XXIO Women’s Eleven Premium RH Full Set Review

The problem with a lot of women’s golf club sets is that they are not actually designed with a woman’s swing in mind.

They may provide the distance that a lady golfer may need but that distance may be inaccessible due to the cumbersome nature of the club.

Today we are excited to be taking a look at a very unique set of golf clubs from an apparently thoughtful manufacturer: the XXIO Women’s Eleven Premium golf club set.

XXIO Women’s Eleven Overview

“The XXIO Women’s Eleven golf club set is ideal for beginners and intermediate players with features that cater to both levels.”

The XXIO Women’s Eleven golf club set comes with a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, a 6 hybrid, irons 7-9, pitching wedge and sand wedge.

The XXIO Women’s Eleven also comes with a premium cart bag that works with both push and motorized carts. The typical price for this complete set is $3,000 which is on the higher side but they have left no stone unturned in producing a premium quality set..

This is a great set with some advanced features that may ultimately justify the lofty price tag. It starts with a driver set to a very generous 13.5 degrees of loft.

All of the woods in the set (3, 5 and 7) are well-balanced and forgiving. They are very versatile for use off the tee or from the deck.

You also get a long 6 hybrid in the set which takes the place of the missing 6 iron. It has a unique head shape that helps generate distance while increasing forgiveness from the deck.

The double undercut cavities in the irons (7-9) generate an incredible amount of flex. The irons play longer than you would expect from clubs that are so lightweight.

The wedges have a progressive leading edge which will help more advanced players lay the ball down gently on the green. This same feature also helps to smooth out harsh turf interaction.

“The XXIO Women’s Eleven golf club set has the forgiveness on the front end to help high handicappers and the accuracy on the back end to help more advanced players hit the cup.”

XXIO Women’s Eleven Golf Club Set

Category: Women’s Beginner/Intermediate Clubs

XXIO Women’s Eleven – What’s in the Bag?

The XXIO Women’s Eleven complete golf club sets features the following clubs:

Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 7 wood, 6 hybrid, irons 7-9, pitching wedge, sand wedge and a premium cart bag.

Club Breakdowns

When you first pick up any club in the XXIO Women’s Eleven complete set, you will notice something very unique: they feel very well balanced no matter what your stance is.

That is due in part to the brass and rubber weights in the butt of each club in this set.


The driver is a breeze to swing.

It pulls the CG downward on your downswing and allows you to hit the ball dead-center more easily.

It features a very generous sweet spot and is set to a generous 13.5 degrees of loft which should help you get the high launch angles you need.


The XXIO Women’s Eleven also comes with woods 3, 5 and 7.

Each of these woods feels very comfortable whether you are striking from the tee or from the deck.

Some beginners will prefer more hybrids but for a more accomplished female player, these woods will be a dream to hit from the fairway.

Each wood is lightweight but still manages to produce the ball speed you need to get down the fairway in a hurry.

6 Hybrid

You only get one hybrid club in this set but we were glad to see that it was a 6 hybrid with plenty of loft for high, rangey shots.

It’s long enough to continue your trek down the fairway but is much more wieldy and forgiving than a typical 6 iron.

The unique shape also makes turf interaction on the deck smooth enough for accurate strikes.


The set comes with irons 7-9 and each one features a double undercut cavity.

This cavity allows the face to flex more which pushes the ball to achieve impressive speed.

That coupled with the brass/rubber weight in the butt make for comfortable and long irons.


The XXIO Women’s Eleven set is rounded off with a pair of wedges that will be of great use to both beginners and intermediate players.

The strong leading edge makes it easier to get under the ball while the strong lofts (44 and 56 degrees respectively) allow for soft landings on the green.

XXIO Women’s Eleven Selling Points

  • Double undercut cavities in the irons
  • Very lightweight design
  • Brass and rubber weights in the butts
  • Every club feels incredibly well-balanced
  • Strong lofts
  • Great for beginners and mid-handicappers

XXIO Women’s Eleven Cons

  • Expensive
  • Set doesn’t include a putter
  • Irons lack accuracy
  • Limited color options

Who is the XXIO Women’s Eleven Set for?

The XXIO Women’s Eleven golf club set would be most productive in the hands of high handicappers and intermediate players.

That’s because the woods play exceptionally long and offer a high degree of forgiveness – great for improvers.

Intermediate players will also relish the strong lofts of the irons and wedges that will be a great help on approaches – they played especially well for fast greens.

The XXIO Women’s Eleven set is available with lightweight shafts and very comfortable grips but no head covers are included.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 92/100

Forgiveness: 91/100

Control and Feel: 94/100

Value: 89/100

Overall Score: 93/100

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Do We Recommend Buying The XXIO Women’s Eleven Golf Club Set?

The XXIO Women’s Eleven is a set that would be a good idea for beginner players to buy.

Why? Because it has enough forgiveness and distance features to be a benefit for beginners. Furthermore it will still be useful as your game progresses to the mid-handicap level.

However, it will probably have to be replaced if you want to break into the lower handicap region. That’s why it would be best for beginners: they will get more time and value out of it.

Still, it has some advanced features (undercut cavities) that up it’s overall performance.

The XXIO Women’s Eleven is definitely worth a look if you are a beginner player so check it out today!