What Should An Average Golfer Have In His Bag?

An average golfer is defined as a player whose handicap is between 16-20. However, the USPGA suggests that the official handicap of an average golfer is 15.

Careful estimates suggest that average golfers play 18 rounds per year. Regardless of your handicap, or how often you play, you will need to make sure your golf bag is ready to hit the fairways when that time comes.

So, it’s vitally important to have the right equipment and accessories in your golf bag. However, what do you need in your bag, and why?

Don’t worry, keep reading blow as I’ve compiled a list of all the equipment and accessories that an average golfer will need on the course for a perfect round.

What Do You Need In Your Bag – A Brief Overview

The golf bag of an average golfer should have suitable equipment and accessories. The setup might change, but mainly it should include a driver, 2 fairway woods, an iron set, 3-4 wedges, and a putter.

Along with these clubs items such as a rangefinders, a GPS watch, golf balls, hand towel, glove, and snacks are also essential. Don’t worry if this seems a lot! I will give you the best advice for all of the best equipment.

What Do I Need When Packing A Golf Bag

Packing suitable equipment and add-ons are of critical importance for an average golfer. The setup of the bag might change as per the playing style and preferences of every player. However, the following is a general rule of thumb while setting a golf bag.

A maximum of 14 golf clubs are allowed for every player. The number of clubs can decrease but it cannot increase. You could get disqualified from a competition if you break this rule.

A properly set up bag should have a driver, 2 fairway woods, an iron set, 3-4 wedges, and a putter. Some might include hybrids or drivable irons instead of the fairway woods.

The add-ons could be a rangefinder, GPS watch, golf balls, hand towel, glove, and a few snacks to keep you energized for 18 holes.

Keep reading as I have compiled and recommended a list of all the essentials that would be required by an average golfer while playing.

1.    Rangefinder/Golf GPS Watch

  • Why Knowing Your Distances Is So Important For An Average Golfer?

Knowing the distance of your clubs, or the accurate distance of the shot is cardinal. If you misread or miscalculate the distance, it will only result in additional strokes. To minimize the core issue of distance calculation, rangefinders and GPS watches can be used.

A rangefinder uses laser beam technology, whereas a GPS watch uses the data of interconnected satellites to provide accurate distance. Both have their positive and negatives. You can also use both at the same time if you choose. This will help in finding your accurate yardages. If you are a golfer, you know how important it is for your game.

  • How To Find Your Distances With Each Club?

You can use GPS golf watches to calculate the distance of every shot. These watches are linked with their respective apps that are available on iOS and Android. They keep track of your shots and calculate an average distance for each club.

The process is simple, you must select the club on the watch and then hit it. The GPS watch will calculate the distances and constantly update the database in the app. It will keep you up to date about your yardages. These are great for post-game analysis, and even for sharing with friends or on social media.

Garmin manufactures the best and most reliable GPS watches for golfers. The Garmin S12 is offered at an entry-level price. This watch provides the golfers with accurate distance using GPS technology. Following are the key points of this watch.

  1. Changeable straps
  2. 42000+ preloaded courses
  3. Constant updating on the app
  4. High-resolution screen
  5. Backlight adjustment
  6. Charging time: 2 hours
  7. Usability time: 30 hours
  8. Standby time: 10 weeks

2.    Balls

  • What To Look For

Every golfer wants the most premium and perfect ball for their game. Do premium golf balls help your game? No! These premium golf balls are made for high swing speed golfers who score low and have proper control over every golf shot.

Average golfers tend to have slow-moderate swing speeds. They often have accuracy and distance issues. Moreover, they struggle around the greens with lesser greenside spins.

We suggest that average golfers should look for balls that are soft and have lesser sidespin. The perfect golf ball should produce optimum greenside spin. It should be mid-range priced.

  • Tips For Average Players

Average golfers should always look for softer balls with lower compressions. The spin rate should be optimum so that they don’t struggle with the distance and greenside spin. Course type, slope, and rating are also important for the right selection of a golf ball.

  • Recommendation For Average Players

We have compiled a list of the 5 best golf balls for average golfers. All these balls have a high spin rate and lower compressions. Furthermore, their prices are also mid-range and affordable.

  1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls
  2. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls
  3. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls
  4. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls
  5. Bridgestone Golf e12 Balls

3.    Tees

  • What To Look For

While opting for a suitable tee, an average golfer should look for a durable tee. They can either be wooden or plastic. Most professionals use wooden tees. Although the tee manufacturing technology has not evolved much, we suggest that beginners and average golfers should go for plastic tees.

