Titleist TSR2 Vs Taylormade Stealth Plus Driver Comparison Overview

Titleist TSR2 Vs Taylormade Stealth Plus Driver

With the Titleist TSR2 and the Taylormade Stealth Plus drivers, you get the best of both worlds: premium features in a package that is forgiving enough for mid and high handicappers.

However, the Stealth and Titleist TSR2 go about performance in different ways.

While they have similar features, there are performance differences that you should be aware of before making a decision on one.

Take a minute to read our comparison overview that pits the new Titleist TSR2 against the Taylormade Stealth Plus driver.

Titleist TSR2 Driver Overview

Titleist TSR2 Driver

“The Titleist TSR2 driver features a forgiving 460cc head complete with an aerodynamic design meant to reduce drag.”

Right out of the packaging, the Titleist TSR2 looks stunning. The clean lines smack of Titleist design and give it an instant air of elegance.

Off the tee, the Titleist TSR2 launches high and fast. A weight placed low and forward in the head reduces spin while enhancing apex height.

The aerodynamic design will also help slow swing speed players hit the ball with more velocity and of course, that means better distance.

Overall, apex height and total distance were increased for almost all of our testers. The Titleist TSR2 is also forgiving pretty much all over the face.

You won’t need tremendous accuracy to push the most distance out of this driver.

Taylormade Stealth Plus Driver Overview

Taylormade Stealth Plus Driver

“The Taylormade Stealth Plus features an innovative carbon fiber face construction with a polyurethane wrap.”

This gives the Stealth Plus a very unique feel. It also makes the Stealth Plus exceptionally light.

Much like the Titleist TSR2 but for very different reasons, the Stealth Plus driver should help you increase your swing speed by a bit thanks to the lightweight design.

The Taylormade Stealth Plus also features a sliding track weight that allows you to set the CG in toe, heel or neutral positions.

This is a bonus for players of all skill-levels as it allows you to cover up a shot bias as well as put more force behind your accurate strikes.

The Taylormade Stealth Plus produced higher spin rates which made it the shorter driver of these two; but it is certainly the more versatile driver.

“If pure distance is what you’re after, the Titleist TSR2 driver would be our recommendation. If you want more versatility and better overall flight control, check out the Taylormade Stealth Plus.”

The Titleist TSR2 Driver First Impressions

The first thing to notice about this club is head shaping. Titleist have gone for a more classic look in the most stable and forgiving offering in the TSR Range.

That means a Boat Trail at the trailing edge of the club and a rounder smooth curvature that Titleist Traditionalists will love, it looks like a Titleist driver.

All the frills have been removed from the sole of the club and the result again is more minimalist and clean.

Multi Plateau Variable Face Thickness allows this club to be extremely consistent in regard to ball speed and direction. It’s got an incredibly thin face in the middle with strategically thicker areas to the side.

This results in consistent ball speed and flight path when hit in common miss locations on the face.

This ensures that the TSR2 is the ‘Max’ version of this series and will suit players who struggle to hit the sweet spot every time.

This driver produces more club head speed, ball speed, and carry distance than the TSi2. It also has less spin, a lower launch angle, and more consistency resulting in an excellent new driver overall for Titleist.

The club has plenty of options for adjustments too, you can adjust the lie and loft independently with the club lofts running from 8 degrees to 11.

The TSR2 is certainly an upgrade on the TSi2 for us and is a club that will suit both tour and amateur players this season.

Taylormade Stealth Driver – First Impressions

The Taylormade Stealth driver was impressive in almost every respect but we were really interested in testing our first carbon-faced driver.

For the most part, we weren’t disappointed. While it became clear fairly early on that the Taylormade Stealth driver was more for mid to low handicap players, it was awesome to experience something so fresh, new and most importantly, effective.

As you may expect from a Taylormade driver, the Taylormade Stealth features the famed speed pocket and a redesigned inertia generator that was upping the swing speeds of even our higher handicap testers (by 2-3 MPH).

The Stealth Family

The Stealth family includes the Stealth Plus and the Stealth HD drivers. The Stealth Plus is the only one in the line that features a sliding rear weight while the Stealth HD is the only one with internal draw bias.

Titleist TSR2 Driver Selling Points

  • More Aerodynamic Head
  • Faster Swing Speeds
  • Lower Spin And Launch Angle
  • Optimised Speed, Stability And Consistency
  • Aerospace Grade Titanium
  • Confidence Inspiring VFT Face

Taylormade Stealth Selling Points

  • Carbon face
  • Inertia generator
  • Extreme rear weighting
  • Adjustable hosel

Who Is The TSR2 Driver For

The TSR2 Driver is going to suit all golfers from Tour Professionals, to those trying to improve their handicap with longer, more consistent shots.

The TSR range is probably not going to be a good bet for a high handicapper unless they want to fork out substantial money for this amazing club in place of something second hand or less expensive.

That being said, the TSR2 is aimed at the player who struggles to hit the center of the club face consistently.

If you are a High to Mid Handicapper, this driver is likely to bring optimal consistency to your game, especially when dialled into your own personal swing dynamics.

This is a premium club for those who want the very best performance from their driver.

The club is high launching and with low spin for those that that will suit.

If you have a slice or hook, the VFT and inviting face may have a lot to offer your game.

This is also for golf who want to impress their friends and golf mates with an epic driver from the tour players’ favorite brand.

Titleist was disappointed that Tour players were not using the TSi2 and this big improvement should get more of the biggest names in golf wielding the club in the coming seasons.

The TSR Family Of Drivers

The TSR is the most accurate and forgiving of the clubs and is available now.

The TSR1 is the lightweight, further stripped down version with a lighter shaft and higher loft for seniors and those with slower swing speeds.

The TSR3 is for the players and those who strike the ball consistently already. It has a changeable Center of Gravity placement.

It has a slightly lower launch and low levels of spin too, an excellent option for the better ball strikers.

Distance: 95/100

Accuracy: 95/100

Forgiveness: 95/100

Feel & Control: 93/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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Who is the Taylormade Stealth Driver for?

This driver would be amazing for any fast swing speed player looking for maximum distance.

The Taylormade Stealth took everything great about the SIM driver and amplified it by giving it a more reactive face.

Taylormade Stealth Drivers

The Standard Stealth driver is joined by the Stealth Plus and the Stealth HD drivers. The Stealth Plus is the only one in the family with a sliding rear weight while the Stealth HD is the only one with draw bias.

Distance: 97/100

Accuracy: 93/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Feel & Control: 95/100

Taylormade Stealth Plus Driver

Overall Score: 95/100

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