Wilson Tour RX Golf Club Set Review

The story of Wilson golf clubs is a bit odd.

There was a time when Wilson made golf clubs for Tour Pros and even at the amateur level, players were clamoring for Wilson clubs. But for whatever reason, Wilson decided to focus on their other divisions.

Keep in mind that Wilson sports is a massive conglomerate and they have their fingers in a lot of pies so to speak. So it was only natural that one of their sports divisions would lose steam. Unfortunately for Wilson fans, that division would be their golf division.

But Wilson Golf hasn’t completely slipped into the mire. While their focus has shifted from tour-caliber clubs, it has moved to game improvement clubs. More specifically, Wilson makes some of the best complete golf club sets in the industry. So today we will be taking a look at the Wilson Tour RX golf club set to see if it lives up to the proud Wilson name.

First Impressions

“My first impression was that these clubs look really good.”

Yes, they are all pretty big so there is no mistaking them for anything but game improvement clubs; but they are at least very well-designed. Wilson has managed to make chunky clubs look elegant and clean.

Who is the Wilson Tour RX Golf Club Set Best for?

“This is a set that has your name on it if you are a beginner or 20+ handicapper.”

The Wilson Tour RX golf club set was designed for forgiveness. Almost all of the clubs are oversized and have large sweet spots. If you are just starting to hone your swing path but still need some help with accuracy, this set should be on your radar.

What Comes in the Set?


“The Wilson Tour RX set comes with a composite titanium driver complete with a graphite shaft.”

This is a 460cc driver so it was built for forgiveness. The thing I liked the most about this driver was that it produced effortlessly straight and high flight which is something you’re going to want if you’re a high handicapper.

The graphite shaft is light which is good for slow swingers. It sounds a little clunky and the feedback could be sharper; but overall this is a very forgiving driver that will suit the needs of most beginners and high handicappers.

3 Wood

“The #3 fairway wood has a noticeably low center of gravity and also comes with a graphite stock shaft.”

Whether you are using the Wilson Tour RX 3-wood off the tee or turf, expect towering apex height. I especially liked using this fairway wood for long approaches because I was able to affect soft landings on the green.

The flight is remarkably straight as well so actually hitting the green from distance was surprisingly easy.


“The Wilson Tour RX set comes with #3 and #4 hybrids.”

I’m not a fan of including a #3 hybrid in sets that already have a very forgiving #3 fairway wood but oh well. At least the 4H bridges the distance gap seamlessly with the 5-iron in this set. The hybrids also have expansive sweet spots so they are incredibly forgiving – even if the turf interaction is a bit clunky.


“The Wilson Tour RX set includes irons 5-SW”

The irons are perimeter weighting, have deep undercut cavities and wide soles. The launch on these irons is almost dangerous. They produce high-arcing shots that can balloon easily if you’re not  careful. But they are remarkably forgiving and feel smooth through all kinds of lies.

Even my severe toe-side mis-hits were staying on-line and landing within 8 yards (laterally) of the target. I lost some carry yardage to the high flight but the overall distance was pretty good – average carry distance of 148.7 yards with the 7-iron.

The dispersion was tight and the sweet spot can’t be missed. They look very chunky behind the ball; but I’m sure most high handicappers won’t mind that.


“The mallet putter looks cool but the performance was underwhelming.”

It didn’t feel very well-balanced and the alignment marker was hard to use. The rollout was delayed noticeably so it was hard to stick to my intended path. This is probably the weakest club in the bag.

Set Composition

The woods in this set all come with graphite shafts while the irons, wedges and putter have steel shafts. The driver head is made from composite titanium. The hybrids and the irons are made of stainless steel.

Wilson Tour RX Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable
  • Includes head covers
  • Very forgiving irons
  • The woods and irons play straight
  • Great for low-launch players
  • Includes stand bag
  • Good turf interaction with the irons


  • The putter doesn’t seem very durable
  • The driver doesn’t have a satisfying sound

Overall Score: 97/100

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Other Sets to Consider

Wilson Reflex

“The Wilson Reflex golf club set includes a driver, #3 fairway wood, #5 hybrid, irons 6-SW and an Anser-style putter.”

I liked that the woods in this set felt very light and fast through my transition. I think it  would be a good option for high handicappers who want to work on their swing speed. Like the Wilson Tour RX irons, the Reflex irons have an oversized profile.


  • Forgiving irons
  • Good for beginners
  • Stand bag included


  • Heavy irons

Overall Score: 96/100

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Callaway XR 13-Piece Set

“The Callaway XR set includes a 460cc driver, #3 wood, 4H, 5H, irons 6-SW and an odyssey putter.”

The putter feels really smooth and blows the Wilson Tour RX putter out of the water. The woods feature the Hyper Face channel which preserves ball speed on mis-hits.


  • Woods play long
  • Quality putter
  • Forgiving irons


  • Flimsy bag

Overall Score: 96/100

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Final Assessment

“The Wilson Tour RX clubs are great for beginners because they play high and straight.”

I would suggest switching out the putter immediately but other than that, these are great GI clubs to get your golf journey started the right way.