Cobra Speedzone Irons Review 2021 – Are They a Good Choice for High Handicappers?

The Cobra Speedzone irons were built to do a lot of things; go further, feel lighter and launch higher. But are they good for beginners and high handicappers?

Cobra is known for making irons that perform well on approaches. However, the Speedzone irons represent the company’s foray into the beginner/intermediate iron market.

Cobra Speedzone Irons Overview

If you are looking for a set of cavity back irons that perform like muscle back irons, the Cobra Speedzone irons may be a good choice for you.

Cobra is calling these irons “Speedback” irons but in reality, they are simply cavity back with shallow cutout. That being said, the shallower cavity does give them more of a pleasing look at point of address.

You still get good distance and forgiveness from these irons too because they are technically cavity back irons.

The Cobra Speedzone irons also feature a carbon fiber topline. Cobra used this material because of it’s favorable strength to weight ratio.

The weight savings in the topline allow for extreme perimeter weighting in the toe and heel.

All of that adds up to even more forgiveness via higher MOI. The face insert also creates a large sweet spot. But it’s not all about forgiveness with the Cobra Speedzone irons.

The face undercut (8% deeper than previous models) creates a hinging effect that adds distance to your shots as well. To top it all off, the Speedzone irons come with Arccos Caddie smart grips.

The majority of the design of the Cobra Speedzone irons was devoted to making them as forgiving as possible.

Are the Cobra Speedzone Irons Forgiving?

It’s clear just by reading the description of these clubs that Cobra set out to create a set of irons that were more forgiving than anything they ever made before. But do the Cobra Speedzone irons live up to that promise?

We would be inclined to say yes. While the lofts could be a bit stronger and the offset could be more pronounced, the high MOI and the generous sweet spot make the Cobra Speedzone irons forgiving if nothing else.

The Cobra Speedzone comes in one length and progressive lenghts so you have another avenue to look down for forgiveness in the Speedzone irons.

Would the Cobra Speedzone Be Good for High Handicappers?

The Cobra Speedzone irons would work best for high to mid handicappers.

While the Cobra Speedzone irons don’t have much to offer players who really like to shape their shots and need more dynamic greenside spin control, they would definitely fit well in the bags of high handicappers.

That’s because you get easier distance from them and more accuracy from off-center shots.

Cobra Speedzone Vs. Cobra Radspeed Irons

If you are looking to reach more pins in fewer strokes, the Radspeed irons may be more your…speed.

The Cobra Speedzone and Radspeed irons do have some similar features. For instance, both the Radspeed and Speedzone irons feature a carbon fiber topline and a multi-material rear badge to help dampen vibration and enhance feel.

However, the Radspeed irons feature more dynamic weighting (10 grams in the toe and 3 grams in the heel).

This allows for better overall distance but also, spin control for approaches. The Radspeed irons are definitely the more complete set.

Cobra Speedzone Irons


Category: Distance/Beginner’s Irons

Cobra Speedzone First Impressions


When you first pick these irons up, it feels like that are too light to deliver the kind of distance that beginners with slower swing speeds need.

However, after you play around with them, you’ll realize that they do in fact produce good ball speed – even if you have a slower swing speed. The deep undercut allows the face to flex to a high degree; unleashing fast ball speed even fore beginner players.

We tested these irons in graphite shafts but you can also get them with KBS Tour 90 steel shafts. The graphite irons added to the distance and overall feel of these irons. They helped keep the weight down and contributed to flex.

There are also rear badges on these irons that are made form a combination of aluminum, acrylic foam and thermoplastic polyurethane. So even on full-bore swings, these irons maintain a nice, smooth feel.

The Cobra Speedzone irons don’t look or feel like much at first; but they really shine in terms of distance and forgiveness.

Cobra Speedzone Pros

  • They come with Arccos Caddie smart grips
  • The CG of the long irons are placed nice and low
  • Even the steel shaft versions of these irons are lightweight
  • They offer a good combination of distance and feel
  • The face insert creates an expansive sweet spot
  • They would be great for beginner and intermediate players

Who are the Cobra Speedzone Irons for?


The Cobra Speedzone irons would definitely be more suited to high handicap players.

Don’t get the wrong idea of these irons; they will not offer a lot of value to low handicap players. They don’t have the dynamic spin control that low handicappers value. They also don’t offer very much in the way of shot shaping ability.

However, none of that really matters if you are a high handicapper who is really just starting to get the hang of your irons. The price is right too. You can get a brand new complete set of Cobra Speedzone irons for around $600.

The Cobra Speedzone irons are definitely for high handicappers who need help in the distance and accuracy departments. While they won’t be able to help much as you lower your score; the relatively low price still makes them a decent value for high handicappers and beginners.

The Radspeed Irons from Cobra

Cobra also makes the Radspeed line of irons that are geared more toward mid to low handicappers.

If you are looking for better performance around the pin then the Radspeed irons would be better for you. They even come in single length sets if you want better consistency. The Radspeed irons are a more complete set as they are designed to play long while the shorter irons enhance spin control.

Cobra Speedzone Final Assessment

Distance: 93/100

Accuracy: 91/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel and Control: 91/100


Overall Rating: 92/100

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