However, with the focus on the environmental impact of golf, many sustainable golf companies have started up. There are companies who specialize in bamboo golf tees now, these are slightly more expensive, but better for the environment and extremely durable.

Most of the time, we take the tees for granted. Sturdy tees provide stability during the tee shots. Another important aspect is the right selection of height. Every golfer has a favorable height of the tee. For drivers, this height can vary between 3.25 inches to 4 inches.

  • Plastic Vs Wood

Average golfers should opt for plastic tees if they are on a budget. These are more sturdy and durable. They provide maximum stable lie to golfers. However, as mentioned bamboo tees are a great alternative.

  • Tips For Average Players

We suggest while deciding on the tee, average golfers should keep the following points in mind,

  1. The tee should be lightweight
  2. The tee should not distract the golfer with sharp color
  3. The tee should be durable
  • Recommendation For Average Players

Although the selection of tee is a personal choice and preference of every golfer, we recommend that average golfers should go for plastic tees. Following is the list of best performing tees,

  1. Pride Evolution Golf Tees (plastic)
  2. Zero Friction Tour 3 Prong Golf Tees (plastic)
  3. Calaway Par-Tee (plastic)
  4. Champ Golf Zarma Fly Tees (plastic)
  5. Pride Performance Golf Tees (wooden)

4.    What 14 Clubs For Should Average Players Have Their Bags

Golfers are allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs in their bags. This number cannot increase, as you would be breaking the rules of golf, however it can decrease. Following is the list of 14 clubs an average golfer should have in his bag.

  1. 1 Driver
  2. 3 and 5 Fairway Wood
  3. Iron Set (6 Irons)
  4. 4 Wedges
  5. 1 Putter,

However, some golfers would prefer to carry hybrid clubs over fairway woods and long irons.

5.    Driver – What Kind Of Driver To Use

  • Should Average Players Always Use The Driver?

The driver is the most intriguing club for any golfer. It can either make or break your game. A careful estimate suggests that an additional 20 yards off the drive would reduce 2.3 strokes per round.

Although it is difficult to master this club, average golfers should use it. Average golfers should try and drive their maximum distance each time. However, the alternative for a driver is a fairway wood as this can provide more accuracy from the tee.

  • Tips

There are a lot of tips one could advise average golfers. If executed properly, the following are the best tips to instantly improve driving accuracy and distance.

  1. Tee the ball high enough
  2. Set up a wide stance
  3. Tilt shoulders for attacking angle
  4. Relaxed grip
  5. Use of high loft
  6. Improving swing speed and takeaway tempo.

Following are the drills that an average golfer can perform to acquire consistency.

  1. The Foot Spray Drill
  2. The Takeaway Drill
  • Loft Advice

Drivers have a loft that ranges between 8-11 degrees. It is suggested that average golfers should use the higher loft. Thus, any driver with a loft between 9.5-10.5 is a good fit.

Higher lofts offer a better attacking launch angle. They are more forgiving. Their trajectory is also a bit higher than 8-9 degree drivers.

  • Recommendation For Average Players

Following is the list of the best golf drivers for average golfers. This list is compiled after a careful analysis of the loft, shaft material, and length of the driver.

  1. Cleveland Golf Launcher  Turbo Driver
  2. Titleist TSi2 Driver
  3. Callaway Epic Speed Driver
  4. Ping G425 Max Driver
  5. TaylorMade Stealth and SIM Max Driver

6.    Fairway Woods

  • What To Look For

A fairway wood is an important and integral part of any golf bag. Fairway woods are used for shorter tee shots, and those that require accuracy. Along with longer approach shots from the fairway. These clubs have appropriate shafts. The fairway wood has a deep center of gravity, which allows the golfers to hit longer shots.

For average golfers, we suggest that they carry 5 wood. A 5 wood has a shorter shaft and a higher loft which is a forgiving trait in any golf club. With 5 wood, a golfer can hit longer approach shots and hit more greens in regulation. The average distance of a 5 wood is between 200-240 yards,

  • Tips For Average Players

The following points should be kept in mind while hitting a fairway wood,

  1. Appropriate wide stance
  2. Tilted body posture
  3. Proper ball position
  4. Proper swing curvature (perform practice swing)
  5. Relaxed grip
  6. Correlation among leading and trailing arms
  • Loft Advice

The loft of a 5 wood ranges between 18-21 degrees. The higher loft has a better ball trajectory and forgiveness. We suggest that an average golfer should opt for a 19-20 degree 5 fairway wood.

