Taylormade M4 Vs Taylormade M6 Fairway Wood Comparison Overview

Taylormade M4 Vs Taylormade M6 Fairway Wood

It’s a dilemma that many golfers face: you want to get a good deal on new clubs so you look back at older models.

The question is…how far should you look back? How old is too old? While it’s true that golf club technology changes as time goes on, it doesn’t always change as rapidly as you may think.

Today we will be taking a look at a couple of older fairway wood models from Taylormade. Both are fairly easy on the wallet; but which one will offer actual benefits to your game? Let’s find out.

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood Overview

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood

“The Taylormade M4 fairway woods offer the signature feel and performance of the storied M4 series of clubs.”

Namely, fantastic turf interaction. The M4 hybrids and irons are designed to cut through the rough and semi-rough and the Taylormade M4 fairway woods are no different.

The recessed sole allows for very smooth turf interaction no matter how thick your lie is.

From the tee, you get a good combination of distance and forgiveness. The Taylormade M4 fairway wood is essentially perimeter weighted to enhance stability on off-center strikes.

Meanwhile, the Speed Pocket enhances ball speed on low-face shots. Then, the Twist Face design saves your high-toe misses.

Our only real gripe is the relatively high spin rates. However, with head sizes this big, you almost just have to accept higher spin rates.

Taylormade M6 Fairway Wood Overview

“Compared to the Taylormade M4 fairway wood, the M6 has a deeper face profile.”

This improves up and down forgiveness and gives the Taylormade M6 a more classic fairway wood shaping. On the other hand, the M4 fairway wood almost has a hybrid-like profile.

The M6 has the same Twist Face and Speed Pocket technology. It also features a larger carbon crown to help move more mass low in the head. From the turf, the M6 doesn’t play as smooth as the M4.

From the tee though, our testers were actually getting better distance from the M6. They averaged 233.1 yards with the M6 and only 224.5 yards with the M4.

“If you find yourself facing narrow holes, you may do better with the M6 since it will allow you to be more aggressive from the box without sacrificing accuracy.

If you need more help from the deck though, the Taylormade M4 would be better.”

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood2

In 20 Words or Less

“The Taylormade M4 fairway wood will make it easier for you to stay out of the rough.”

Taylormade M6 Fairway Wood

In 20 Words Or Less

The Taylormade M6 will help you hit the ball straighter and more consistently from the tee or fairway.

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood – First Impression

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood3

“The Taylormade M4’s have a silver section on the crown.”

It’s a bit distracting at address but we get why Taylormade added this feature: it contrasts with the face so you can frame the ball.

We also noticed that unlike the Taylormade M3 fairway woods, the M4’s have a fixed hosel. This limits versatility a bit.

The Taylormade M Family

Included in the M family of fairway woods is the M5.

The M5 brings back the adjustable hosel. In fact, the M5 doubles down on adjustability by incorporating a sliding rear weight.

The M5 also sports a titanium face and a carbon fiber crown. Overall, the Taylormade M5 is more versatile and can help you straighten out your shot whether you tend to draw or fade the ball.

Taylormade M6 Fairway Wood – First Impressions

The Taylormade M6 fairway wood impressed us with how well it worked off the tee. Some of our higher handicap testers were sneaking off to the range with the M6 outside of their test schedule.

In the end, we’re glad they did because they were able to provide us with a few more insights to the Taylormade M6’s performance.

One interesting thing they told us is that topping the ball was much less of an issue with the Taylormade M6 as it was with other woods – and we’re talking about off the tee.

They also mentioned that the slight offset of the M6 was actually advantageous from the tee because, in tandem with the Twist Face structure, it allowed for better targeting ability.

Taylormade M Fairway Wood Family

Included in the M family of fairway woods is the enigmatic Taylormade M4.

The M4 is a bit of an anomaly as it features split weighting which increases forgiveness on shots hit near the perimeter of the face; yet the spin rates are lower than any other fairway wood in the M family.

It’s a good combination of forgiveness and performance; but to be totally honest, we couldn’t really say what kind of player it would be best for.

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood Selling Points

  • Fluted hosel
  • GeoCoustic sole design
  • Large head profile
  • Inverted cone technology
  • Speed pocket

Taylormade M6 Selling Points

  • Twist face technology
  • Speed pocket
  • Low CG
  • Viable off the tee

Who is the Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood for?

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood1

“This is a great fairway wood for high handicappers.”

It ticks all the boxes for 18+ handicap players.

It’s forgiving, it looks assuring at address, it plays well from the rough and you’re likely to gain a bit of distance with reduced lateral divergence.

That being said, none of our testers reported ridiculous increases in distance with the Taylormade M4. The relatively high spin rates are the biggest hindrance to the carry distance of these woods.

But in every other sense, the Taylormade M4 is an ideal fairway wood for high handicappers.

Distance: 94/100

Accuracy: 97/100

Forgiveness: 97/100

Feel & Control: 97/100

Taylormade M4 Fairway Wood

Overall Score: 97/100

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Who is the Taylormade M6 Fairway Wood for?

The Titleist TSi3 is certainly for players who are able to work the ball pretty well. In fact, it’s best performance characteristics would be lost on players who can’t. It still offers good distance features; but has a lower natural shot trajectory that will appeal to lower handicap players.

Distance: 95/100

Feel & Control: 95/100

Accuracy: 94/100

Forgiveness: 92/100

Overall Score: 95/100

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