Wilson D7 Vs Wilson D9 Irons Comparison Overview


In the battle between the Wilson D9 and the Wilson D7 irons, what we’re really talking about are super game improvement irons vs game improvement irons.

Obviously, super game improvement irons are suitable for beginners and 20+handicappers while game improvement irons are gameable for high and mid handicappers alike.

When it comes to the Wilson D9 and Wilson D7 irons though, there is a bit more to it than that. If you are considering buying either of these irons don’t make a decision until you read the following comparison overview.

Wilson D7 Irons Overview

 Wilson D7 Irons

“The Wilson D7 are pure distance irons in the guise of super game improvement clubs.”

The lofts on the Wilson D7 irons are understandably weaker than the Wilson D9 irons. And indeed, the Wilson D7’s launch phenomenally high. They also play long. When we tested them, most of our testers mentioned that the Wilson D7’s play about a club longer than their usual irons.

However, this distance comes at a price. While the Wilson D7’s have large sweet spots, if you miss them, you will get a very erratic flight. That’s what we experienced anyway. They have a slightly larger profile than the Wilson D9’s and a deeper undercut cavity so the CG is actually lower. You also get pretty wide soles that bear the “Power Holes” that allow the face to flex more.

Wilson D9 Irons Overview

 Wilson D9 Irons

“Compared to the Wilson D7’s the D9’s have a more compact head shape but still have moderately chunky soles.”

The loft has been jacked up though so you get a lower, faster launch. Another thing to note is that the power holes in the Wilson D9 irons are actually smaller than those in the D7 irons. This is probably to accommodate the smaller soles.

The Wilson D9 irons have progressive offset. Our testers reported that the long irons were very manageable and that the short irons provided slightly better workability – something we didn’t experience very much with the Wilson D7 irons.

“If you are considering the Wilson D7 irons because they are so-called super game improvement irons, we would advise that you reconsider. Even if you are a 25+ handicapper, you don’t gain very much forgiveness from the Wilson D7’s compared to the D9’s. The D9’s will help you improve your accuracy and aren’t much smaller than the D7’s. In our opinion at least, the D9’s are the superior irons whether you’re talking about SGI or GI irons.”

Wilson D7 Irons – First Impressions

Wilson D7 Irons2

“We could tell right away that these were going to be forgiving irons.”

The deep cavity back and thick soles give the look of a classic set of super game improvement irons. And we were right – the Wilson D7 irons were extremely forgiving.

Wilson D9 Irons – First Impressions


“We weren’t sure what to expect from these irons.”

We liked that they were sleeker than the D7’s; but again, we were put off by the matte/chrome finish on the face.

That became less important as the test session pressed on. We were very impressed with the forgiveness and distance of these irons.

While spin rates are a bit low, Wilson seems to have compromised with higher launch.

Wilson D7 Selling Points

  • Progressive Power Hole configuration
  • Thinner faces than previous Wilson iron models
  • Wide soles
  • Matte topline
  • Moderate offset
  • Relatively strong lofts
  • Very high and easy launch

Wilson D9 Selling Points

  • Power holes
  • Fast face
  • Low Cg
  • Strong lofts
  • Expansive sweet spot

Who Are the Wilson D7 Irons for?

Wilson D7 Irons4

“These are strictly for beginners and high handicappers.”

There is pretty much no working these irons so they should be relegated to the bags of beginners and high handicappers.

That being said, the Wilson D7 irons are likely to give high handicappers a very quick distance boost.

Also, if you are struggling to get the ball up in the air and want to steepen your descent angles, you should definitely check these irons out.

It’s very easy to launch the ball high even from tough lies – this was especially true of the short irons and wedges.

Wilson D Family of Irons

However, if you are looking for lower launch and lower spin with a crisper look at address, there are always the Wilson D9 irons.

The D9’s are still forgiving but they also offer an element of workability for the slightly better player. And of course, the Wilson D9 irons will help you add distance to your shots.

Distance: 97/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Feel & Control: 94/100

Wilson D7 Irons

Overall Score: 96/100

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Who Are the Wilson D9 Irons for?

“We could see both mid and high handicappers making good use of these irons.”

You get a touch of workability and the ability to stop the ball on fast greens which is something both high and mid handicappers will love.

Wilson D Family of Irons

 The Wilson D9 irons are the most technologically advanced but the D7 irons are actually more forgiving – albeit at the sacrifice of any semblance of workability.

Distance: 97/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel & Control: 94/100

Wilson D9 Irons

Overall Score: 95/100

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