Taylormade Sim Max Vs Taylormade M5 Irons Comparison And Review

It’s no secret that Taylormade are well known for their coneyor belt-like production of top quality irons, each set building on the success of it’s predecossor.

With that being said, it is a big compliment to the M5’s, that things have change too much between the designs of these distance irons and there are also the Sim max Os for higher handicappers.

Taylormade M5 Irons Overview

Following on from the continual improvements of the M series, the M5 represents the quality of technology we see today in the irons market.

Because they have been around for a while, you may be able to pick them up at a discount price.

The Speed bridge keep the back of the club stability and promotes a solid, distance feeling from the compact club heads.

You get a 360 Degree undercut on the irons which helps you to get the ball in the air effortlessly and you also get enhanced workability for the mid handicappers.

Speed thru slot leaves no illusion that these are built for speed and distance while the hybrar dampening system removes any vibrations.

Taylormade Sim Max Irons Overview

Following on from the success of the M5 and the M6, the Sim max ticks the box for many golfers looking for premium performance from a distance iron.

The clubs are everything that the M5 are just a little bit better in every department.

The are slightly longer, easier to hit, forgiving and more consistent than the M5 irons but also should cost a bit more.

If you have the budget, go with the Sim Max or even OS for high handicappers but if you are looking for better value for money, you may get a bargain on the M5’s.

Taylormade Sim Max Irons

Category – Game Improvement Irons

Taylormade M5 Irons

Category – Distance Irons

Taylormade Sim Max – First Impressions

The first thing to notice about these Irons is the striking looks. The clubs have a cavity back design with more thickness towards the bottom of the design for more ball speed.

In the clubs we have a low Center of Gravity, a wide sole for a bigger sweet spot, forgiveness and echo camping technology for a nice sound even on Mishits.

The Speed Bridge, Speed Pocket and and ultra thin face all account for club head transferring into balls speed for maximum distance, accuracy and tons of forgiveness.

The Sim comes in a Sim format, Sim Max and the Sim Max Os.

The Sim are going to be excellent for mid handicappers. The sim max is more forgiving for high handicappers and the Sim Max Os is more offset for anybody how needs maximum forgiveness and also offset to correct any slicing.

The Sim Max Irons have recently been upgraded to the Sim2 family for 2021.

Taylormade M5 – First Impressions

The M5 irons look solid and thick soled from the offset and perfectly suited to those looking for distance from their irons.

The Speed bridge holds everything together at the back of the club and the thru slot speed pocket ensures you are connecting with the ball with as fast a swing as possible.

Depp undercut allows you to take a good launch angle effortlessy and that is helped by tungsten weighting which keeps the COG low in the clubs.

The clubs comes with players shaping which will allow better players to get solid turf interaction, especially in the shorter irons.

The large sweet spots also make these perfect clubs for high handicappers who want to improve their game.

Sim Max – Selling Points

  • Speed Bridge Technology
  • Speed Pocket
  • Echo Damping System
  • Ultra Thin Face
  • Progressive Inverted Cone Technology

M5 – Selling Points

  • Speed Bridge Technology
  • Thru Slot Speed Pocket
  • Hybrar Damping System
  • Ultra Thin Face
  • Enhanced Playability

Who Are The Sim Max Irons For:

These Irons are going to be ideal for High and Mid Handicappers who want a perfect balance of distance and forgiveness.

The Family Of Irons

The Sim Max also comes in the following:

Sim which is going to be better for those looking for more distance and less forgiveness.

The Sim Max OS are going to be the most forgiving but be prepared to sacrifice a little bit of distance for the pleasure.

Distance: 98/100

Accuracy: 98/100

Forgiveness: 96/100

Feel And Control: 88/100

Overall Score: 97/100

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Who Are The M5 Irons For:

These Irons have everything you need as a mid handicapper. Distance, feel and forgiveness.

They are so forgiving that high handicappers will also benefit greatly with these clubs.

The Family Of Irons

The Range of irons from Taylormade is now legendary in the golf world as the predecessor to the equally popular and effective sim range.

These clubs introduced things like the speed bridge, tungsten weighting and perfect the design and features that are needed in a quality distance iron.

The M5 can hold their own with any mid handicap irons on the market.

Distance: 95/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 94/100

Feel And Control: 90/100

Overall Score: 94/100

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