Wilson Dynapower Vs Wilson D300 Irons Comparison Overview


It’s been a very long time since we’ve seen Wilson release a new iteration of the Dynapower irons.

In their time, they were some of the most popular and successful irons on the market. And in 2023, we have been treated to a new version.

The Wilson Dynapower irons are brand new so we wanted to test them against a more established set of Wilson irons: the Wilson D300’s. Which irons are better? Let’s talk about it.

Wilson Dynapower Irons Overview

“For the first time, Wilson has used artificial intelligence supercomputers to design a set of irons.”

At first glance, we really liked the looks of these irons. They don’t have a busy look and a moderate cavity depth. They feature progressive offset which, even in the short irons, is pretty pronounced. But that was the point because, keep in mind, these are meant to be game improvement irons.

The Wilson Dynapower irons have a low CG that counteracts some of the effects of their strong lofts (a mere 37° in the 9-iron). Our testers found this interesting because the better ones were able to work the launch of these irons pretty regularly.

This makes them great for mid handicappers who need better stopping power around the green and help with distance from the long irons.

Wilson D300 Irons Overview


“The Wilson D300 irons are certainly products of their era.”

What we mean is that they have features that were very common at the time they came out. For instance, the D300 irons feature a soft urethane layer within the head to help improve face flexion. Beyond that, there is a portion of the face that is separated from the head for even more flex.

Last but not least, the Wilson D300 irons feature weight “pods” in the heel and the toe. Don’t get us wrong, all of these features are effective if you want more distance. It’s just all a little dated. That, and it should be mentioned that the Wilson D300’s have a busier and more distracting look at address than the new Wilson Dynapower irons.

“While the Wilson D300 irons may be better for 20+ handicap players, the new Wilson Dynapower irons can be used effectively by both mid and handicap players. We liked the Wilson Dynapower irons more because they looked better and produced just as much distance and forgiveness as the D300’s.”

Wilson Dynapower Irons

Category: Game Improvement

Wilson Dynapower First Impressions

“The Wilson Dynapower irons have a very sleek and clean design which is a welcome site from a lot of the more recent game improvement irons that quite frankly, tend to look too busy.”

Wilson did a good job of not going overboard with the cavity undercut while still making the Dynapower irons forgiving. The blade length is about what you would expect from a GI iron but you get a good amount of up-and-down workability.

And you would think that with a shallower undercut cavity that it would be hard to get air under the ball. However, it would seem that mass was also allocated to the soles of these irons, making it much easier to launch the ball. This is especially helpful around the pin because the grooves in the scoring irons aren’t very aggressive.

Wilson Dynapower Iron Selling Points

  • Power Hole 3.0 technology for a more forgiving face
  • Designed with assistance from AI
  • Strong lofts
  • Low CG
  • Thin face design
  • Progressive offset
  • Longer, smoother hosel transition
  • Good combination of looks and forgiveness

Who Are the Wilson Dynapower Irons for?

“The Wilson Dynapower irons would be a good choice for players in the 10-19 handicap range.”

They offer a good combination of forgiveness and workability. So if you are knocking on the door of a single digit handicap, these irons can get you there. Likewise, if you are trying to get down to the mid teen handicap range, the Wilson Dynapower irons have the forgiveness and distance/accuracy assistance to elevate your game.

One of the best things about these irons is that they will help you straighten out your shot. The face feels hot and very responsive. More mass moved to the toe area also means that many players can gain a few extra yards simply by launching their balls straighter.

Our testing team also mentioned that the Wilson Dynapower irons were great confidence boosters. They have a better look than most modern game improvement irons too. So if you really want to lower your score but are a bit bashful about gaming huge shovels, these irons would be a great choice for you.

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