Golf Buddy Aim W11 Overview

In terms of features and functionality, there is a lot of carry over from the Aim W10 and the Aim W11.

Like the Golf Buddy Aim W10, the W11 has a lot of the basic golf GPS features you would expect from a watch in this price range. There are user interface upgrades though.

We tested both of these watches side-by-side and one thing we noticed was that the touchscreen of the Aim W11 was smoother, faster and more responsive than that of the Golf Buddy Aim W10 even though the display size is the same.

The advancements from the W10 to the W11 have most to do with quality of life features.

Golf Buddy Aim W10 in 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 provides a lot of practical value in a golf GPS watch that costs under $200.

Golf Buddy Aim W11 in 20 Words or Less

In 20 Words Or Less

The Golf Buddy Aim W11 makes nominal improvements but the price reflects that fact.

Golf Buddy Aim W10 First Impressions

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 doesn’t look like the most substantial or luxurious timepiece by any means.

The watch bands look and feel a little cheap and the bezel doesn’t seem too durable.

Key Features

One of the coolest features was the ability to cast shot data via Bluetooth onto other devices.

A handy feature indeed for anyone who doesn’t like staring at a small screen. By far the best feature is the green undulation reader which shows you the subtle inclines and declines of the green you are playing.

It gives distances to hazards and doglegs and the touchscreen allows you to manually place the pin. You get a digital scorecard, a pedometer, distances to front/back/middle of the green and nice hole layout maps.

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 also comes loaded with over 40,000 course maps.

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 has a lot of practical golf GPS features but Bluetooth connectivity is spotty at best.

Golf Buddy Aim W11 First Impressions

We were relieved that Golf Buddy upgraded the touchscreen on the W11 model.

Mainly because the W10 touchscreen became totally unresponsive at times. As far and look and feel though, there really isn’t a difference.

Key Features

The W11 also has the really cool green undulation reader.

It also comes with all the same golf GPS features and provides the same shot data as the Golf Buddy Aim W10. Upgrades include dynamic shot data which includes carry and roll information.

The display resolution and touchscreen responsiveness has also been upgraded. The W11 is easier to read in low and bright light. Also the battery lasts a couple hours longer on the W11 than it does on the W10.

Overall, the Aim W11 does everything the Aim W10 does – only better.

Golf Buddy Aim W10 Selling Points

  • Color display
  • Green undulation readings
  • Digital scorecard
  • Bluetooth casting
  • Automatic course updates

Golf Buddy Aim W11 Selling Points

  • 13-hour battery life
  • Green undulation readings
  • Digital scorecard
  • Dynamic shot distance readings
  • Low-light mode

Who is the Golf Buddy Aim W10 for?

Anyone interested in an entry-level golf GPS watch.

However, we need to say that if you are considering getting the Golf Buddy Aim W10, we would recommend shelling out the extra $10-$15 for the Aim W11 instead.


  • The green undulation reading feature is a really unique and helpful one that most golf GPS watches don’t have
  • The battery life is pretty solid
  • The hole layout map is really helpful when you’re playing a new course
  • It functions as a regular watch


  • It was very challenging to get it to pair with other devices via Bluetooth
  • Golf Buddy customer service is not very helpful overall

Overall Score: 89/100

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Who is the Golf Buddy Aim W11 for?

The Golf Buddy Aim W11 is a better choice for casual golfers who want a simple golf GPS watch without the superfluous features.

It does a good job of keeping things simple. The interface is user-friendly, the battery life is better and the touchscreen is much-improved over the Aim W10.


  • Again, the green undulation feature is very helpful
  • Your purchase includes two watch bands
  • It’s easier to read in direct sunlight than the Aim W10
  • Hole layout makes it easier to avoid traps


  • Generally inaccurate within 4-5 yards
  • Still feels cheap

Overall Score: 91/100

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