Titleist T300 Irons Review 2023 – Are They Good For Beginners And Forgiving?

In the past Titleist have been known to cater for only the best players in the golfing world but that changed in 2014 with the AP1’s and that trend continues today with the T300 irons.

Titleist T300 Irons Overview

A lot of work has gone into making this an incredible game improvement set and no step has been left unturned in the process.

These are cavity back irons with a polymer insert on the back that looks like a sort of dial.

These dampens the vibrations in the long irons but is not used in the shorter irons.

There is also Tungsten weighting in the long irons at the toe but it is removed from the clubs in the shorter irons which are workable, even for the better players.

With the thick sole, these clubs are built for speed and improve by a little bit on the distances achieved with 718 AP1 set, its predecessor.

Despite the thick topline, different uses of coloring trick the eyes into thinking these clubs are thinner than they are.

Are The Titleist T300 Irons Forgiving?

These Titleist T300 are very forgiving for high handicappers, especially in the long irons – 5 to 7 – with the extra tungsten weighting in the sole, towards the toe.

The T300’s aim more towards workability in the shorter irons, which will suit even the better players in the golfing world.

Overall these are a  forgiving set, built for distance with strong lofts that will maybe suit average to faster swing speeds.

Are The T300 Irons Good For Beginners And High Handicappers?

The T300 are a quality set of game improvement irons but the T400 irons take this to the next level, with super game improvement technology for those who really need the maximum forgiveness.

If you are a complete beginner, the T400’s might suit you better but if you know how to play and are looking for distance and forgiveness with a good measure of feel thrown in, the T300’s will be perfect.

They are a low spin, long distance and forgiving set, perfect for those who are just starting their journey or are in the market for quality game improvement.

With the workability of the shorter irons, mid to low handicappers can even find utility in the T300’s

Should You Buy The T300 or The T200

The T200’s a re more workable irons with higher spin rates and if you are a better player or a low handicapper, the T200 might suit you, especially if you want to shape your shots with a draw or a fade.

The T300’s are best for anyone who wants straight, long and forgiving irons with progressive workability in the shorter irons.

Titleist T300 Irons

Category – Distance/ Game Improvement Irons

Titleist T300- First Impressions

The first thing you notice about these Cavity Irons is how the top line looks deceptively thin for an iron that is primarily built for distance.

The second thing that is immediately obvious is that there are a few key differences between the short and the longer irons.

The shorted irons have thinner soles, leading to increased workability that can be useful to even single digit handicappers while that trend is reversed in the longer irons, which focus more on distance.

The long irons have a polymer insert that makes these cavity backs sound and feel much better than a regular cavity back. The longer irons also have tungsten weighting in the head that keeps the center of gravity low and MOI high for ultimate performance.

The result is irons that generate quite a bit more distance than the AP1’s and can hold their own with any forgiving distance iron on the market.

Titleist T300 Irons – Selling Points

  • Tungsten Weighting In Longer Irons
  • Polymer Badge On Longer Irons For Superior Feel
  • Excellent Workability In The Shorter Irons
  • Impressive Distance Gains
  • Less Offset For Straight Shooters
  • Ultra Thin Steel Face

Who Are The T300 Irons For

The T300 Irons are for Mid Handicappers looking for maximum distance, without compromising on forgiveness.

These are also great for mid handicappers looking for more workability in their shorter irons.

Titleist T Series Family Of Irons

The T seriers from Titleist carries on from the AP range and it goes from T100, the best for low handicappers, the T200 for Low to Mid, the T300, for Mid To High and the T400 for High handicappers and beginners.

Distance: 96/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 93/100

Feel And Control: 92/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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