  • Recommendation For Average Players

Following is the list of the most forgiving, best performing, and overall value to money fairway woods.

  1. TaylorMade Stealth
  2. Callaway Mavrik Max
  3. Cleveland Launcher Turbo
  4. Cobra F Max
  5. PING G410

7.    Hybrids

  • What To Look For

As the name suggests, hybrids are a mix of irons and woods. Carrying a 4 hybrid has a lot of benefits for average golfers. It offers longer yardages and more control of the ball flight. It is much easier to hit a consistent and accurate shot with a hybrid than a fairway wood.

For average golfers, 4 hybrid provides better results. It has a better ball trajectory than long and mud irons. The carry and roll are great. They outperform many clubs in the rough. Average golfers can hit better shots from the rough.

The average distance of a 4 hybrid is 170-210 yards. The difference in distance between a 5 wood and a 4 hybrid is 15-20 yards.

  • Tips For Average Players

There is not much change in hitting a hybrid or an iron. They both have nearly the same pre-shot mechanism. However, the following should be kept in mind,

  1. Proper stance and ball position
  2. Use the loft to your advantage
  3. Relaxed grip
  4. Coordination of arms during swing curvature
  5. Proper follow-through
  • Loft Advice

The loft of a 4 hybrid ranges between 22-24 degrees. We suggest that average golfers should opt for a 4 hybrid that has a loft of 23 degrees. This will be better for higher trajectory and longer yardages.

  • Recommendation For Average Players

We have compiled a list of hybrids that offer the best distance and control of the ball flight.

  1. Callaway Mavrik Max
  2. Cleveland Launcher Halo
  3. Taylormade M6
  4. Cobra F9 Speedback
  5. PING G400

8.    Irons

  • What To Look For

The iron set is the most important equipment in the bag of any golfer. With ever-changing technology, the iron sets have evolved immensely. Every year, brands introduce new and more advanced sets of irons, all looking to further improve your game.

We suggest that average golfers should opt for cavity back iron sets having 4-9 irons or 5-9 irons. Cavity back irons have a thicker sole and larger club head. They are the most forgiving. Above all, cavity back brings consistency to the player’s game. Blade and muscle iron sets are for scratch and professional golfers.

  • Game Improvement Irons For Average Players

Game improvement irons are more forgiving than ordinary iron sets. Their lofts are lower than corresponding normal iron sets. Following are the best game improvement irons for average golfers.

  1. Callaway Rogue ST Max
  2. Cleveland Launcher XL irons
  3. Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal
  4. Ping G425
  • Tips For Average Players

The following is the list of tips we would recommend to average golfers to hit pure iron shots.

  1. Proper stance setup
  2. Proper swing setup
  3. Appropriate ball positioning (changes for every iron)
  4. Aim for the shot
  5. Proper weight management (try a few practice swings)
  6. Balanced swing curvature and follow-through
  • Loft Advice
Iron Loft Degrees
4 24
5 27
6 30
7 34
8 38
9 42
  • Recommendation For Average Players

Best iron sets for average golfers are as follows,

  1. Taylormade M6
  2. Callaway Mavrik Irons
  3. Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo
  4. Cleveland Launcher CBX
  5. Cobra KING Speedzone

9.    Wedges

  • What To Look For

Wedges are a vital part of the short game for any golfer. They can either get you birdies and par saves, or they can cause a lot of bogeys. Therefore, an average golfer should be careful with their choice of wedges and their lofts.

Wedges offer high trajectories and immense backspin and greenside spin. Average golfers carry at least 3 wedges in their bag. These are pitching, sand, and lob wedges. However, you can add a gap wedge and carry 4 wedges if you feel the need.

  • Tips For Average Players

The following are the tips about wedges for average golfers,

  1. Right grind type (it varies with playing style)
  2. Proper weight of the wedge
  3. Proper stance setup
  4. Proper ball positioning
  5. Relaxed and shallow grip
  6. Controlled swing curvature
  7. Sliding through the ball at impact
  8. Perform follow-through
  • Loft Advice
Wedge Loft  (degrees)
Pitching Wedge 46
Gap Wedge 50-52
Sand Wedge 54-58
Lob Wedge 58-64
  • Recommendation For Average Players

We have compiled a list of the best-performing wedges for average golfers in terms of control, forgiveness, backspin, and greenside performance.

