Trackman 4 Vs. Full Swing KIT Comparison Overview

When it comes to golf launch monitors and simulators, it can be very hard to decide on the device that will fit your needs the most. The lines between golf simulators, golf launch monitors and even golf GPS devices are getting blurrier by the day.

Of course, the best thing to do when shopping is to keep your needs firmly in mind and not get swayed by fancy features you won’t ever use. To help you sort through your options, we will be comparing the Trackman 4 against the Full Swing KIT.

Trackman 4 Overview

The Trackman 4 is a professional system that is usually reserved for instructors, fitters and other commercial applications.

As a testament to that fact, most Trackman systems have to be custom installed by technicians. However, if you are really serious about improving your game or providing the most immersive golf simulator experience for your friends, family or patrons, it’s not a bad way to go.

The Trackman 4 beautifully and accurately simulates over 120 courses from around the world and is very accurate with shot metrics. It uses 2 radar systems and a camera to yield acute readings on face angle, carry distance, club speed, ball speed, spin rate and much more.

Full Swing KIT Overview

The Full Swing KIT retails for about $4000 which is much cheaper than the Trackman 4 and it’s actually portable.

Unlike the Trackman system, you don’t need any professional installation. In fact, one of the things we loved the most about the Full Swing KIT is that it is fast and easy to set up. Simply turn it on, select your club and set it down about 10 feet behind the ball and you’re ready to go.

It’s about the size of a modern tablet and uses a radar system to track data like spin rate, carry distance, total distance, smash factor, club speed, face angle, apex height and more. The Full Swing KIT also uses E6 Connect simulation software to provide a very nice simulation experience.

Unless you are a rec-center owner or a professional instructor, you wouldn’t have a lot of need for the Trackman 4. It’s very expensive and while the simulations are immersive and the data extensive, it’s not for the everyday golfer. The Full Swing KIT gives you what you need to improve and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Trackman 4

In 20 Words or Less

The Trackman 4 is simply the most advanced golf simulator/launch monitor currently on the market.

Full Swing KIT

In 20 Words or Less

The Full Swing KIT launch monitor provides all the essential shot and swing metrics is a sleek, compact package.

Trackman 4 First Impressions

The Trackman 4 actually felt pretty intimidating as it required a professional setup.

After playing around with the Trackman 4, we were struck with just how accurate this thing is.

Key Features

The dual sensor system allows for one radar sensor to be dedicated to your club head and the other to the ball.

This tandem made for very accurate short and long-game readings. Tested against other launch monitors, we found the Trackman 4 to be accurate within 2 yards for wood and iron shots. With our putters, it did suffer a bit but was still more accurate than most other monitors.

Of course, the Trackman 4 will capture shot data like distance, smash factor, angle of attack and much more. You can even use it to enter into online tournaments on the richly-simulated golf courses from around the world.

The Trackman 4 is about the best indoor golf simulator/launch monitor you can get.

Full Swing KIT First Impressions

Our initial impression of the Full Swing KIT was that it was small and that it had a pretty cool design.

Then, we were really pleased with how quick the setup is for this launch monitor. You don’t have to place metallic stickers on all your balls or use any kind of alignment sticks. All you have to do is set the  Full Swing KIT launch monitor 10 feet behind the ball, select your club and you’re ready to go.

Of course, if you want data sent to your phone or device you need to connect to the monitor but it’s wireless and is also pretty fast and intuitive.

Key Features

The Full Swing KIT can detect and keep track of 16 shot metrics.

These include carry distance, total distance, spin rate, spin axis, face angle, face to path, attack angle, launch angle, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, club path, horizontal angle, apex height, side carry distance and side total distance.

You can also record video of your shot and review it on your connected device. Full Swing has also hinted that more shot metrics may be added in the future. You can also pair the Full Swing KIT with a wide variety of devices like your golf watch, tablet, phone or even Air Pods.

It has a little kickstand in the back so you can easily set it up on any even surface. You can expect about 5-6 hours of battery life which is more than enough for a practice session. It comes with a USB-C charging cable and a pretty neat little travel case.

It’s also very nice that the camera can record in 4K. This yields amazing HD recordings of your shot for you to review any time.

Of course, there is also a golf simulator powered by E6 connect so you can play over 100 courses from around the world in your own home.

Trackman 4 Selling Points

  • Dual-radar system
  • Professional-grade
  • 120+ course simulations
  • Custom builds

Full Swing KIT Selling Points

  • Radar sensors
  • Dedicated processors
  • Shot recording in 4k
  • 16 shot metrics
  • Compact design

Who is the Trackman 4 for?

The Trackman 4 will work best for professional-grade virtual golf studios, course pros and fitters.

Again, this system is probably best for people who have made golf their career in one way or another.


  • The course simulations look fantastic and includes courses like Donalda Club, Falmouth CC, Real Club Valderrama, Hidden Canyon and much more
  • Smartphone compatible
  • New courses added every month
  • Very accurate readings


  • Very Expensive
  • Requires a lot of space

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who Is The Full Swing KIT for?

The Full Swing KIT would be best for players that are working with instructors to improve their game.

While the E6 software suite does provide some fun game modes for recreational use, we definitely got the sense that the Full Swing KIT was mostly for serious practicing. For this reason, it would probably be best for competitive mid handicappers and scratch players serious about improving.


  • The setup process is very easy
  • It processes your shot information very quickly
  • Very accurate outdoors
  • Fun game modes and online challenges with the E6 Connect software
  • Fits easily in your bag
  • Great for players serious about improving


  • A bit pricey
  • You need at least 8 feet of launch space for it to be accurate indoors
  • Relatively limited shot metrics
  • Takes a long time to fully charge

Overall Score: 94/100

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