The Titleist TSR3 Driver Review – The Latest Addition For Precision Strikers

The latest addition to Titleist ‘Speed’ drivers collection, the TSR3 looks to build on the treemendous success fo the Tsi3 which has been the most used driver on tour for the past number of years.

The TSR3 sets out to offer distance and speed to golfers who tend to hit the ball flush and there is also plenty of adjustability to dial it right into your own personal swing.

Overall The TSR3 is going to offer the maximum club head speed, ball speed, and precision tuning out of the 4 part TSR series, this is the club we would expect to see the majority of the tour players carrying in the 2023 season.

So what’s new in the TSR3 Driver?

The R in TSR stands for refinement, so we need not expect a full tearing down and building back up of the TSR3.

The TSi3 was a very successful club and the TSR3 looks very similar with minimal changes to the cosmetic look of the club.

But that is what Titleist gamers want, the classic Titleist look and they are more concerned with the performance they get from the club when the let the big dog bark.


When you set out to ‘Refine’ a very successful club and the name of the said club has the word ‘Speed’ in it, then a good idea will be to have speed as one of the base attributes you are looking to improve.

The TSR3 has accomplished this by making the head shape more aerodynamic with a boat trail now included to reduce friction between the club and air during the swing.

All frills have been removed from the sole of the club to improve swing speed too, (Yes, it’s hard to upgrade on the huge success of the TSR2!)

The swing weight is also placed in the boat trail in the TSR3 and the overall result is reduced drag.

Speed Ring Face

While the TSR2 and the TSR4 have the Multi Plateau Variable Face Technology that delivers straight shots on mishits, the TSR3 has a Speed Ring face which delivers the best CT/COR when hit flush with the sweet spot.

That being said, the variable face technology of the new speed ring, is also going to offer consistency on mishits, just not as much as the TSR2 and the TSR4.

Sure Fit Hosel And CG

This driver is highly adjustable and can be fine-tuned easily to suit your game.

On the sole of the club is the sure fit CG, allowing you to adjust the weight and Center of Gravity to suit the exact way you swing the club.

The Sure fit hosel also allows you to adjust the loft and lie of your club independently of each for optimal performance, dialed into your own specific game.

Overall Verdict

A tour players preferred shape with distance and speed at the core of its classic Titleist design.

With a raft of unsigned pros using the TSR3 already, we know that is going to be a massive success.

The club is also confidence inspiring at address with the sound and feel doing little to dampen our enthusiasm.

We feel that this driver will go down as a classic from Titleist and if you are a mid handicapper with the budget for a premium driver, it will be hard to find a better performing club on the market today.

The Titleist TSR3 Driver First Impressions

When you see the TSR3, your first impression might be that it looks very similar to the preceding TSi3 driver which was game by a ton of tour professionals over the past couple of years.

If you thought that, then you wouldn’t be wrong. The TSR3 sets out to ‘Refine’ the TSi3 without building an entirely new club.

The incremental improvements have been enough to get tour players already wielding the theTSR3 but it remains to be seen whether regular golfers will find it necessary to upgrade to the TSR3 from the TSi3 and in most cases, they probably wouldn’t need to.

The driver has improved on the aerodynamics with the boat trail at the back housing the tungsten weight which can be easily adjusted to your swing style.

The loft and lie can both also be easily adjusted to suit your swing or the course you are playing that day.

The Speed Ring VFT is forgiving on miss hits but when you catch the ball flush on the sweet spot, the ball will fly like a Tesla rocket ship.

All extras have been stripped to reduce weight and drag. The aerospace-grade titanium produces and epic sound and feel.

Another thing to note would be that while Taylormade have gone for Carbon based solutions and vowed never to return to Titanium, Titleist still continue to use Titanium in their drivers.

Overall the club is very confidence-inspiring at the tee box.

Selling Points

  • Surefit Hosel And CG
  • Aerospace Grade Titanium
  • More Aerodynamic With Higher Swing Speeds
  • Speed Ring VFT
  • Already a preferred driver on Tour
  • Long, Fast And Consistent

Who Is The TSR3 Driver For?

The TSR3 is the most tour-preferred driver out of the 4 on offer in the TSR range.

The driver is long, fast and consistent and you can really dial the club in to your own specific swing.

The better players will love to fine tune the performance of the TSR3 at a driver fitting and the performance of the TSR3 is going to get the sales.

It doesn’t have the flamboyant looks of the Taylormade Stealth or a Cobra driver but when you get to the Tee Box, the TSR3 is one of the best performing drivers ever produced.

the face is confidence inspiring and the sound and feel make you want to hit the club again and again.

The driver will best suit players who can hit the sweet spot more often than not but it has to forgiveness to make it gameable for mid handicappers and upwards.

If you’ve got the money to splash out on a premium driver and hit the ball well, the TSR3 should be high on your list of potential new clubs.

The Titleist TSR Family of Drivers

There are 4 clubs in the TSR family with the lightweight TSR1 not coming out until early 2023.

The TSR2 is the max version with a good deal of forgiveness coming from the Multi Plateau VFT. This will suit beginners most favorably but can also be used by mid to low-handicappers.

The TSR4 is the most configurable of the drivers, you can dial it into to your exact swing easily but it sacrifices a little bit of speed in doing so. This one is for the shot placers.

Distance: 97/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Feel & Control: 95/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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