  1. Cleveland CBX
  2. TaylorMade Milled Grind 3
  3. PING Glide 2.0
  4. Cleveland Smart Sole
  5. Titleist Vokey SM9

10.  Putters

  • What To Look For

Putters can change the outcome of your game entirely. A good putter with all the required characteristics will save you many strokes. Therefore, it is critical to choose a putter that suits your playing style. You drive for show, but putt for dough, so the right putter could help you beat your friends in your next match.

A few things should be kept in mind while choosing a putter. The alignment of the putter should be clear and decisive. It not only improves the vision of the target line but also improves the distance controllability.

It is suggested that the average golfer should use a mallet putter head. Mallet’s are more forgiving as they provide better balance at impact.

The length of a good putter varies between 33-36 inches. It should be long enough to have a proper swing pendulum.

  • Tips For Average Players

The following tips should be kept in mind:

  1. Good alignment
  2. Mallet putter head
  3. Appropriate length (33-36 inches)
  4. Right putter face
  5. Slight radius on the putter sole
  6. Putter weight (330-380 grams is good)
  • Loft Advice

The suggested loft of a putter for an average golfer is between 3-4 degrees. Such putters are good for considering green contour variations.

  • Recommendation For Average Players

Considering the important aspects of a putter, we have compiled a list of best putters for average golfers.

  1. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11.5 Putter
  2. Odyssey White Hot OG Putter
  3. TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Del Monte Putter
  4. Odyssey Eleven Putter
  5. TaylorMade Spider GT Putter

Other Suggestions

Apart from golf equipment, there are a few other necessities that a golfer should always carry.

11.  Towel

  • What To Look For

Any golfer would know the importance of carrying a golf towel with them. Particularly if the golfer is playing in humid and hot conditions. The average size of a golf towel should be 1.5 feet long and 8 inches in width. It should have a loop on it so that you can attach it to your golf bag. The size of the towel may differ.

  • Tips For Average Players

It is recommended that the golf towel should be of microfiber material. Golf towels are used for 3 main reasons.

  1. To dry the grips (it increases stability in the shots)
  2. To clean the debris from the club heads and grooves (it improves the shot accuracy and spin)
  3. To clean the ball after each hole (it improves the flight path of the ball)
  • Recommendation For Average Players

Following is the list of best golf towels,

  1. Nike Microfiber Golf Towel
  2. Titleist Stadry Performance Towel
  3. TaylorMade Tour Towel
  4. Under Armour Golf Towel
  5. Callaway Golf Towel

12.   Scorecard

  • What To Look For

If you are an average golfer, you should always carry a scorecard with you. This will help you to note your score and analyze your playing pattern constantly. Professional golfers always carry scorecards on tours and tournaments. However, you may or may not carry it for a casual round of golf.

  • Tips For Average Players

There are no hard and fast rules for recording scores on a scorecard. There are respective columns and you have to put your strokes in them. Put in your handicap and calculate the gross and net scores. Today, many modern GPS watches also allow you to record your score as you complete your round, some even provide course information.

13.   Snacks

  • What To Look For

It is always important to keep your body properly fed. This increases stamina and activity status. There are a lot of snacks that you can carry with you. Just make sure that they are light, and not too filling as they could impact your game. You should not be eating junk food as it slows you down. Golf is a sport remember!

  • Tips For Average Players

You can carry any snack as long as it serves the purpose. Try to avoid junk food, excessive intake of sugar, and drinks. Protein bars are a great choice when on the golf course.

  • Recommendations For Average Players

Following is a list of the snacks that you can carry with you. However, you cannot limit yourself with this list.

  1. Fruits
  2. Granola Bars
  3. Nuts
  4. Sandwiches
  5. Protein Bars
  6. Chips
  7. Beef Jerky
  8. Boiled Eggs
  9. Popcorn
  10. Juices and Energy Drinks


I have tried to curate the best of everything in this article that an average golfer needs while playing. I hope that you find it useful, and that next time you’re preparing to play you can be confident you will have everything you need.

The only thing I didn’t cover was the need for a good sized golf bag to hold all of these items. Why not let me know if there were any surprises with what was in my list in the comments below.

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