Titleist TSi2 Vs Titleist TSR2 Drivers Comparison Overview

Titleist TSi2 Vs Titleist TSR2 Drivers

It can be very hard to tell what the key differences between the Titleist TSi2 and the TSR2 drivers are.

They have very similar features and profiles; but make no mistake about it, they aren’t for the same type of player.

We know because we actually tested the Titleist TSi2 and the Titleist TSR2 side-by-side.

While they are for different players, they both have their strongpoints so pay attention as we compare the Titleist TSi2 and the Titleist TSR2 drivers.

Titleist TSi2 Driver Overview

“The Titleist TSi2 is a 460cc driver and comes in 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0 degree loft versions.”

However, it should be noted that the Titleist TSi2 also has an adjustable hosel that allows your fitter to tweak the loft and face angle a bit.

The Titleist TSi2 features a 425 Titanium face which is the same material used for the face of the Titleist TSR2 driver.

We found that the Titleist TSi2 was forgiving on heel/toe mis-hits and low-face mis-hits. The spin rates we were getting were a bit high though – usually well above the 2500 RPM mark.

Still, it’s very easy to lock onto the sweet spot of this driver and nail it consistently. The flight was also similar to that of the Titleist TSR2 both drivers produced a mid-high launch that drops off steeply.

Titleist TSR2 Driver Overview

Titleist TSR2 Driver

“The Titleist TSR2 comes in 8, 9, 10 and 11 degree loft versions and sports a 460cc head.”

And like the Titleist TSi2, the Titleist TSR2 has an adjustable hosel. The main difference between these two drivers is spin rates.

The Titleist TSR2 produced much lower spin rates than the TSi2. As a result, our carry distance was consistently better with the Titleist TSR2.

The Titleist TSR2 also has a variable face thickness design; but it wasn’t as forgiving on low-face mis-hits as the Titleist TSi2 driver was.

If you’re a faster swinger, you’re going to want to go with the 9 or 8 degree loft version of this driver.

“Both the Titleist TSR2 and the Titleist TSi2 produced a very satisfying, high-pitched crack at impact. And the sound was consistent over almost the entire face.

But faster swingers will want to take advantage of the low-spinning Titleist TSR2. The Titleist TSi2 would be better for players who struggle to consistently hit the sweet spot.”

Titleist Tsi2 First Impressions

At first, the Titleist Tsi2 doesn’t look like much. But it’s a driver that has to be swung to be believed.

One of the things that really helps bump this driver up a few points is the adjustable hosel.

It is no secret in the golf world that the majority of tour pros that aren’t sponsored are using Titleist and it is the majority of the winners too.

The Tsi2 provides an excellent blend of forgiveness, feel and distance to take your game to the next level.

This customization of loft and lie angles adds instant value to this driver.

However, it’s the feel of this driver at impact that really steals the show.

The Tsi Family

The Titleist Tsi2 is the most ofrgiving driver in the Tsi fanily which also includes the Tsi1, Tsi3 and Tsi4. The Tsi4 is for lower handicap players and features a 425cc head.

The Tsi3 would be best for mid to low handicap players and the Tsi1 is a lightweight version but produces considerable spin off the tee.

The Titleist TSR2 Driver First Impressions

The first thing to notice about this club is head shaping. Titleist have gone for a more classic look in the most stable and forgiving offering in the TSR Range.

That means a Boat Trail at the trailing edge of the club and a rounder smooth curvature that Titleist Traditionalists will love, it looks like a Titleist driver.

All the frills have been removed from the sole of the club and the result again is more minimalist and clean.

Multi Plateau Variable Face Thickness allows this club to be extremely consistent in regard to ball speed and direction. It’s got an incredibly thin face in the middle with strategically thicker areas to the side.

This results in consistent ball speed and flight path when hit in common miss locations on the face.

This ensures that the TSR2 is the ‘Max’ version of this series and will suit players who struggle to hit the sweet spot every time.

This driver produces more club head speed, ball speed, and carry distance than the TSi2. It also has less spin, a lower launch angle, and more consistency resulting in an excellent new driver overall for Titleist.

The club has plenty of options for adjustments too, you can adjust the lie and loft independently with the club lofts running from 8 degrees to 11.

The TSR2 is certainly an upgrade on the TSi2 for us and is a club that will suit both tour and amateur players this season.

Titleist Tsi2 Selling Points

  • Aerospace grade titanium
  • Vertical MOI enhancements
  • Adjustable hosel
  • 460cc head
  • Aerodynamic head shape

Titleist TSR2 Driver Selling Points

  • More Aerodynamic Head
  • Faster Swing Speeds
  • Lower Spin And Launch Angle
  • Optimised Speed, Stability And Consistency
  • Aerospace Grade Titanium
  • Confidence Inspiring VFT Face

Titleist Tsi2 – Who is it for?

The Titleist Tsi2 would be best for low to mid handicappers who want a great-feeling driver.

While some workability is lost in the architecture of the face and size of the head, there’s no denying the awesome feel and reaction of the face.

The forgiveness is there too. You will find that the Tsi2 will still yield impressive distance on shots around the sweet spot.

Tsi Drivers

All of the drivers in the Tsi family feature the same aerospace-grade titanium face construction.

However, the Tsi2 is probably the most congenial for beginners and high handicappers.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 92/100

Feel & Control: 93/100

Overall Rating: 94/100

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Who Is The TSR2 Driver For

The TSR2 Driver is going to suit all golfers from Tour Professionals, to those trying to improve their handicap with longer, more consistent shots.

The TSR range is probably not going to be a good bet for a high handicapper unless they want to fork out substantial money for this amazing club in place of something second hand or less expensive.

That being said, the TSR2 is aimed at the player who struggles to hit the center of the club face consistently.

If you are a High to Mid Handicapper, this driver is likely to bring optimal consistency to your game, especially when dialled into your own personal swing dynamics.

This is a premium club for those who want the very best performance from their driver.

The club is high launching and with low spin for those that that will suit.

If you have a slice or hook, the VFT and inviting face may have a lot to offer your game.

This is also for golf who want to impress their friends and golf mates with an epic driver from the tour players’ favorite brand.

Titleist was disappointed that Tour players were not using the TSi2 and this big improvement should get more of the biggest names in golf wielding the club in the coming seasons.

The TSR Family Of Drivers

The TSR is the most accurate and forgiving of the clubs and is available now.

The TSR1 is the lightweight, further stripped down version with a lighter shaft and higher loft for seniors and those with slower swing speeds.

The TSR3 is for the players and those who strike the ball consistently already. It has a changeable Center of Gravity placement.

It has a slightly lower launch and low levels of spin too, an excellent option for the better ball strikers.

Distance: 95/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 95/100

Feel & Control: 93/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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